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    Liveline Wednesday 3 April 2013



    Discussion and debate with Damien O'Reilly


    Discussion and debate with Damien O'Reilly.

    Owen wanted to indicate his intention to be an organ donor on his new credit card style drivers licence.Unlike the old paper licence, there was no box to tick and he hadn't realised that you have to indicate in the application process that you want this included on the new licence. Aileen  has written on her licence her intention to donate her whole body to Trinity college for research. Catherine spoke of her gratituhe as a medical student for such donations.

    the restraint of dogs in cars provided lively discussion on today's programme. Joanne and Patricia both felt it was a good idea, while Paddy went further to suggest dogs should also be muzzled while travelling. Trish called in to offer her advice, she is a dog trainer and has written about it in a book called ' Woof:A trained dog is a happy dog .'  she can be contacted at

    There was further discussion about teachers, teaching and pay rates . Eamonn said that the media was ignoring issues of cutbacks aside from pay, Noel suggested the pay rates for teachers needed to be reduced because of the economic situation. Cliona suggested a return to limited corporal punishment woul improve the situation for teachers.

    Teresa spoke to Damien about her problems finding work and the potential loss of her home due to her struggle to make her mortgage payments.


    Organ donors

    Would you be willing to donate your body to science?


    Dogs in cars

    Callers advocating seatbelts and other types of restraints for dogs in cars


    Unrest amongst teachers

    Noel, Eamon, Sharon, Cliona and Philip debate whether teachers are right to feel disaffected


    Looking for work

    Terese describes the difficulty finding work with the FAS Internship Programme


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    Discussion and debate with Damien O'Reilly


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