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    Liveline Thursday 28 November 2013



    If ESB workers strike Reverend Patrick Burke believes that it will hit the old, sick and vulnerable the hardest. He accepts the right of workers to engage in industrial action but he feels the ESB should not be allowed to strike.  Anne runs a small florist. She says if the ESB strike she will close down.

    Anita spoke to us on the show last year. At the time her house was burgled and her daughter Kerri's hospital bag was stolen. Kerri was being treated for leukaemia in Our Ladys Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin. Thankfully Kerri is very well now. Anita also has some good news to share with Joe - she is getting married tomorrow.

    Deirdres mother had a fall on the 15th November. She hurt herself very badly and remains in hospital. But Deirdre really wants to say thanks to her "charlies angels" - the 3 girls who came to her rescue and got her safely back home.

    Mick offers an explanation about the origins of "Holy Hour", when pubs used to close for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

    Padraig Yeates gives Joe an update on his searh for a home for "The 1913 Lockout Tapestry by Robert Ballagh".


    ESB pensions

    A discussion on whether striking is the only form of protest left and what it would mean for business customers and the vulnerable

    Good news stories

    Anita Mulhere lost treasured mementoes in a robbery but is getting married tomorrow; Deirdre's elderly mother was helped by 3 good Samaritans

    Holy Hour

    Mick and Tom explain the background to Holy Hour

    Home for 1913 Tapestry

    An update from Padraig Yeates on whether they've found a home for panels from the 1913 Tapestry

    Fiver Friday

    Special offers available on toys in Westport and all over the village of Finglas, plus others


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