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Friday 9th December

Back to education allowance

After spending more than half his life on drugs, Patrick got clean a couple of years ago, and has been trying to get himself back into education. However, Patrick is worried that it could all unravel – he submitted his application for a Back to Education allowance ten days late, and has been turned down as a result.

Revenue Scammers

Bridget and Sharon were phoned by the revenue scammers we heard about earlier in the week. The scammers turned nasty when they were confronted. In Sharon’s case, she was told that the name on her case file was ‘first name BITCH, second name MORON'.

‘No more than 3 students allowed at a time’

‘No more than 3 students allowed at a time’. That’s what the sign on a shop near Lisa Bracken’s house said. Why? Because students kept robbing the place, according to the shopkeeper. Lisa thought this was very judgmental and unfair. Other callers thought the shopkeeper was only doing what he needed to survive.

Done Deal Scam

Who is Dorothy Williams – a singer, a stripper or a fake person in the Ukraine who engages in online scams? Rosemary, Paul and Jim all told Joe about their encounters with the mysterious Dorothy via Donedeal and paypal.

Thursday 8th December

Unpaid Tolls

Listeners told Joe about being fined for unpaid tolls.

Difficulty Obtaining a Grant

James McGovern returned from England to pursue a degree and career in engineering. He told Joe about problems he's been having in obtaining a SUSI grant.

Revenue Scam

William King told Joe about receiving crank calls from a company purporting to be the Revenue Commissioners. William wasn't alone, he was joined by many others who'd gotten the same call. We heard the recorded message the scammers used.


Callers to Liveline debated the merits of An Post's new venture 'Addresspal' - a service to rival the popular Parcel Motel.

Car Scam

Eamonn Dunne is down €11,500 after falling victim to scammers. He tried to buy a car on Done Deal but both he and the original seller were subject to an online phishing scam.

Wednesday 7th December

Anti-Homeless Sprinklers

Kevin put a sprinkler system outside his Temple Bar tattoo parlour in Dublin. He says it’s to keep drug users away from the shop – for safety reasons. But Councillor Michael O’Brien says that the sprinklers are an anti-homeless measure and shouldn’t be allowed.

Orkambi Protest

We went live to speeches and callers at the Orkambi protest on Kildare Street. Jillian, David and Rachel told us how they feel squeezed between two giant forces: the government and drug company Vertex.

Domestic Violence

Robert was listening in yesterday when Francis and Anne spoke about how they had reconciled after Francis assaulted Anne. Robert told Joe about the violence his own mother endured at the hands of his father and that he was shocked at how much she missed him when he died.

EFlow Fines

Simon Parsens looked out his window at 4.30am to see the sheriff taking his car away. They said he owed €16,000 because of unpaid tolls. Simon says he doesn’t owe the money and they have never sent him a bill explaining the debt.

Tuesday 6th December

Domestic Abuse

'Marie' and 'Mary' responded the calls with 'Francis' and 'Anne'....Mary said she thought 'Francis' was brave to say what he said but that she supported his wife. Maire felt strongly that Ireland isn't doing enough to help victims of domestic violence.


Brothers Chris and Paul Murphy spoke about Paul's CF illness and how, at 40, he is one of Ireland longest surviving CF patients. The brothers were joined by Kieran, who daughter has CF, he explained how Orkambi could help her.

'Gifts' to suppliers

Brian called and spoke about 'gifts' to the construction, says sweeteners have been around since the year dot!

Domestic Voilence

'Francis' spoke about how he assaulted his wife, 'Anne' when he discovered she was having an affair.  He spoke of his difficult childhood and how he has a hard time trusting people.'Francis' served time in prison for the assault on his wife. Later, 'Anne spoke to Joe and explained how they had reconciled and how counselling had helped both of them.

Monday 5th December

National Craft Fair

Cahal bought a woolen hat at the National Craft Fair in the RDS to give to his wife. They were both surprised to find it wasn't Irish, but instead had been machine made in China, incidentally where Cahal's wife is from.

'Donation' to a Hotel

Jane is a supplier to a hotel and was taken aback when she was asked for donations towards the hotel staff Christmas party. In an email sent this week, the hotel management said that they would take the generosity of each supplier into account when reviewing contracts at the end of the year.


The Orkambi debate continued on Liveline today. Ann McCabe is a grandmother to a little boy with cystic fibrosis. Marisa Reidy's little girl Hanna also has CF. They were joined by Dr Anne Marie Liddy, staff member at the National Centre of Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE), the body responsible for negotiating a price with the drug company Vertex.

Child Abuse

Sinead called Liveline to tell Joe about an awful scene she witnessed last night on the Luas. She wants the public's help in identifying a mother who verbally abused a young child.

Prices up North

Trevor Whyte thinks we're getting ripped off. He compared an entire shopping list north and south of the border and told Joe about his findings. Patricia and Robert debated the patriotism of anyone who refuses to shop local.

Friday 2nd December

Domestic Voilence

Katherine saw the TV ads on domestic violence and told Joe about the time she reported a neighbour for beating his wife. Mary called in and spoke about confronting her husband who beat her and emotionally manipulated her by filming her, and telling her she was mad.

Thursday 1st December

Live Line

The Full Show


Marian called to share her story about how Orkambi is making a positive difference to her child who has CF. Angela raised the issue of another CF drug, Kalydeco which is approved for children over 6 but isn't for approved/available for her daughter who is 5.

Security at An Post

Joanne sent a birthday card to her nephew with some money inside, the card arrived but the money didn't! Listeners shared their stories of things going missing in the post and postman Paddy called in to say it's rare for things to go missing and that he had been bit several times by dogs!

Adults are being charged to visit Santa?

On today's Liveline, Janette wondered why adults are being charged to visit Santa when it's the children that receive the present.

Wednesday 30th November

Renting Issue Update

Piotr in Cork updated listeners on the dispute between his landlord and the bank which he's caught in the middle of.

Groupon Wine / Hertz Car Rental

Tom Bailey called Liveline and described how Revenue seized twelve bottles of wine he bought through Groupon. In another case of buyer beware, Paul Lavin advised listeners to read the small print when hiring a car.


Parents of children with cystic fibrosis continued their plea today for access to the drug Orkambi.

Tuesday 29th November

Rent Increases

Rent Increases



Monday 28th November

Insurance Costs

Insurance Costs

Death of Fidel Castro

Death of Fidel Castro

Housing Issues

Housing Issues

Friday 25th November

Funny Friday

Funny Friday Live from Studio 1 in the RTE Radio Centre

Thursday 24th November

Acts of Kindness

Anne Marie was the benefactor of an act of kindness.

Boarded Up Houses

More chat about the number of council owned properties that are boarded up.

Mars Capital - Matheson Foundation

Home owners whose mortgages have been taken over by vulture funds tell us their stories.

Groupon Vouchers/Black Friday Deals

Listeners, including business owners, are unhappy with some deals offered by Groupon. /Bargain hunters are skeptical about some Black Friday deals.

Wednesday 23rd November

Provisional Licence

Provisional Licence

Car Accident

Car Accident

Housing Issues

House Issues

Tuesday 22nd November

Carers' Hours

Carers' Hours

Undocumented in the USA

Undocumented in the USA



Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

Tenant Dispute

Tenant Dispute

Monday 21st November

School Anxiety

A former teacher tells us about her experience with pupils who had 'school anxiety'.


Peter says his business is now at risk because he's paying so much for insurance.


Margaret sold her house to the council but, weeks later when she went back to see her former neighbours, she discovered her former home was boarded up.

Friday 18th November

School Anxiety

School Anxiety

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