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Wednesday 18th October

Waiting List

Una is waiting 2 years for an operation on her back.

Motorbike NCT

Carmel's son Alan died 2 years ago when the breaks on his motorbike failed. Carmel suggests that all motor bikes be subjected to mandatory NCT style tests.

Storm Ophelia Aftermath

In the wake of Ex-Hurricane Ophelia, Paddy says all trees near roads and dwellings should be felled.

Pensions Loophole

While politicians insist they are treating the pension loophole with urgency, our listeners tell us they have been ignored on the issue for a number of years.

Tuesday 17th October

Storm Ophelia

Storm Ophelia

Monday 16th October


As Ophelia hits Ireland - Gerry Murphy of Met Éireann joined Joe in studio. We also heard from callers all around Ireland with regional updates.

Friday 13th October

Dessie O'Hare

Dessie O'Hare

Thursday 12th October

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour



Susie Long/Two-Tier Health System

Susie Long/Two-Tier Health System

Wednesday 11th October


Edward O'Sullivan bought into 'OneCoin' - a multi level marketing scheme. Now he's been excluded from the scheme and he's trying to get his money back. He told Joe his story.


Philip, Marian, Miriam and John called Liveline to give their reaction to Budget 2018.

Hospital Records

Emma's hospital records have been mixed up and merged with those of her twin sister. She told Joe about the stress of having to prove her identity every time she attends an appointment.

Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood actress Fionnula Flanagan talked to Joe about working with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. Joining her was musical theatre star Rebecca Storm who said the music industry has always been full of 'Harvey Weinsteins' for young people trying to make it in the business.

Monday 9th October


Also today, we heard from customers of 'A Hand Tailored Suit'. Gertrude tells Joe that her husband's suit never arrived in time for their wedding.

Mental Health

On today's programme Grainne told Joe about her son who died by suicide this summer. Her son was an adult and as such Grainne was not privy to his records prior to his death. Mother and son, Marie and Jordan both spoke to Joe. Jordan described himself as 'a very angry child'. Both tell Joe how they coped.

Friday 6th October



Collapsed at Abbey

Collapsed at Abbey



Thursday 5th October

Hospital Treatment

Richard's wife has been in hospital for over two months. He feels that some nurses are not as attentive as they should be. Nurses didn't agree.

Missing Passport

Joanne Cronolly is desperate to get her passport back so she can return to Australia. Her case was taken from a train by mistake. Catriona has found herself stranded in Ireland as her Canadian documentation was not acceptable due to a rule change.

Wednesday 4th October


After hearing about how Baileys was invented in the 1970s, Bernadette, Wendy and Mo called Liveline to tell Joe about their own inventions.

Phone Hacking

Harry found himself €3,000 out of pocket when his landline was hacked.

Karaoke Competition

Leah and Philip were two of four people who won a karaoke competition and an opportunity to sing live on RTE's The Late Late Show. They talked about their disappointment at learning they'd been dropped from the line-up.


Patrick described witnessing an assault against a woman in Maynooth this morning. Stella called Liveline to tell Joe about being mugged in Dublin city centre. She was surprised that no one immediately stopped to help. Reg talked about being pick pocketed at the Ploughing Championships.

Tuesday 3rd October

False Accusation

False Accusation

Sales Sense

Sales Sense

IVF Funding

IVF Funding

Regency Hotel

Regency Hotel

Monday 2nd October

Stolen Oboe

Sheila Daly is a professional musician whose oboe was stolen from her house.

Looking for Nurse

In 1994 in Holland, Karen Thompson suffered burns to one third of her body and was a month in hospital. She is trying to trace the Irish nurse who looked after her.

North American Visas

Caroline's trip to Canada was scuppered when her husband failed to get an ETA. They never found out why. Karen Duffy had issues with the English proficiency test for her visa.

Mattress Scam

Mick Byrne runs a reputable mattress company but the market is being flooded by 'recovered' mattresses being sold as 'new'

False Allegations

Pat was falsely accused of being on a sex register's list in the UK. His life was turned upside down.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

As the enormity of the massacre in Las Vegas unfolded, Darren Benjamin of McMullan's Irish Pub gave Joe an update.

Friday 29th September

Clown Prank

Clown Prank



Stolen Tools

Stolen Tools

Falsely Accused

Falsely Accused

Thursday 28th September

Stolen Goods

Josie had a bike stolen, while Liam reckoned the bike he was trying to buy was stolen.

Son in Accident

Greta Fogerty's son Sean was in an accident in 2013 and is quadriplegic as a result. He spent time in the UK in recovery and, thankfully, is now back at university.

Falsely Accused

Fr Tim Hazelwood is still dealing with the trauma of having been wrongly accused of sexual abuse many years after the false accusations. Callers called in support of Fr Tim.

Wednesday 27th September

Grave Not Dug

Mourners at a Wicklow funeral were left waiting for over an hour after they discovered the grave had not been dug in time. Wendy Cody told Joe about the added stress which was brought on ahead of her late father's burial.

French Leaseback

Noel Cocoman told Joe about the French leaseback scheme which has come under scrutiny in recent months. Noel estimates that around 300 Irish buyers have lost significant amounts of money.

Luke Kelly Statue

Gerry Hunt told Joe about raising nearly €40,000 to commission his own statue of Luke Kelly.

Brother in Accident

Karen McNamara's brother Anthony was in a serious accident in England three months ago. His family want to bring him home to Ireland to continue his care and rehabilitation. Karen told Joe about the difficulties they've been facing.

Stolen Tools

Christy Swannick spent 20 years building up his refrigeration business. This morning he discovered that all of his tools worth between €40,000 and €60,000 had been stolen.

Tuesday 26th September

Mattress Issues

Charlotte and Patricia bought mattresses online at bargain prices. They think they've been conned.

Voting Age

Should the voting age be lowered to 16? We hear a range of arguments for and against.


Holly McLoughlin's husband, corporal Dermot McLoughlin, was killed while on peacekeeping duty in Israel in 1987. The Israeli defence minister expressed his regret at the killing.

Monday 25th September


Broadcaster Mike Murphy told Joe about his decision to travel to Israel with a Palestinian tour company.

Kidney Cancer Drug

Bernie Marron's husband Peter Milne has kidney cancer and doctors say he would benefit from a drug called nivolumab. Bernie contacted Liveline to tell Joe about how red tape is preventing Peter from receiving it.

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