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Liveline Friday 22 November 2013



Chris was in Dublin city centre when  he helped a young- woman  whose   purse  was  stolen......he   chased   the   thief, caught him, got the purse back.    He gave it back to her and she hardly said thank you.     He realised afterwards how he had compromised his own safety  and understands why  people are cautious about intervening.

Suzi is a dog groomer...she wonders why it is listed as a luxury service with a 23 per cent VAT rate.   Many dogs breeds need regular grooming to keep them healthy, its a necessity rather than a luxury.

More stories of listeners memories of where they were on this day in 1963 when they heard the news about the assassination of President John F Kennedy


How would you react if you saw a crime in progress, were threatened with an axe or had a gun held to your head? Some startling stories from Chris, Cathal, Christy, Brigid, Padraig and Kevin

Dog grooming & VAT

Suzy and Johanna believe dog grooming should not be considered a luxury when it comes to VAT

50th anniversary of death of JFK

Jimmy, Danny, Dick and John tell what they remember of 22 November 1963 - and the role of the Evening Press in breaking the news

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