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    Liveline Wednesday 20 November 2013



    Michelle’s daughter is 7.     She brought a book home from the school library called ‘She’s all that’ which she found unsuitable for this age group.   It had a poem in it called Sugar and Spice – the content of the poem was very sexist and appalling.  

    Joe said that on three occasions this year he has had occasion to stay in hotels for work.   Each time he checks in, he hands over his credit card and keys in his pin number for pre-authorisation.     He says a ‘hold’ had been placed on his personal account for anything up to 14 days.   He is not happy with this.

    Aine was upset about the latest pension cuts for those with Defined Benefit Pensions.

    Eamon wants to be a taxi driver. You must get 80% in both sections of the test to pass. Industry knowledge is one part (54 questions). He got 78% in that part and failed. The second part is area knowledge. He passed that part. It costs him €89 a pop. His point is that he has passed one part before. He has sat the test 8 times.

    Alice got married on the 20th of November 1963, she is 50 years married today, she was in Dublin on her honeymoon when she heard about the death of John F. Kennedy.   She went to the Pillar bar in O’Connell street with her new husband Eamon after they had been to the cinema when the news came on and Charles Mitchell told them that JFK had been shot in Dallas.


    Books in school libraries

    Michelle felt the book her daughter brought home from the school library was inappropriate


    Debit / Credit cards

    Callers talk to Damien O'Reilly on the issue of businesses taking pre-authorisation from debit & credit cards



    Áine and Derry on the government-sanctioned cuts to defined benefit pension schemes


    PSV licence

    Eamon has tried 6 times to get his PSV taxi driver's licence but passing both sections of the test is proving difficult


    50th anniversary of death of JFK

    Mike, Alice and Cathal remember well how they heard of the death of John F Kennedy


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