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    Liveline Wednesday 22 January 2014


    Hotel booking

    Grainne thought she'd found the perfect hotel accommodation at a great price, but....

    Street violence and losing your sense of smell

    It seems unprovoked attacks aren't just an Australian phenomenon...and how would you cope if you lost your senses of smell and taste permanently?

    Struggling to survive

    Maria explains how working in a semi-state company doesn't guarantee a high standard of living


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    On today’s Liveline, we spoke to Grainne who was really disappointed with a hotel in Dublin. She has managed to get tickets for the Garth Brooks concert in Dublin in July and she duly booked her accommodation. So far, so good. After receiving the booking confirmation, she thought she was all ready to go. However, 24 hours later, her booking was cancelled by the hotel. The reason given was that the system had crashed.

    We spoke to Gemma in Australia who represents Irish people living there. She spoke about the rights Irish people do and don’t have over there – from medical cover to having to pay school fees in public schools.

    Michael spoke to us from Wexford. His son was badly beaten a few years ago. He spoke about the long-term psychological effects on him. The man who attacked him was given a curfew as a punishment.

    We spoke to Mike about losing his sense of smell and how everything tastes as bland as water. We spoke to others with the same problem; Elizabeth wears perfume only because she wants to smell nice for others, Barry can only taste a Fisherman’s Friend and Tom is a retired ENT surgeon. He explained how taste and smell are linked. Olive said that after 25 years, her sense of smell and taste has come back in the last two weeks. She says it is better than winning the lottery.


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