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Thursday 23rd March

Sight Loss

Amanda's life has changed drastically since the turn of the year when her eyesight deteriorated drastically.

Life Insurance

Breda and her husband have been paying into a life Insurance policy for over 30 years. Last year they paid €35 per month. Now they've been told they must pay over €600 per month to maintain their current level of cover.


Listeners react to Paul Murphy's comments in the Dail about animals performing in circuses.

Wednesday 22nd March

Leixlip Manor Weddings

Lorraine is getting married in Leixlip Manor in May. But like other listeners recently, she's been told she must pay 15% more for her package.


More survivors of residential institutions tell us about their experiences of dealing with Caranua.

Public Toilet Use

Peter's daughter, who has Down Syndrome, was refused permission to use the toilets at a motorway service station last week. Other listeners tell us what's happened them when caught short.

Tuesday 21st March


One topic dominated Liveline today as we heard more stories from survivors of residential institutions and their experiences of dealing with Caranua.

Monday 20th March

Cara Nua

Mary Higgins - Chief Executive of Cara Nua spoke to Joe regarding her comments which were quoted by the Irish Times.

Thursday 16th March

Tractor Scam

An update on the Irish-run scam which cost a Lithuanian family €19,000.

Weddings at Leixlip Manor

Couples who are getting married in Leixlip Manor Hotel have been told they need to pay an extra 15%.

Must Leave Ireland

Gayle Stacey is an American whose been living in Ireland since 2015. But the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service have told her she needs to leave the country by the end of the month.

Wednesday 15th March

Adoption/Mother and Baby Homes

Marie McLoughlin was an air hostess with Pan Am in the 1950s. She contacted Liveline to tell Joe about the day she was given an 18-month-old 'orphan' to accompany from Ireland to the United States.

Taxi Toilet Use

Liam talks about hotels allowing taxi drivers to use their facilities in Dublin city.

Emigrant Work Scam

Joe heard more stories of people conned by Niall Minogue, the Kilkenny native who pretended to set people up with jobs in New Zealand for large sums of cash.

Mountjoy Square Fire

Tommy Lawler saved a baby girl from a burning building. He contacted Liveline to tell Joe about the incident on Dublin's Mountjoy Square.

Young People in Nursing Homes

Catherine's son David became seriously ill while on holidays in Crete but his insurance company refused to fly him home. Nearly 9 years later, he now needs full-time care.

Tractor Scam

Giedre talked to Joe from Lithuania where she's fallen victim to an Irish-run scam. She handed over €19,000 to a tractor dealership that doesn't exist.

Chemo Costs

Derek's wife Holly has breast cancer and is a patient at St James's Hospital in Dublin. Derek called Liveline to criticise the charges being imposed by the hospital for out-patient chemotherapy appointments.

Tuesday 14th March

Mother and Baby Homes/Adoption

We heard more stories of mothers who had to give their babies up for adoption.


Lots of listeners fell victim to Niall Minogue who promised work, accommodation and visas to New Zealand but didn't always deliver.

Monday 13th March


Neil and Mary were both born in St Rita's Home on Sandford Road and put out for adoption.

Malahide Assault

Malahide Assault

Colm Woods

Brian Woods told Damien about a business he set up in New Zealand with Irishman Colm Woods (no relation) and how it all fell apart.

Car Crash and Insurance

Kate's fiance, and another friend of hers were killed when a drunk driver hit the car they were all travelling in.

Friday 10th March

Mother and Baby Homes

Mother and Baby Homes

Thursday 9th March

Mother and Baby Homes

More stories about Mother and Baby homes and other religious run institutions.

Wednesday 8th March

Mother and Baby Homes

The ongoing stories of how people were treated in Mother and Baby homes in Ireland dominated Liveline today.

Tuesday 7th March

Mother & Baby Homes/Tuam

Mother & Baby Homes/Tuam

Monday 6th March

Mother & Baby Homes

Mother & Baby Homes

Friday 3rd March

Tuam Mother and Babies Home

Former Mother and Baby Home Tuam: It was confirmed today that the bodies of up to 800 babies were buried in a septic tank on the site of the home. Former residents of the home give their reaction.

Thursday 2nd March

Nursing Home

Tommy's partner suffered a massive brain injury after a fall three years ago. His life now revolves around her care. Eoin is a strong advocate of independent living. Mary and Kevin shared their similar stories with Joe.

Mother's Story

Kathleen Caulfield is not happy that an inaccurate recollection of her mother's death has been published in a parish magazine. Jarlath Feeney was the author of the piece.

Parade - Paddy Drac

Paddy Drac has been participating in the Dublin St. Patrick's Day parade for 48 years but this year he has not been allowed in. Callers voiced their support for him.

Wednesday 1st March

Done Deal Fetishists

Michelle was selling a pair of shoes on Done Deal. After she sent them on to a buyer, he got in touch and asked if she had any worn tights, because he wanted to smell them.

Oscars Debacle

Oscars Debacle


The controversy over Cornelius Magrath's skeleton continued on today's show.

Brother Killed

30 years ago today, Declan Fox's brother was stabbed to death in Sligo. The killer was convicted of manslaughter and served six years in jail.

Tuesday 28th February

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

Exhibiting Bodies

Exhibiting Bodies

Monday 27th February

Creepy Texts

Jennifer advertised a Debs Dress online but got a raft of weird messages to her mobile phone as a result.

Bodies Exhibition

Mary thinks the 'Real Bodies' exhibition which opens soon in Dublin is unethical.


Valarie called Joe from a carpark in Ballincolig where her friends' cars have been clamped.

Nursing Home

Trish feels trapped in a nursing home. She's only 49 and has been living there for 5 years now. Joe also spoke to Margaret, who is not in a nursing home, but says she's lonely and would love some company as she had an accident 9 years ago which left her with a disability.

Friday 24th February


Sarah Mulligan is an avid Trump supporter who feels he doesn't get a fair hearing in the media. Marie doesn't agree.

Bus Strike/Isolation

Philip, a mature student with a disability, is hoping that the bus strike can be averted as he needs to get to Sligo IT. He also revealed his loneliness as a gay man in rural Ireland.

Boarding Schools

Noreen feels that teenagers in public are not behaving in an appropriate manner.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Noreen feels that teenagers in public are not behaving in an appropriate manner.


We are continuing to track down the con man who is robbing the elderly by pretending to be a detective. He has been seen around the country.

Wednesday 22nd February

Noisy Pub

Noisy Pub

Tesco Strike

Tesco Strike

Tuesday 21st February

Kids and Tech

Kids and Tech

Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools

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