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    Liveline Tuesday 25 February 2014

    Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy

    Maisie had a relationship with a man she met on a dating website. He borrowed money from her and didn't pay anything back , promised to buy her a house and even arranged a wedding for them. She discovered he had been doing the same thing to at least nine other women. Maisie talks to Joe about her experience.

    More people discuss the changes to the self building regulations which are due to come into force next month , arguing that they now restrict people from building their own homes without involving expensive main contractors.

    Padraig's aunt was one of three Irish women amoung 33 holidaymakers who died in a fire on the island of Rhodes in 1972. He is appealing for another irish woman who was at the bar on the night of the fire to make contact . His family are campaigning to have a memorial to the victims at the site of the tragedy.



    Warning of a conman

    Maisie can't believe she was so completely taken-in by a charming conman


    New building regulations

    Sean, Amanda, Gerry, Kieran, Dominic and Margaret on how new regulations on self-build projects will affect people who just want to build their own homes


    Remembering a Greek tragedy

    Padraig wants to commemorate the 3 Limerick women who died in a tragic fire in Rhodes in 1972


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    Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy


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