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Friday 22nd July

Politicians at Funerals

John says that he was approached at a funeral in Tipperary by a local councillor and asked: ‘Who’s in the coffin?’ The councillor in question, John Crosse, came on to respond and talk about the reasons politicians go to so many funerals.

Thursday 21st July


Louise warned Joe about iPhones and other valuables being stolen on Rosslare Strand. Cathy eventually had to move house after the person who burgled her house continued living beside her. Beth, who has a chronic lung condition, was distraught when her jewellery was stolen.

Security Training

Are some security training companies cutting corners and giving out certificates without proper training? One trainee received a certificate for days his didn't even attend the course.

Possible Bus Strike

Is there a bus strike looming at Dublin Bus? Sean thinks so, while taxi driver Paul has no sympathy with them whatsoever.

Wednesday 20th July

Suit Sellers

They’re back! Liveline’s old friends, the fake Italian suit sellers were spotted by Fr Pat Egan in Dublin yesterday.

Pony Men

Frank told the story of a frightening face off with the pony men at the Gap of Dunloe.

Smart Bins

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council spent €2.3m on solar-powered ‘smart bins’ which are supposed to send out a signal when they need to be emptied. Tom sent in photographs of the bins overflowing and told Joe he was livid about it.

House Theft

Linda told Joe how she is only now getting over the fact that her house was broken into on her 50th wedding anniversary last November.

Palmerian Church

John Sheahan’s sister Goretta joined the Palmarian church a quarter of a century ago and he hasn’t heard from her since. He wasn’t sure if she was dead or alive. Today, former Palmarians Maria and John provided lots of information about what has happened to Goretta since she joined the church.

Paul Kelly

Alex Philips revealed another chapter in the mysterious life of former Console boss Paul Kelly. Under the alias Seamus, he ran a gallery in Palmerstown called Tim’s Galleria.

Tuesday 19th July


More on Jarvies in Kerry blocking access to the Gap of Dunloe.


Kathleen Stone's sister is the latest victim of burglars in Portlaw.

Housing Crisis

Paul tells us that today's initiative from the Government to help the homeless will; not help him and his family.

Palmarian Church Update

An update from Terry who's brother died days after he returned to the Palmarians in Spain.

Monday 18th July


re Jarvies in Co Kerry preventing motorists from driving beyond Kate Kearney's cottage or simply protecting the landscape and keeping it safe for tourists?

Palmarian Church Update

Last week Terry phoned Liveline worried that her brother was about to rejoin the Palmarian Church in Spain. Today she got some tragic news.

Friday 15th July

Console Update

David Hall has finished his work as interim CEO of Console. He brought Philip up to date on the latest situation.

Nice Attack

The aftermath of the carnage in Nice last night dominated Liveline today. We heard from Irish holiday makers who were there, Irish people living in France and got observations from both home and abroad on what happens now.

Thursday 14th July

Skellig Michael

More listeners tell us about boat trips to Skellig Michael.

Jewellery Stolen

Anandhi's mother was visiting Ireland and had an unpleasant experience yesterday afternoon. Thieves with a knife stole her marriage chain.

Power Outage

Seosamh has experienced a number of electricity outages in the last few weeks. The ESB tell him birds are to blame.

Dog Attack

Patricia was bitten by a pit bull when she tried to rescue her cat from its jaws.

Car Incident

Dave traveled from Cork to Dublin to buy a car. But he almost fell for a scam.

Attachment Order

Rose failed to pay her Household Charge and Property Tax for the last number of years. She's now discovered that Revenue are taking a sizeable chunk of her pension every fortnight.

Wednesday 13th July


The legal fees paid out to solicitors and barristers by the Residential Institutions Redress Board came to light in recent days. Frank's wife is a survivor of abuse in a religious run instution and he spoke to Philip about their horror in discovering that legal firms earned millions of euro out of the work.

Harpist Recording

Caroline found a recording device in Dublin City Centre at the weekend. When she played the audio, she discovered it belonged to a harpist and she got in touch with Liveline to see if we could help her find the owner.

Rental Scam

June got in touch to tell us about her dealings with Lloyd and Marta Wicker- including how she sent them photos of herself and her children and her huge regret and upset upon discovering the whole thing was a sham.

Skellig Michael Boat Trip

PJ called in to tell us about his experience in getting to the very remote but beautiful island of Skellig Michael - big swells, sea sickness amongst his fellow passengers and general misery for a journey that lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes. He also claimed there were no life jackets aboard - a claim disputed by the boat owner.

Tuesday 12th July


Pat O'Connor found his car clamped after parking at private eco beach in Clifden - he accepted that he hadn't read the signs fully.

St John Of Gods.

Helen and Delores have both been affected by transport cuts implemented by services run by St John Of Gods.

Phone Theft

Noreen Northrop, who was in Ireland to attended Irish Dancing Championships had her phone robbed from her hand as her children did an impromptu performance.

Palmarian Cult

Rachel was born into the Palmarian church and stayed for 18 years. She described life inside the church and her reasons for leaving.


Barry Kavanagh is a contract counsellor for Console who is owed money by the charity. He has concerns for clients and counsellors as the uncertainty continues.

Monday 11th July

Palmarian Cult

Terry is a former member of the Palmarians, a religious cult. She's concerned about other family members who are being drawn into the order.

Banned from Event

Fr Liam Kelleher is a fully accredited sports photographer. He was told he wasn't allowed to take pictures at a local children's event recently. He thinks it might be because he's a priest.

Fine Gael Leadership

Should he go or should he stay. Listeners give their verdict on the future of Enda Kenny.

Friday 8th July

Dallas Shootings

The recent killing in Texas of 5 police officers and the shooting dead of an innocent black motorist in his car prompted a very vigorous debate among Liveline listeners today.

Thursday 7th July

Suicide/Mental Health

Reacting to the news that Console will be wound down and services transferred to other charity organisations, Paddy Cheevers told Joe about his family's experience of suicide and how they've dealt with the death of their two brothers without any counselling at all.

Missing Luggage

Aer Lingus was the focus of Lesley Ann Keogh's ire today, they mistakenly sent her bags to Croatia instead of Rome. She says it ruined her holiday.


Seamus, Mary and Therese all told Joe about being scammed in various ways. Seamus had €12,000 wiped out of his bank account.

WW1 Medals

Bernadette contacted Liveline to tell us about her detective work in tracking down relatives of fallen World War One soldier Patrick Tier.

Sister of Ian Malone

Ian Malone from Ballyfermot served in the British Army's Irish Guards and was the only person from the Republic to die in the Iraq war. His sister Carol joined Joe and shared her family's thoughts on the Chilcot Report.

Wednesday 6th July

Sunset House

The Sunset House was a pub in inner city Dublin which closed following a gangland shooting earlier this year. It will reopen as The Brendan Behan later this week. Gary Gannon, brother of the new leasee, tells us why.

Chilcot / Iraq

Listeners give their verdict on the Chilcot report into the war in Iraq.

Tuesday 5th July

WW1 Medals

The ongoing search for find the family of soldier Patrick Tier continued. David had come across a most moving letter written by Patrick's father asking him to be sent home from the army on age grounds.


The fallout from the Brexit vote is still being felt and callers argued for and against multiculturalism both in Britain and here in Ireland.


Rosemary's car was clamped while she helped her elderly mother in to see the doctor.


We hear about some scams doing the rounds at the moment.

Accommodation Scam Phone Call

'Lloyd and Martha Wicker' have been using a bogus Trip Advisor page to con prospective tenants out of their money. Joe spoke to 'Lloyd' who had given his number to a staff member on the Liveline team.

Monday 4th July

One Punch Attack

Brian Hogan was the victim of a one-punch attack 7 years ago. He told Joe about how he's been adapting to life after the assault which left him blind and having to learn how to speak again.

Luggage Stolen

Alan Finn and Shannon O'Sullivan told Joe about their annoyance at losing their luggage while using separate companies in the last few weeks.


Bernie O'Rourke and James Michael are listeners living in London and they shared their reaction to the latest in the Brexit political saga: the resignation of UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

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