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    Tuesday 24th May


    John Russell's son was doing his Leaving Cert Chemistry exam in 2014 when there was a disturbance outside the exam hall. John's son was upset as he felt it impacted on his performance. John challenged the State Exam Commission and won.


    We hear from more retailers who've suffered at the hands of shoplifters.

    Dublin Shooting

    Listeners give their views on the latest gangland killing in Dublin.

    Monday 23rd May


    One listener rang in to highlight the lengthy delays in holding inquests when a family member dies.

    Voluntary Contribution

    Parents debated the consequences of not paying school voluntary contributions.

    Shop Thieves

    Today we spoke to some retailers who have recently experienced ‘swarming’, a form of group shoplifting that is extremely difficult to stop.

    Friday 20th May

    Voluntary Contributions

    More parents got in touch to talk to Joe about being sanctioned by their childrens' schools for not paying a 'voluntary' contribution.

    'Dwarf on a chain' at hen party

    For her hen night, Sarah's fiance paid for a 'dwarf on a chain.' She explained to Joe why this is seen as entertainment. Joan, whose son is a small person, called in to say she was absolutely livid about this behaviour.

    J1 Visas

    Your J1 dream is over - that's what students across Ireland were told by Mayo firm The Travel Bug today.

    Thursday 19th May


    Adrian ended up being charged several hundred euro more in VRT for a vehicle because the VRT centre wouldn’t take payment in cash.

    Voluntary Contribution

    Paul has been unable to pay the voluntary contribution to his son’s school and, as a result, is having difficulty getting his child benefit form signed.

    Etihad Flights

    Sueann was horrified to see over €2,000 taken out of her account a second time for Etihad flights, leaving her with no money for her son’s communion party this Saturday.

    J1 Visas

    We heard further worrying stories about delays in students getting their J1 visas with some in danger of losing the cost of their flights.

    Leaving Cert Maths

    Some tips on studying for the upcoming Leaving Cert Maths exam.


    Dec was horrified to see Justin, an Apache delivery man, being clamped almost immediately after pulling up to deliver a pizza. Other callers had similar stories.

    Wednesday 18th May

    Learner Drivers

    Tim Cotter has an L plate on his car because his daughter is learning to drive. But Tim has taken abuse from other road users who spot the sign on his car.

    J1 Visas

    Some students who are hoping to work in the USA this summer are having difficulty getting a J1 visa. The Travel Bug, based in Castlebar, is one of three companies which handle applications on behalf of the US Embassy and their MD Caroline Joyce tells Joe about the problems they are experiencing.

    Tuesday 17th May


    Valerie from yesterday's programme updated us on her mother’s treatment in Limerick Regional Hospital.

    Tattoos/Luas Strikes

    We continued our discussion on the pros and cons of tattoos and our listeners had their say in a poll on the rights and wrongs of the ongoing Luas dispute.

    Funeral Incident

    FR Tom Ryan spoke to us about an unsavoury incident at a recent funeral he officiated at in Ballyhaunis in Mayo.


    A transition-year parent got in touch to try to find out who was behind an upcoming student event in Dublin.

    Monday 16th May


    We heard from listeners who have had tattoos since their teenage years and some who only started in their 50s.

    Hospital Trolleys

    Valarie’s 98 year old mom spent over 30 hours on a trolley recently and the conditions she described were akin to “a war zone”. Aaron’s young daughter relies on botox injections for her scoliosis which keep being delayed. Other callers described their experiences, both good and bad, in A+E.

    Friday 13th May


    After Ireland's failure to qualify last night for the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday in Stockholm, Liveline listeners debated the pros and cons of Ireland's approach to it over the years and suggested how we might improve our chances in future.

    Thursday 12th May

    Tired Driving

    Following on from yesterday’s conversation about people falling asleep while driving, Sorcha told Damien about her anxious experience in a car with someone who had sleep apnoea; Eddie spoke about driving home after grueling 36 hour shifts in a homeless hostel; and Damien from Donegal spoke about his time as a driver in the army.


    Deborah spent €1750 on a flooring job recently but was very unhappy with the results. She came on with Damien and put her issues to Joe Prendergast – the boss of the company who put down the floors.

    Wednesday 11th May

    Junior Doctors/Tired Driving

    The jailing of Anthony Handley, who fell asleep at the wheel causing the death of Olivia Dunne, prompted much debate on Liveline today. We heard from junior doctors, worried parents, truckers, people with Sleep Apnoea and shift workers who spoke to Damien about how tiredness affected them.

    Monday 9th May

    Dangerous Dogs

    Paul was out walking his dog when he was attacked by another dog. A councillor from County Meath defends his views on dangerous breeds of dog.

    Rural Affairs

    Listeners offer their views on the future of rural Ireland.

    Friday 6th May

    Thursday 5th May

    Release Of Son’s Murderer

    Mary Fitzpatrick, whose son Michael was murdered in 2009, reveals her horror on recently finding out that his killer is now being allowed out of prison to study... If you were affected by any issues raised in this item, you can contact the Samaritans on 116 123 (free call) or Pieta House (

    Taxi Wheelchair Access Insurance

    We hear from a listener who had bought and kitted-out a wheelchair accessible taxi only to be hit with an insurance quote of over €12,000...

    Wednesday 4th May

    Metal Detecting

    Metal detectors are a curse and destroying our archaeological treasures according to Pat Wallace, former Director of the National Museum. Callers disagreed with him.


    Carmel Bracken was the innocent victim of a phishing attack which has cost her €10,000. Fionnuala is annoyed at banks coming into schools to recruit new account holders while rewarding the school.

    Iron Bar Attack

    Renoir Taha is a male stripper who was attacked at the weekend. He told Damien about the attack and gave an insight into his work.

    Tuesday 3rd May

    Car Theft

    Jennifer Shannon's car was stolen from outside her house last week and the hoodie wearing thieves appear to have used what looked like a chopping board and a sling in their daring robbery.

    Derrynaflane Chalice

    Richard Collins lives on a heritage site in Co Roscommon and he says people with metal detectors are plundering the land for valuable artefacts. Mike Webb, who, along with his father, found the Derrynaflane Chalice using a metal detector in 1980, regrets the whole experience.

    Mother & Baby Groups

    A mother and baby group in Salthill had a difficult experience in a local hotel and all because of their buggies!

    Friday 29th April

    Funny Friday Live from Studio 10

    Funny Friday Live from Studio 10

    Thursday 28th April

    Religious Icons

    We had more stories of valuables donated to the Catholic Church by listeners’ relatives.


    Dubliner Calvin James spoke from Syria on his life there and the release last weekend of Joshua Molloy from a Kurdish prison in Iran.

    Irish Water

    On today’s programme listeners reacted to Fianna Fail and Fine Gael’s next government deal on Irish Water.

    Wednesday 27th April

    Tuesday 26th April

    Follow the Icon

    A so-called 'Marymobile' with an icon of the mother of God is travelling around Ireland at the moment. Listeners have different opinions about the value of the travelling icon.

    Monday 25th April

    Mary - 100 Years Old

    Mary McGrath from Cork was born on Easter Monday April 25th 1916. She was out until 2am at her birthday party last night. She told Joe about her life from her earliest memories, working in Jennings Lemonade, never getting married and celebrating her 100th birthday.

    Mental Health

    Linda, Angie and Laura discussed mental health issues and different ways of dealing with them.

    Urinating in Public

    Ken Kavanagh was surprised that a judge struck out a case involving a man urinating in public.

    Friday 22nd April

    Mental Health

    Following on from the week’s discussions about mental health, listeners called Joe to talk about their experiences of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

    Fed Ex

    Fintan tried to send some Newbridge Silverware to his online girlfriend in the Philippines. He wasn’t happy with the delivery service.


    Prince was remembered by his Production Co-ordinator – Aoife Ahern from Cork – who was touring with him when he died yesterday.

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