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Friday 26th August

Human Sludge

Trisha told Philip that the spreading of human sludge on farm land where she lives is causing her great distress and upset. We heard from farmers, others living in rural areas, and also from Pat who works with Quinns of Baltinglass who recycle the waste from the Ringsend treatment plant.

Burkini Ban in France

The controversy surrounding the banning of the 'Burkini' in some parts of France was raised by Razan, Pearl, John, Josephine and John Molloy.

School Bus

Gary 's son has been on the same school bus for years, but he was informed yesterday that there is no room for him this year.

Thursday 25th August

Pat Hickey Arrest

Joe spoke to Brazilian police commissioner Aloysio Falcão about arrest of Pat Hickey and the ongoing investigation into the distribution of tickets for the Olympic Games.


Liveline's discussion on bullying continued today with Paul remembering his difficult time in boarding school.

Turas Nua

Majella contacted Liveline to tell us about her experience with Job Path and service provider Turas Nua.

Mrs. Brown's Boys

Brendan O'Carroll joined Joe to address criticism his work received after Mrs Brown's Boys was voted the best sitcom of the 21st century by 'Radio Times' readers.

Italy Earthquake

Marco Gentile was holidaying in the Italian town of Amatrice when the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He told Joe about escaping from a crumbling building with his wife and two children.

Wednesday 24th August


Catherine and her friend have both been burgled in the last few months. Last night her son was burgled.

Attacked in Spain

Ross Kelly was on a camper van holiday in France and Spain but he became embroiled in a fight in a pub which left him with a broken ankle and bruising.

Tuas Nua

Turas Nua is a job scheme which helped Eddie get employment. However he says he's getting less than the minimum wage working in traffic management on the side of the road even though he's a trained care worker.

Tuesday 23rd August

Council Housing

Samantha is trying to get a council house. Her granny is moving out of the house she’s been living in for nearly half a century. Samantha wants the council to let her move into her granny’s council house.


After Padraig shared his story of being bullied on yesterday’s programme, Conor told Joe that his own experience being bullied as a teenager affected him throughout his life.

Rats/Bitten by Dog

Listeners got in touch with solutions to the Phibsboro rat problem we heard about yesterday.

Monday 22nd August


Residents of Phibsboro in Dublin told Joe about a rat infestation in the area. Neighbours Marion and Marian outlined how they catch up to a dozen rats a day and blamed illegal dumping for the problem.


As the Rio ticket controversy rumbles on, family members of Olympians told Joe about the trouble they had securing tickets to see their loved ones compete.


Padraig Byrne is 18-years-old. Today he contacted Liveline to tell Joe about the years of verbal and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of bullies throughout his entire school life.

Friday 19th August

Dickie Rock Special

It is 50 years since Dickie Rock came fourth for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1966. He joined Joe in studio, while colleagues and fans paid tribute to his career. We heard from Daniel O'Donnell, Paddy Cole, Fr Brian Darcy, Red Hurley, Joe Mac, Brendan Bowyer, Sil Fox, Larry Gogan, as well as the Liveline listeners.

Thursday 18th August

Preacher in Kilkenny

Callers are fiercely divided about a controversial preacher who's due to speak in Kilkenny later this month. Angus Buchan has been banned from Scotland because of his views on homosexuality and the role of women in the home. The organiser of the event also talks to Joe.

Shooting in Majorca

The Kinahan-Hutch feud has claimed another life. Listeners react.

Wednesday 17th August

Insurance Claims

Businessman Adrian Conlon was sued by a customer who fell on his premises. He told Joe about his sky rocketing insurance premium and how small businesses will struggle to survive if a 'culture' of personal injury claims prevails.


Former boxing judge Patrick Flynn told Joe about being offered expensive gifts by a Russian official before a tournament in exchange for ruling in their athlete's favour. Also, RTE's Philip Bromwell spoke to us live from the Brazilian police press conference.

Tuesday 16th August

Lost Luggage

Garret Quinn is living and working in Jamaica. But his bag went missing when he flew from Kingston to Heathrow last week.

Repeal the 8th - Pride

Tommy Roddy, who's gay and pro-life, takes issue with the organising committee of Galway Gay Pride who he says are promoting a pro-choice agenda. Sharon Nolan from Galway Pride explains their stance.

Jobs Website

Employers tell us of problems they're having with a Government run website that matches job seekers with vacancies.


Michael Byrne is getting married at the end of August but his future in-laws, who are from Venezuela, have been refused holiday visas to attend the event. Robert married a woman he met in Dubai and he is having difficulty getting a visa for her and their young son.

Travellers in Germany

Peadar called us from Germany where he says hundreds of Irish travellers went on the rampage in Hessen.

Monday 15th August

Dublin Marathon.

Peter Boylan is disappointed that entries have closed for the Dublin Marathon at such and early stage in the year.

Boxer Michael O'Reilly

Kevin McGloin feels that some tabloid headlines have been unfair to boxer Michael O'Reilly.

Building Noise

Brian Crowley is annoyed at the noise coming from pile driving at the Analog factory in Raheen in Limerick.

Peace People

It is 40 years since the Peace People movement was formed in Belfast but Susan McHugh felt that very little was being said about the anniversary. One of the founders Mairead Corrigan spoke to Joe about her life then and now.

Cheryl Evans is a very proud mother of badminton Olympian Scott.

Cheryl Evans is a very proud mother of badminton Olympian Scott. She told Joe about the build up to his latest match.

Vuvuzelas at Croke Park

John not only dislikes the noise of the vuvuzelas at Croke Park, he has taken it upon himself to confiscate them from some spectators. We heard callers on both sides of the argument.

Friday 12th August

Debt Collection/Missing Deeds

Stephen called in to tell Joe about his son who was chased by a debt collection company for a hospital charge. Callers got in touch about banks and other storage facilities losing the deeds to their houses.


On a great day for Irish sport, Liveline carried live commentary of two Olympics rowing finals.

Thursday 11th August

Debt Collection

Callers to Liveline told Joe about being chased by debt collectors for outstanding debt.

Missing House Deeds

Do you know where the title deeds of your house are? Sylvia Briggs handed hers into Bank of Ireland in 2000 for safekeeping. She wants to sell her house but the bank say they can’t find them.

Wednesday 10th August


The issue of politicians and their pensions continued on Liveline today.

Cost of Living

Sharon cancelled her waste bins and months later got a text from a debt collection agency for money she never knew she owed. Paul's daughter had come home from Australia to live here, but after her boyfriend was told there is a 2 year waiting list to have a wisdom tooth removed, is thinking of returning to Oz.

Tuesday 9th August

Moby Dick in Youghal

Jim, Kevin, and several other Youghal natives have raised 20k for a bench that commemorates the filming of the film Moby Dick in the town in 1954, but the local council have said they can’t put the bench up.

State Pensions

Tadhg isn’t happy that workers who are forced to retire at 65 don’t get a state pension til they are 66. John compared this to the many retired politicians who have received 6 figure pensions once they were over 51.

Monday 8th August

Bank Account Hacked

Noelle contacted Liveline to tell Joe about how her ATM card details were stolen.


An appeal for extra respite and home-help was made by Stephen who is caring for his elderly mum and dad as well as working full time.

Travel Nightmare

Arlene Ward talked to Joe about how a holiday to Dubai ended in anger and disappointment when Emirates over-sold her flight home.


Sean called Liveline to tell Joe about dealing with the after effects of burglary.


Olympian Fiona Doyle's sister Ciara told Joe about the sacrifices Fiona made to get to Rio and how difficult it is to compete against athletes who have previously tested positive for banned substances.

Crime Photography

Freelance photographer Padraig O'Reilly has been taking pictures of criminals for over 30 years. He told Joe about his coverage of the Hutch-Kinahan feud in Dublin.

Friday 5th August

Mental Health

Following on from calls during the week, Mai told of her experience with her son at mental health tribunals.

E-Flow Tags

Kevin spoke to Joe after getting an email to say his eflow tag would no longer work on many of Ireland’s main motorways.

Travel Insurance

Deirdre and Adrian shared their stories of how travel insurance failed when family members died.

Irish Autism Action

Fatima and Dorothy both have children with autism. They told Joe they are concerned about financial issues swirling around Irish Autism Action.

Minors on Plane

15 year old Abbey got a plane from Portugal on her own. The flight was delayed by 18 hours and the airline put her in a hotel room on her own with three strangers.

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