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    Thursday 26th February

    Stolen Bike

    Eamon Ryan had his bike stolen yesterday outside the Green Party office on Suffolk St in Dublin.


    Barry says that the increase in beards is down to the cost of razor blades.


    Francis has a disabled badge for her car but yet got clamped.

    Wednesday 25th February

    Hip Surgery

    Mary tells us about the surgery she has been waiting for.

    Aggressive Behaviour

    Anna, who is on crutches, was amazed at the verbal abuse she suffered at the hands of a motorist recently.

    Water Meters

    Maura’s son works installing water meters. She says it is not a glamorous job and is badly paid.

    Good Samaritan

    Adam in the Czech Republic told Joe about the Irish Good Samaritans who came to his rescue.

    Burglaries / Phonewatch

    The discussion of home security continued.

    Tuesday 24th February

    Brother Kevin's 80th Birthday

    Brother Kevin Crowley is 80 today. Joe wishes Kevin a Happy Birthday and asks him about his plans.

    Home Security Systems

    Some callers had issues with monitored alarms at their homes.

    Random Attack

    Paul's son was attacked on Grafton Street and left unconscious. Paul thinks that Garda resources are being wasted policing water protests.

    Water Protests

    Joan says that some of Collette's comments yesterday were unfortunate but the abuse she got on Facebook afterwards was a disgrace.

    Monday 23rd February

    Water Protestors Jailed

    The imprisonment of five anti-water charges protesters is discussed.

    Burglar Alarm

    Clare's parents were burgled last week in spite of having a monitored alarm system.

    Friday 20th February

    Ukraine Conflict

    The remainder of the programme dealt with the fragile ceasefire in the Ukraine.


    Brendan was really annoyed that a pothole had cost him €200 of his hard earned money.


    Journalist Philip Nolan’s attitude to his lovely home has been shattered since it was burgled not once but twice.

    Water Protest

    John in Cork was unhappy that Taoiseach Enda Kenny on Primetime was delayed by Eastenders.

    Thursday 19th February

    Water Protests

    Five water charges protesters who have been found in contempt of court have been given jail sentences.

    Hospital Beds / Overcrowding

    Jack had both legs amputated, son Jonathan raises the issue that funding is low to help his family accommodate him on his return home.

    Prison Officer Safety

    We talk about the safety of prison officers after two were attacked by a prisoner during a hospital visit.

    Wednesday 18th February

    Race Discrimination

    Selina went for a drink in a pub last week , only to find herself completely ignored by the staff. As a result , she and her partner left the pub. She believes it was racially motivated.

    Leaving Cert Waiver

    Celine's son has been denied a leaving cert waiver by the Dept of Ed.

    Jury Service

    Sarah's talks jury service and being able to claim on your home insurance for days served.

    Lance Armstrong / Ataxia

    Barry's dilemma - he's fundraising for the Ataxia Cycle and has the support of Lance Armstrong, but should he use it?

    Tuesday 17th February

    'Donegal Tuesday'

    All over the country it’s Pancake Tuesday, but in Galway it’s “Donegal Tuesday” – as unofficial Rag Week sees hundreds of students queuing from 8.30a.m. to get into The Hole In The Wall pub.

    Monday 16th February

    Leaving Cert Waiver

    Vera's son is dyslexic, last year he was told he wouldn't get a tape recorder for his Leaving Cert.

    Posting Batteries

    Pawel has had problems posting mobile phones because of the battery.

    House Fire

    Mary's son passed away when her house burned down last year. She tells her story to Joe.

    Ice Rink in Ireland

    Ron is 79 this year and he reckons he is the oldest figure skater in Ireland.

    Thursday 12th February

    Ice Rink

    Anne Marie Reilly’s children both play Ice Hockey but there is nowhere in the Republic where they can train.

    Missing Person Thomas Kennedy Update

    Our sympathies go out to the family of Thomas Kennedy whose body was found in Blackpool, England.

    Contributory Pensions

    Having worked all her life, Kathleen’s pension will be 11 more than someone who never worked. Cliodhna wants to come back to Ireland to work but can’t afford it, while Paul , Geraldine, Pauline and Paul had strong opinions on Irish pensions.

    Wednesday 11th February

    Motorhome Facilities

    Colin McCarthy is a motorhome enthusiast and honorary secretary of the Phoenix Motorhome Club Ireland. He tells Joe that motorhome holidaymakers are really not very well catered for in Ireland. He loves travelling along The Romantic Road in Germany where there are nearly 20 motorhome stops yet on our own Wild Atlantic Way has none.

    Trailer Stolen

    Christina and her husband are in the process of building a house in Cavan. They bought a 4 wheel trailer to help with the build and the move. Last Saturday the trailer, which contained their furniture and personal items, was stolen from a garage forecourt in broad daylight.

    Spiked Drink

    Jane's daughter went out on Saturday night. She had 2 drinks, she is adamant she wasn't drunk yet she doesn't remember large chunks of the night. Her daughter is convinced that her drink was spiked and it is not the first time it has happened. Jane wants to warn other girls.


    Aishling is suffering from Anorexia. Emily has recovered. Both women tell Joe about their struggles with the disease.

    Tuesday 10th February

    Monday 9th February

    Water Protest Arrests

    We talk about arrests made in connection with the water protests last November in Jobstown.

    Friday 6th February

    Smacking Children

    Pope Frances made the headlines once again with his views that it is ok for a parent to smack a child. Needless to say, those comments were met with a variety of reactions from the Liveline listeners.

    Thursday 5th February

    Car Hire Charges

    The price of car hire if you book in this country compares unfavourably with the price if you book in another country with the same hire details

    Alcohol and Associated Problems

    Callers talk to Joe about various issues related to alcohol


    Louis Hennessy discusses the Lotto draw being cancelled yesterday and how since the franchise changed, there have been problems with the terminals

    Tuesday 3rd February

    Maria Divine Mercy

    Discussion continued about Christina Gallagher's House of Prayer and the messages of Maria Divine Mercy.

    Monday 2nd February

    Liveline, Monday 2 February

    Stephen Fry’s interview with Gay Byrne on “The Meaning of Life” where he called God, among other things, “a monster “, has ignited a flurry of opinion from both believers and non believers. The Liveline callers were quick to react. That, along with Maria Divine Mercy , an Irish woman who is claiming to see apparitions, ensured a packed programme – including a call from Christine Gallagher from the “House Of Prayer”

    Friday 30th January

    Funny Friday

    It’s a Liveline Funny Friday ! Live from the McWilliam Park hotel, Claremorris , Co. Mayo

    Thursday 29th January

    Garda Respect

    Brian has watched some of the video's online of the water protests and the heckling of Michaed D Higgins. The video's prompted him to contact the show to defend the work of the Gardai and how they keep their cool in the face of extreme provocation.

    Stocks and Shares

    Ian decided to dabble in day trading to supplement his income. He has lost nearly €12,000 and wants to warn other people.

    Mobile Data / Game Charges

    Ed is suffering from 'Billshock'. This is a new term being coined for people who get a shock when they open their phonebill. His bill is over €3,000. Ed's kids downloaded some movies on his mobile phone and unbeknownst to him exceeded his mobile internet usage allowance.

    Mortgage Restrictions

    Audrey and her husband managed to save 10% deposit for a new house, now they learn they will need 20%.

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