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Wednesday 28th June

Long Term Care

Annie and Gina both have issues with long term care and the Fair Deal scheme.

Nappy Allowance/Bins

The proposed new bin charges seem set to impact on consumers. Padraig is caring for his daughter and is using up 9 nappies a day while Frank feels he will be penalised for trying to recycle.

Halal Meat

Ted Neville believes that Irish people don't understand the reality of how Halal meat is prepared.

Tuesday 27th June

Medical Card Cancellation

Stephen called Liveline to tell Joe about how his medical card had been cancelled without notice.

School Secretary Pay

Liz called Liveline to highlight the Department of Education's system for paying school secretaries like her. Their salaries are set at the discretion of the Board of Management.

Mobile Charges

Anthony has been paying his deceased father-in-law's phone bill in order to keep the voicemail activated. He told Joe about how his mother-in-law sometimes rings the voicemail to hear her late husband's voice. He queried new charges placed on the bill by his mobile provider.

Lucozade, Diabetes & Airports

Jennifer's 14-year-old daughter has Type 1 diabetes and sometimes relies on energy drinks to regulate her blood sugar. Yesterday this caused

Passport Lost In House Fire

Linda's house went on fire last week. She described to Joe the trauma of losing her belongings and the difficulty obtaining a replacement passport for one of her children.

Michael & Kathleen Devereaux To Be Reunited

Just 24 hours after their first appearance on Liveline, Joe was joined by Tom Devereux to share the great news that his mother and father are to be reunited once again. He described getting a call from Health Minister Simon Harris today who told him Kathleen will be moved into Michael's nursing home as soon as possible.

Monday 26th June

Fair Deal

91 year old Michael Devereaux has been in a Nursing Home under the Fair Deal scheme since April. But he's heartbroken because his wife of 63 years, Kathleen, has been turned down for the same scheme.

TV Licence

Patryk rents a room in a house. He answered the door to the Television Licence inspector and was subsequently fined €120 even though he doesn't watch Tv and there is no set in the house.

Hospital Food

David has been in hospital in Dublin and he says most of the food he was served comes from Northern Ireland. He's not happy.

Phone Stolen

Robbie, who is blind, had his Iphone stolen on Friday while he was trying to cross the road.

Friday 23rd June


Lynams hotel on O'Connell Street in Dublin was being used by Dublin City Council to house homeless people until a photograph emerged this week of an emergency exit there with a padlock on it. It was closed down on Wednesday.

Thursday 22nd June

Cath Labs

The controversy over the opening hours of the Cath Lab at University Hospital Waterford continued on today's programme. We heard personal stories of those affected by waiting lists in the Irish health system.

Thanking Garda

Pictures of 86 year old Mary Dent vent viral when she was helped by a reserve Garda in the cast crowd outside the recent Robbie Willimas concert in Dublin. We reunited her with reserve Garda Paul Barnwall.

Navan Assault

New Mayor of Navan Tommy Reilly had to intervene to save his son who was viciously attacked by a number of youths on Sunday. Rene saw a group of youths fighting in a fast food restaurant in the town.

Wednesday 21st June

Cath Labs

Cath Labs

Monday 19th June

Waterford Cath Lab

Just before today's show started, Catherine Power rang Liveline from Waterford with the terrible news that her brother died last night. 40-year-old Thomas Power went into cardiac arrest half an hour into an ambulance journey to Cork.


Linda McGonigle's 9-year-old daughter was the victim of dreadful online abuse after she made a naive offer to donate money to animal charity AHAR.

Friday 16th June

Grenfell Tower Fire

We heard from firefighters, fire safety officers, apartment dwellers, and those concerned about fire safety where they live.

Thursday 15th June

Housing Crisis

Helen witnessed nearly 100 people queuing for a rental property viewing in Dublin. She questioned what the government are doing to solve the housing crisis.


Francis's home was broken into. He told Joe about trying to move on after the incident.

Early Intervention/Autism

Ann Mulvaney's little boy is five-years-old and has autism. His school recently expelled him because of behavioural issues. Ann's call prompted other parents to get in touch, they highlighted the lack of services around the country for children with autism.


Eileen Silke contacted Liveline to make other listeners aware of a phone scam doing the rounds.

Wednesday 14th June

Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadkar





Waiting List

Waiting List

Tuesday 13th June

Waiting Lists

Breda Mac Coiligh told Joe about her husband's ill health and his urgent need for a life saving operation.

Cemetery Flyers

Johnathan Spring thought that a cemetery sending plush colour flyers out to local houses was in bad taste. Paul Cullen explained the rationale behind the promotion.

Spat in face

Patrick McEntee was horrified to see a van driver spit in his daughter's face when they stopped in Dublin traffic today.


Ingrid, who has a good job, has found herself in the poverty trap as she tries to find somewhere new to rent.

Enda Kenny Speech

As Taoiseach Enda Kenny gave his final speech in Dail Eireann, Cllr Gerry Coyle gave his reaction.

Rubbish Dumping

Gabriel's business bin charges suddenly increased, so he put a camera on his bins. He was horrified to see strangers dumping bag of rubbish into his recycle bins.


Ciara Whitty is 29 and she told Joe about her 18 year battle with Anorexia and Bulimia.

Monday 12th June





Trademark Row

Trademark Row

Garda Reserves

Garda Reserves

Friday 9th June


UK Elections

Thursday 8th June





Greyhound Bins

Greyhound Bins

Eir Roaming Charges

Eir Roaming Charges

Wednesday 7th June


Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company selling nutritional products which paid a $200 million fine in the USA not to be called Pyramid selling. We heard from callers both for and against the company.

Stolen Ashes

Ann O'Reilly's father is in his 90s. An opportunistic thief gained access to his house and stole a number of valuables including her cousin's ashes.

Tuesday 6th June


Listeners from Ireland and the UK responded to the terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday night.

Stranded in Saudi Arabia

Stranded in Saudi Arabia

UK Election

Listeners from Ireland and the UK looked forward to this week's British election.

Friday 2nd June

Funny Friday Live from Bloom

Funny Friday Live from Bloom

Thursday 1st June

Mental Health

Anne recounts her experiences with mental health services in this country.

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