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    Liveline Wednesday 8 January 2014



    Great news from Louise Mac An tSaoi – baby Liam is on his way home to Galway Hospital.   She wanted to thank everybody who had made this possible.  Liam has been in Crumlin Childrens Hospital since he was born 3 years ago.

    Charles O’Brien from Fossett's circus question the decision to bring a circus from Wales for the Limerick year of culture rather than an Irish circus.   Fossett's circus is 125 years old this year.   In a statement Limerick National city of culture says the programme will be a mix of local, national and international events and performances.     It is hoped to bring spectacular acts to perform in Ireland for the first time and No fit State and a number of other acts meet this requirement.

    Margaret had a word of warning about magnifying glass setting fire to paper which nearly caused a fire in their house.

    Seamus wanted to thank a local man who goes out everyday picking up litter where they live in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.    He believes their area is the cleanest place in Ireland as a result of this man.

    Ehlers Danloss Sydrome sufferers discuss the symptoms and the affects this rare genetic disorder has on their lives.


    Homecare package & HSE

    Fantastic news from Louise Mac an tSaoi and Liam the Marvellous - they're on their way home to Galway at long last


    City of Culture & the circus

    Charles O'Brien feels the traditional circus is still not recognised as a valid art form by the arts community in Ireland


    House fires

    Tales of near-misses when fires were started from most unlikely sources


    Airport security

    A warning from Anne - leave plenty of time to get through airport security



    Civic-minded attitudes to litter and the difficulty of proving you are innocent of a littering offence


    Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Karen, Lauren, Megan, Yvonne and Dorothy on the challenges of living with the painful condition EDS


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