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Liveline Wednesday 3 July 2013

Respite care and independent living

Respite care and independent living

Eileen spoke to Joe about her beloved son Paul. Paul has been living in the Richmond Cheshire Home in Monsktown for the past 11 years. It is a fantastic place just like a hotel. The staff are fabulous from the carers, to the cooks to the nurses. There are about twenty people living there. Eileen got a terrible shock when she found a letter in Paul’s room saying the Cheshire is to be ‘phased out’ over the next few years. She doesn’t understand why it has to close....he loves it there and will be very confused if he has to move. Paul has brain damage after he was knocked down by a car on Christmas day in 1970. Eileen cared for him at home for years, she says Paul has a full life at the Cheshire, she is very unsure about the future. Other listeners who have families in community care came on to reassure Eileen that they had the same worries when it was suggested their family members move but it had worked out well for them.

The HSE report called 'Time to move on from Congregated Settings' proposed a 7 year phased closure of congregated settings with individuals actively supported to live full, inclusive lives at the heart of the family, community and society.



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