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Liveline Thursday 16 May 2013



Discussion and debate with Joe Duffy


Angela is a carer. She attends hospital everyday to visit her client who is an inpatient. She doesn't feel it’s fair that she should pay €15 per day in parking fees. She feels that she is helping the nurses to do their work. 

France was travelling to Lourdes in September 2011. She witnessed an elderly ladies hang luggage being stolen. She tells Joe about it.

Gerry moved to Canada in February this year. His wife and 4 children have remained in Ireland. He is unsure whether to stay or return to Ireland. Rebecca is currently preparing to immigrate to Canada. She says you need to be prepared.

Anne lost her son 4 years ago. He would be 8 years old this August. She is organising a "Walk for Peace" for all parents who have lost a child and are grieving. The walk will take place on Saturday 29th June from Lough Crew Gardens at 12 noon.


Hospital parking charges

High parking charges are a problem for long-term visitors to hospitals

Victim of theft

Frances and Marie have unfortunately been at the receiving end of airport thieves

Dealing with banks

Catherine has a fail-safe solution to phone calls from banks - impersonation


Gerry, Rebecca and Bernadette offer their views on emigration to Canada and Australia

Grieving for a lost child

Anne Hennessy explains why she decided to honour the memory of her son Peter in a special way this year - a Walk For Peace



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