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Friday 16th March

Fiver Friday

Live from Arklow

Thursday 15th March


Theresa's son had a serious addiction and took his own life. Katie. Linda and Pat also tell us their stories


Joey was stuck on a broken down Luas yesterday for around 30 minutes while on the way to school.

Barred from US

Celtic rock band, Rubicon have been denied entry to the USA to perform in Maryland during Paddy's day weekend. Francine tells us what happened.

Tuesday 13th March





Fiver Friday

Fiver Friday

Irish Scammers in Australia

Irish Scammers in Australia

Monday 12th March

Fire Risk

Geraldine's washing machine went on fire last week and she wants to warn people not to use the device at night when you might be asleep.

Tim McGraw concert

Concert goers tell us what happened at the 3 Arena last night when Tim McGraw was performing.

Lack of Accommodation in Dublin

Dion Donnelly is worried that he'll have to give up his passion for making cocktails because he cannot find accommodation in Dublin.

Fiver Friday

We hear from some shops and businesses taking part in Fiver Friday later in the week.

Snow Pay

John works in the hospitality industry and is annoyed that his employer will not pay him for days missed during the recent snow.

Court System

Patrick, who runs a small cafe, spent 5 hours in court applying for an alcohol licence only for the hearing to be adjourned. He says as the owner of a small business trying to create employment he can ill afford this waste of time and the court system needs reforming.

Burnt Out

James Sherlock is a student Nurse whose doing agency work to help pay his way through college. James says he's burnt out due to the stress of it all.

Friday 9th March

Snowed In

Fionn was snowed in in Wicklow.

Fiver Friday

We heard from some of the businesses who are coming on board for Fiver Friday on March 16th.

Letters to Deceased

Maura and Frances both received letters for deceased relatives, even though they had passed away some time ago.

Hit and Run

Sean Healy was a victim of a hit-and-run and feels let down by the court system. Also, Mary Loftus is still suffering from the aftermath of an assault over 7 years ago.

Rugby Tickets

Loretto bought tickets for the Ireland Scotland rugby match on Viagogo at almost 4 times face value,and was surprised to see that they had originally been issued to Wexford Harriers Rugby Club.


Chris thought he had done a great deal when he bought a car recently, but has found out he is now liable for outstanding finance owed on it.

Thursday 8th March

Mary McAleese

Listeners react to comments made by Mary McAleese in which she referred to the Church as an 'empire of misogyny'

Wednesday 7th March

Fiver Friday

After Storm Emma small and local businesses are doing their best to recover.

Giant African Land Snails

David LLoyd contacted us about the Giant African Land Snail being kept as exotic pets. A debate ensued which included 'The Grim Squeaker' aka Brian Donnelly who appeared on Ireland's Got Talent on TV3 and is the owner of two Giant African Land Snails.

Car Insurance Hike with New Address

Deborah moved house and thus received a bill for a hike in her car insurance which she had already paid in full. She is not alone and the Liveline received many calls on the topic.

Pension Payments Made in Error

Peadar's wife died and he was subsequently contacted to request the return of a pension payment that was issued in error after her death. The amount was €5.90.

Tuesday 6th March

Internet Bills

Martin is an unhappy Eir customer. They charged him €500 to download and watch 4 films recently.

Fiver Friday 16th March 2018

Colm runs a small newsagent and Grocery store in Arklow. The recent snow has hit many small businesses so Colm suggests Liveline runs a 'Fiver Friday' promotion to help get shops and businesses back on their feet.

Driving Test

Margaret has failed her driving test 4 times and she believes she may never pass. She says anxiety always gets the better of her. Other listeners also tell us about their attempts to get a driving licence.

Monday 5th March

Snow Aftermath

For lots of the country the snow may be gone, but on Liveline today we heard from many people who are still marooned in their houses.

Friday 2nd March


Joe spoke to callers affected by Storm Emma and the Beast from the East. Gerry Murphy of Met Eireann joined him in studio.

Thursday 1st March


More on the current weather conditions.

Tuesday 27th February

Court Action

Yesterday, Howth resident Christian Morris lost a €75,000 defamation action against fast-food chain McDonalds. Today he spoke to Joe.

Job Offer

Jeff Crossdale accepted the job of 'Welcome Advisor' with Bank of Ireland only to have the offer rescinded a few days later. They said they couldn't employ him because he didn't hold a Level 8 degree.

Exceptional Needs Payment / Weather

Martin Finn took the Department of Social Protection to the High Court when they refused him money for a winter coat through the Exceptional Needs Payment Scheme. The Department is advising older people to claim back fuel costs through this scheme during the bad weather. Callers to Liveline suggested that the fuel allowance be increased instead.

Monday 26th February


Carol's son was bitten on the face by a dog while in Spain and Margaret had to leave her cruise trip early because her husband fell ill.

Government Spin

Brian Hanratty contributed to a newspaper article about the new National Plan but he wasn't told the written piece was commissioned by the Government.


Sean's house was broken into last week and his late wife's jewelry was stolen.

Storm Emma

Listeners are worried about the snowstorm that is due to hit Ireland in the next few days.

Friday 23rd February

Funny Friday

Funny Friday live from The Royal Hotel in Bray.

Thursday 22nd February


Jan Gell's daughter has spent several days on a trolley in Tallaght Hospital awaiting a much needed pain injection.


Tom Cronin and Dr. Mary Lodato both resigned from the board of Caranua. Solicitor Fiona Fox has represented survivors on a pro bono basis.


Marie, who was scammed to the tune of €48,000 yesterday, got some good news today. We heard from other callers who had received scam calls.


Martin is a self-confessed gambling addict who wants his bank to block him funding funds into his online account.

Wednesday 21st February

Catherine Nevin

A former tenant of the late Catherine Nevin tells Joe about his dealings with the convicted murderer.


Reaction to the Taoiseach's latest Dail statement on Versatis.

Bank scam

Marie Murphy was the victim of a sophisticated scam in which she lost her life savings of €48,000. The money was taken out of her Permanent TSB account. The bank refuse to refund the money.

Tuesday 20th February

Catherine Nevin

Convicted murderer Catherine Nevin has died age 67. She was jailed for life in 2000 for killing her husband Tom at their pub, Jack White's Inn, in Co Wicklow. Callers remembered the trial and the woman known as the 'Black Widow'.

Elderly Care

Callers discussed caring for elderly relatives with dementia.

Landlord dispute

Ronya and Robert are in a dispute about a recent judgement handed down by the Residential Tenancies Board. They talked to Joe.

Monday 19th February



Rehab with Dementia

Rehab with Dementia

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