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    Liveline Friday 10 January 2014


    Motorised wheelchairs/scooters

    Phil and Anne had recent encounters with motorised scooters

    Attitudes to the circus

    Tara from Gerbola Circus explains why she believes there's a negative attitude to the circus in the arts community - particuarly when it comes to funding

    Driving licences

    Gillian had to make two trips to renew her driving licence

    Giving up smoking

    Con hopes Nicorette Spray will help him give up smoking - but there's a significant cost

    Dublin/Monaghan bombings

    Rory explains why he wasn't surprised at Ian Paisley's comments that the Irish government 'brought the Dublin/Monaghan bombings on themselves'

    Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Dr Brian Mulcahy, Deirdre, Mary, Martina, Sandra and Jamie on the treatment of EDS in Ireland


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    On today’s programme we talked to Phil who was shopping this morning and she said that a woman in a motorised wheelchair ran over her foot. She didn’t apologise to Phil but her helper said that she should count her blessings that she wasn’t in a wheelchair and that life is tough. Phil wondered if you should make allowances because people are disabled.

    Tara Gerbola rang in about her circus which has been going for the last 20 years. The circus has been stripped of its arts council funding completely. Also, she has two children who are on the road with her and before now they would receive a grant for schooling them. Their hours have now been cut in half.

    Gillian McDaid rang to complain about the long-running problems getting a new driving licence. She drove a round-trip of 50 miles to renew it. When she got to the Letterkenny NDLS office, she needed proof of address because her old licence was registered to an old address.

    We spoke again to some people living with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. We also spoke to Dr Brian Mulcahy, a rheumatologist in Cork, who has an interest in EDS. He spoke about the issues and problems of the disease.

    Rory spoke about Ian Paisley’s comment, made on a BBC NI documentary. He said that Ian Paisley’s peerage should be taken off him.


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