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    Liveline Wednesday 5 February 2014



    Barry and his wife had there house broken into on the 4th of January.   They were in the house at the time.   He was expecting his sister to arrive to babysit so the back door was open and that is how they got in.   The dog was barking but he ignored it for a while until his wife texted him from upstairs to say she could see somebody at the back door.

    Pierce is Manager of the Bulman Pub in Kinsale they were badly flooded four years ago so put in some flood defences which have helped with the latest bad weather.     The wall on the pier just outside the bar has collapsed.    Lucky they had barricaded the street shut so when the road finally collapsed there wre no cars on the road.

    Eileen is the lady who turned her car around and came to the rescue of Brendan Lawless’s mother when she fell on the Oscar Traynor Road.   Brendan phoned us yesterday to thank Eileen for her kindness.   She went on to talk to Joe about the fact that she is retiring and is not looking forward to it.   She would love to keep working but she is 65 so its time to go.


    Victim of crime

    Knowing there were people inside didn't stop burglars breaking-into Barry's house



    Pierce from The Bulman Bar reports on a road completely disappearing in Kinsale


    Random acts of kindness & retirement

    Tales of random acts of kindness move into a discussion about retirement - should you retire when you reach age 65 or stay working as long as you want?


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