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    Liveline Wednesday 19 March 2014



    Discussion and debate with Damien O'Reilly

    On today's Liveline, with Damian O'Reilly, we spoke to Michael Leahy who, during the All-Ireland, met some American tourists in Ennis and showed them around and gave them Clare GAA jerseys. All were delighted with the encounter and the Americans returned home. As a thank you, they duly sent over a Silver Broncos and Colorado Rapids as a thank you. However, Michael has now been charged tax from Fed Ex for the jerseys and has been taken to a debt collector who say they will ruin his credit rating.

    Helen told us about a group of men who refused to take no for an answer when she said she didn't want the lane into their farm tarmac-ed. In the end, they were so 'intimidating', she had to pretend she was calling the Gardai before they would leave her premises.

    Imelda called about her business which she says is not in receipt of any funding because she is in the service industry rather than manufacturing. She has taken people off the live register and doesn't not see why the thinking behind funding has not evolved.

    Alan is a vet and called in about the puppy we heard about on yesterday's programme, which had bene mistreated. Alan says that such stories are all too common.

    At the end of the programme Des told us about a letter he send out to debt collectors to ensure they never contact you again.


    VAT on imported goods

    Michael was sent a gift from the USA but didn't anticipate the VAT demand that came from a debt collection agency

    Rogue traders

    A warning from Helen, Louise and John - traders who call to your door unannounced can prove to be a lot of trouble

    Puppy farms

    How to buy pups responsibly, from Alan and Catherine

    Struggling small businesses

    Imelda explains that SME's are not getting the financial help they need

    Burial ground for children

    Joe helps maintain an old burial ground for unconsecrated children in Co Offaly


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