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    Liveline Wednesday 5 March 2014



    Eleanor missed her LUAS stop last night in Ranelagh she thought nothing of walking back to the next stop to get back on. Suddenly a man in a balaclava and his accomplice approached her and tried to rob her handbag. She tells Joe what happened and wants to warn the Liveline listeners.

    Alison and her husband bought an appartment in 2006. She pays all her taxes, she is registered with PRTB. She was shocked to get a bill for €4,020 for the NPPR tax. She was even more shocked about the level of penalties that were applied. She knew nothing about the tax and can't afford to pay it. 

    Terry was driving northbound on the M50 yesterday with her baby in the back seat. Suddenly her car was hit by gravel that was shed from the truck that was travelling in front of her. Her windscreen is all pitted and the paint is all damaged. She tells Joe her story.

    Mairead is one of the hidden unemployed. Everytime she hears of the unemployment figures coming down she wonders where she fits in. She is married to a man who is self employed and is not entitled to any assistance but nor is she working.  


    Selling cars

    Pat wasn't prepared for the mayhem that ensued when he tried to sell a car for scrap


    Alison, James, Tom and Tomás on the penalties for non-payment of the NPPR

    Vehicles losing their loads

    Stories of being hit by items falling from vehicles on motorways


    Mairead feels invisible as far as official unemployment figures are concerned


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