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    Tuesday 26th August


    The NPPR liabilities for people living overseas who have properties in Ireland and for people within ireland who did not live in their principal private residences are discussed on today's programme.

    Friday 22nd August

    Funny Friday

    Live from Studio 10 in the RTE Radio Centre. Bob Carley, Sil Fox, Frank Forde, Paddy Cullivan, Declan Callis, Doc Savage, Packie O'Callaghan, June Rogers, Frank Twomey, Declan O'Brien and Musical Director Ivan McKenna.

    Thursday 21st August

    Death of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds

    The passing of Albert Reynolds was the subject of today's programme. Paul Allen, Donie Cassidy , Eurovision winner Paul Harrington and many others talked to Joe about their memories of the former Taoiseach.

    Wednesday 20th August

    Student Accomodation

    We talk to landlords and students about the availability of accomodation.

    Monday 18th August

    Life Insurance

    More discussion about Life insurance policies which have suddenly increased their premiums.

    Allergies in Restaurants

    Chef Gary O'Hanlon tells Joe about his frustration with people asking for recipes to be adjusted at the last minute to take their food intolerances into account.

    Motorbike Stolen

    Nikos had his motorbike stolen while on holidays in Cork. He tells Joe how the bike was thrown into the river by the thieves after they failed to get it started.

    Friday 15th August


    On the 6th anniversary of his daughter’s suicide, Pat talked to Joe about how life is now.

    Irish Life Insurance

    We had many calls from worried Liveline listeners about the sudden increase in insurance premiums to maintain existing cover in policies taken out several years ago. George, Julie, Gerry, Denis and another George vented their annoyance.

    Knock Shrine

    Aug 15th is the Feast of the Assumption, and a very busy time for the parish of Knock and its Parish Priest Fr. Richard Gibbons. Marion Carroll told Joe about her miracle cure of MS at the Shrine.

    Driving Licences

    We continue with some calls about driving licences.

    Thursday 14th August

    Fair Deal Scheme

    Marys mother is currently in a nursing home. She is availing of the Fair Deal Scheme. The family decided to invest money in their mother's home to rent out.

    Fight on Train

    Jack and his friends took the train from Dublin to Longford on the 27th June to get a connecting bus to a concert in Cork. A very drunk and aggressive passenger began to harass an old man who was sitting near them. Jack and his friends intervened with shocking results. He tells Joe his story.

    Novice Plates

    Liveline listeners discuss the new 'N' plates and if the driving test really prepares you for life on the road.

    Tuesday 12th August

    Suicide / Robin Williams

    Listener Brian and RTÉ DJ Dave Fanning sharing their memories of movie actor and comedian Robin Williams. Liveline listeners shared their own experiences of finding loved ones who had taken their lives, the journey from the from the depths of depression to recovery, and advice to anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts.

    Monday 11th August

    Suicide and Death Certs

    Trish contacted us about the new proposed short form death certificate. She cannot wait to get one. Her son Gareth died in 2010. He took his own life. The cause of death on his death cert says 'hanging'. She has lobbied for several years for this new death cert.

    Ghost Estates

    A Clare ghost estate which was dogged by controversy has seen a surge in sales with property worth €2.73m being snapped up in just 10 days, a local developer has revealed.

    Friday 8th August

    Crime in Dublin City Centre

    Crime in Dublin City Centre

    Thursday 7th August

    Wednesday 6th August

    Anti Social Behaviour continued

    Joe talks to more callers about anti social behaviour.

    Glasnevin Cemetary

    John attended the WW! commemoration in Glasnevin Cemetery last week. He described the protest there by Republican Sinn Fein as absolutely mortifying.

    Lawn Mowers

    Rev. Nigel Sherwood wanted to warn people about using lawnmowers. He lost several of his toes in an accident several years ago, be careful when you are out cutting the grass.

    Anti Social Behaviour

    Counsellor Mannix Flynn spoke today about the unsocial behaviour all around Dublin city and the worries about violence and drug taking on the streets of the capital.

    Tuesday 5th August

    Protests in Glasnevin Cemetery - WW1 Commemoration

    Des Dalton is the President of Republican Sinn Fein. He talks to Joe about his organisations protest at last weeks World War 1 commemoration in Glasnevin Cemetery

    World War 1 Commemorations

    David Daly, RTE's Bryan Dobson and Michael McLoughlin all talk about the World War 1 commemoration and how their families played a part.

    Elderly Mother Targeted By Bogus Charity

    Kate's mother is vulnerable and her family provide her with around the clock care. She tells Joe about how 'bogus' charity collectors targeted her elderly mother during a short period when she was alone.

    Witnessed Assault in Dublin City

    Elizabeth was in Dublin yesterday for the day with some friends and her young daughter. She was shocked when she witnessed a woman being assaulted by her partner in broad daylight. She can't get the incident out of her head. She tells Joe what happened.

    Ivor Callely & Public Inquiry into Expenses Regimes

    Noel O'Hanrahan is a solicitor who represents Ivor Callely. He is calling for a public inquiry into the expenses regimes. He tells Joe about his clients recent imprisonment and why he feels he has been made a scapegoat for a flawed expenses system.

    Friday 1st August

    Random Act Of Kindness

    Tom spoke to Philip about a terrible accident he had in Dawson's Street, he called us to express his thanks to the lady who helped him, and that lady Catherine phoned Liveline and later spoke to Tom.

    Resource Centre Break-In - Singer Sandy Kelly

    Singer Sandy Kelly spoke to Philip about a break-in at the Resource Centre in Sligo which her daughter attends, the vandals set fire to the centre with damages estimated around €40,000.

    Water Rates

    Philip speaks to callers about the water rates

    Thursday 31st July

    Dog Tales

    We finished today with Ida who has a rescue dog, and Helen who owned an ex show dog.

    Happy Ryanair Story

    We were delighted to hear Marie O’Leary’s happy Ryanair story where she got her purse and €800 back

    Depression, OCD and suicidal thoughts

    Following on from John’s harrowing story of OCD yesterday, Kate, Pat and Ciara shared their stories of dealing with depression, OCD and suicidal thoughts. TOP (Triumph over Phobia) Self Help Group for sufferers of OCD / Anxiety and Phobias Ph: 0719128900 Website:

    School Buses

    Joseph and Louise take issue with the school transportation scheme and the manner in which the “nearest” school is determined.

    Computer Glitch in Bank

    We started today with Christy whose pension money hadn’t reached his bank due to a computer glitch. With just €8 left in the electricity meter, he and his dog will be waiting anxiously for the money to arrive.

    Wednesday 30th July

    Suffering From Tonsillitis

    There were more calls today on the merits or otherwise of young children having their tonsils removed.

    Living With OCD

    John has been suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for a long number of years. He spoke to Philip about the struggles he has had managing his condition.

    Crime in Ireland

    Crime was on the agenda again today . Aiden had his Nissan Navarra jeep stolen last night from the Oldbawn area of Tallaght in Dublin. Jack and his wife were subjected to an upsetting time by a person who called offereing work services at their home. Mary spoke about their worries about diesel being stolen from their farm.

    Tuesday 29th July


    Michelle is at her wits' end. Her 21 month old son has had tonsillitis 18 times and been on antibiotics 15 times. She is looking for some advice.

    Ken Barry on his father's death

    Ken Barry also talks to Philip about the death of his father in 2009 following a burglary and how no one has been brought to justice. He is the father of magician Keith Barry.

    Dog Attacks

    Ken Barry contacted us to talk about how uneasy he felt while walking in the Memorial Park in Islandbridge with his two young grandchildren recently. He was very nervous about the amount of dogs that were off their leads.

    Green Levy Electricity Bills

    Mary thinks the increase in the Green Levy on Electricity Bills is very unfair. She feels that this increase will impact on elderly people in a huge way.


    Liveline listeners tell Philip how there is life after a heart attack.

    Monday 28th July

    Local Property Tax

    Joyce wonders are people aware that there is a public survey being carried out by Dublin City Council regarding the local property tax?


    Jennifer, was lucky the time she had her heart attack during the day, as University Hospital Waterford cardiac unit is only open until 5.30 p.m. She thanked the staff at the unit for their fantastic care that saved her life. It was a shock to her that she was having a heart attack at the age of 39, she was healthy, good weight and fit.

    Dog Attack

    Tara’s dog was attacked last Friday by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she wants to know why these dogs are not muzzled and on a lead, when the law says they should.

    Ivor Callely

    As former junior minister Ivor Callely received a 5 month jail sentence for fraudulently claiming expenses at Leinster House while he was a senator – Liveline listeners discussed whether the sentence was appropriate for the crime or would community service have been more appropriate.

    Friday 25th July


    The loss of our shore rights to cut seaweed was lamented by Lucy and Tom.

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