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    Friday 24th April

    Car Keys

    Michelle unlocked her husband's locked car through her phone by pressing and holding the spare key up to the phone, it opened 30 miles away!


    Jonathan Corbett describes how he tracked down a robber after posting CCTV footage on facebook. The man got seven years.

    Turkish Airport Problem

    George tells of his Turkish airport experience which caused him to miss his flight.

    Act of Kindess

    Tom would like to thank the kind people who helped him after he tripped and fell in Dublin.

    Missing Couple

    Joe Maughan appeals to find son Willie and partner Anna missing since April 14.

    Lotto Winner

    Martin Burke winner of €1 million euro on Nicky Byrne 's Million Euro Challenge joins Joe - he says he foresaw this happening in a poem.

    Thursday 23rd April

    Liveline Podcast

    Buggy row, dogs as companions, water bills and accidentally locking your child in the car!


    We hear more from callers on car insurance.

    Guinness Noise Disruption

    Don't want to frighten the storehouse horses - The reason roadworks are taking place overnight around the Guinness Storehouse?

    Wednesday 22nd April

    Feet on Seats / Migrants

    Feet on seats on public transport? We also continue the migration discussion from yesterday's show.

    Car Accident / Car Insurance

    A warning to all elderly drivers and car insurance hikes for the unemployed.

    Tuesday 21st April

    Red Luas Line

    John's been victim to racist comments many times on the Luas.


    Anne's daughter is autistic, she's calling today to talk about how her daughter needs respite.


    Where does Ireland's responsibility lie when it comes to the migrant crisis in Europe?

    Monday 20th April

    Dublin Mural

    Artist Joe Caslin talks about his mural at the junction of Sth Great Georges St and Dame St.


    Margaret was mistakenly clamped. She tells us what happened next.

    Luas Red Line / Missing Dog

    Gerry shares his story of anti-social behaviour on the Luas red line last Saturday while Joseph Keating appeals for any information on his missing dog Sona.

    Friday 17th April

    Dublin Mural

    Martina Burke spoke to Joe about her objections to a massive mural on a Dublin street.

    Thursday 16th April

    Widow's Pension

    More calls on the issue of the widow's pension.

    Wednesday 15th April

    Widow's Pension

    Harry is a widower, he lost his wife to cancer at Christmas. He is currently working on a CE scheme. He is doing patient transport for the Irish Wheelchair Association. Now he is being told that because he is a widower, he will have to give up the CE scheme. Other listeners told their stories.

    Tuesday 14th April

    Search for Missing Person: Joseph Whelan

    Alan Skelton spoke to Joe about his best friend Joseph Whelan who has been missing since Good Friday. He spoke about the search.

    New Cycling Phenomenon 'scutting'

    Tony is an arctic lorry driver. He was listening to the discussion yesterday about cyclists. He tells Joe about the phenemenon of 'scutting'.

    Ireland's Ancient East

    Tourism Irelands new initiative Ireland's Ancient East is attracting some criticism from residents of Wexford who feel they have been left off the map, literally. Joe explores the new route.

    Widows and Pensions

    Jane is a widow. She also has 2 children who are on the autistic spectrum. She had her carers allowance reduced because she was in receipt of the widow's pension. Geraldine is also a widow she highlights the fact that she is not entitled to illness benefit. Joe talks to other widows about the anomalies they face.

    Monday 13th April

    Witness to Shoplifting

    Josephine witnessed a shoplifting incident and subsequent assault in her local supermarket

    Cyclists Behaviour on the Road

    The behaviour of cyclists on the road is discussed by motorists and a cyclist instructor gives some tips for safe cycling

    Widows and Pensions

    Joe talks to some widows who have had trouble claiming their entitlements from the Dept of Social Welfare

    Friday 10th April

    Spinal Pain

    Katrina has spinal problems and is looking for a surgeon to perform spinal fusion. She talks to Philip.


    Jim is an Irish man in a relationship with a thai woman. He is trying with difficulty to obtain a permanent visa for her to spend more time in ireland with him.

    Mortgage Rates

    Marie is concerned about the high cost of her variable rate mortgage. Jim is a former bank worker who feels the banks need to act more fairly with variable rate mortgage holders.

    Hospital Waiting Lists

    Frank is worried that his father's heart operation has been delayed so often because of pressure on hospital waiting lists.

    Thursday 9th April


    Nuala's son has epilepsy. She was listening to yesterday's call about narcolepsy and talks to Philip about difficulties with her son's education.

    Water Conservation

    More tips on conserving Irish water, and more callers talk about the water charges.

    Variable Mortgage Rates

    Sarah Hogan has spoken out about the high level of variable interest rate she and many other mortgage holders are being charged by Irish banks.

    Setanta Insurance

    Mary is awaiting settlement of a claim from the now defunct Setanta insurance company.

    Tuesday 7th April

    Stolen Cars Update

    Rita talks to Philip about a recent incident where both her and her husband's car were stolen from outside their house.

    Western Union

    John sent money to Russia with Western Union but it appears that the person he sent it to was on a sanctions list and this caused problems with the payment.

    Immigration Control Delay

    Tom was delayed for a long time last Thursday at the Dublin Airport immigration desks. Other callers share their experiences.

    1916 - Road to the Rising

    John O Keeffe sang at the Road to the Rising event on Dublin's O'Connell street yesterday. He was surprised when some people objected to the singing of 'A long way to Tipperary'.

    Thursday 2nd April

    Dunnes Stores Strike

    Dunnes Stores workers and customers discuss today's strike.

    Wednesday 1st April

    Respite Care

    Roz and Gavin are parents of children affected by cuts to respite care at the development education centre run by the Daughters of Charity in Dublin.

    Gleeson Pardon

    The government pardon for Harry Gleeson , who was hanged in mountjopy for a murder he didn't commit was announced during the programme today.

    UFC Press Conference

    The Press conference given by Conor McGregor at the convention centre in Dublin last night led to a discussion about the merits of mixed martial arts.

    Newbridge Fire

    Bernadette witnessed the fire which destroyed a number of houses in Newbridge county Kildare last night.

    Tuesday 31st March

    Lost Bag

    Roisin Moran, a trainee teacher, told Joe about her bag being lost, found and lost again!

    Stranded in Heathrow

    Stranded in Heathrow after missing their connecting flight to Canada.

    Irish Water

    Andrew Osborne, a Dublin plumber returned from Australia, has his own ideas on how to check your water meter.

    Graham Dwyer

    Mary went along for two days to observe the Graham Dwyer trial. Walter, a retired Garda Superintendent spoke about the importance of rural Garda stations.

    Fettercairn 'Crime' List

    At a recent meeting on crime in Fettercairn in Dublin, a list of names and addresses of “anti social” youths was circulated.

    Monday 30th March

    Graham Dwyer Trial

    Today's discussion centred on the conviction of Graham Dwyer for the murder of Elaine O' Hara. Journalist Paul Williams , Retired Gardai , Mark Quinn , one of the witnesses and people who attended the trial were amoung the callers to the programme .

    Friday 27th March

    Right2Water Phishing Scam

    Brendan Ogle tells us that the Right2Water website has been cloned and the website is sending unsolicited emails to people.

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