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Liveline Thursday 6 June 2013


Mary Young is one of the organisers of a local walking festival in Lennane, County Galway. A company called Event Elephant help to organise the online element of their event, including handling payment. That was 14 months ago and they are still trying to get the money from the company. They have been told the delays have been caused by ‘chargebacks’. These are payments that are challenged by people when they get their credit card statements, if they don’t recognise the transaction. Several other listeners phoned in to say they were also having the same problems.

Alan Barrett of Event Elephant explained that his company does not control the charge/call back process. They are raised by card holders and resolved by the merchants. We do everything possible to get issues resolved as soon as possible as we do not get our fees paid until the transfer is made to the event organisers.  He went on to say that credit card companies retain the money until all issues have been resolved, and this can take a long time.

Charity donations and Event Elephant

Charity donations and Event Elephant

Difficulties for various charities in getting money donated to them from the company Event Elephant



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