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    Thursday 17th April


    On foot of the news that Setanta Insurance company was in receivership, we talked to a number of drivers who were insured with the company.

    Water Charges

    We heard from callers who were angry about the Water Charge given the quality of their water supply

    Dart Closure Easter Sunday

    On today's programme we began with Howth restauranteur Annraoi Blaney discussing the effects of closing the Dart line to Howth on Easter Sunday trade. Barry Kenny of Iarnród Eireann defended the decision. Joe wondered why they hadn't known about the Battle of Clontarf Millenium Celebrations!

    Wednesday 16th April

    Army Height Restrictions

    Sean, Michael, Gerry and Sharon give their opnion on the army height restriction policy.

    Water Charges

    Listeners discuss the incoming water charges.

    Tuesday 15th April

    Allergies / EpiPens

    The discussion about 'Epipens' and their free availability continues. Breda is a paramedic she tells Joe about the importance of people being trained to use the pens correctly.

    Army Height Restrictions / Teacher Training

    Monica's daughter Shannon dreams of joining the army. She comes from a military family. She applied and was called. She failed because she does not meet the height requirement. She is 147cm height. Monica feels her daughter is a loss to the army and height shouldn't be an issue

    Children First Bill

    Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald has said that the Children First Bill, which was published yesterday, will make it mandatory for certain professions and post-holders to report incidents of harm, and the risk of harm, to the Child and Family Agency.

    Monday 14th April

    Teeth Whitening

    Dr. Gillian Smyth talks about certain methods of teeth whitening.


    Listeners respond to Caroline' call about her daughter's death.

    Allergy death

    Caroline Sloane talks to Joe about her daughter's death last December.

    Friday 11th April

    Students' Race Day

    On today's Liveline, we began with Thomas, a race horse owner who spent yesterday at Limerick race course. It was Student Race Day - a two-day event which is a way of introducing young people to racing.

    Thursday 10th April


    Joe talks to Sean who is an apprentice tailor on Savile Row in London.

    Housing Problems

    John Rock is experiencing the opposite of the empty nest syndrome. He wants to highlight the reality of the housing crisis. He has a daughter with one child back living with him and another daughter with 2 kids back living with him too. They are all on the housing list. He tells Joe about his cramped living conditions.

    Businesses Closing

    Liam is closing his business tomorrow after 14 years. He sells trophies, cuts keys and repairs shoes. Brendan has been a butcher for 35 years. He closed his business last Friday. Both men talk to Joe about the straw that breaks the camels back.


    Marc is a truck driver. Yesterday he parked his truck on private property while he was delivering a load of timber. Within the space of a minute a van had pulled up, the occupants had jumped into the cab of his truck and stolen his wallet and mobile phone.

    Wednesday 9th April

    Travellers/Brenda Power/Pavee Point

    Journalist Brenda Power responds to criticism by Pavee Point, the Council for Civil Liberties and the Equality Authority for her articles in the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times in relation to Traveller violence.

    Tuesday 8th April

    Royal Visit and Tailors

    We talk to listeners in the UK who have been following events in Windsor today and we speak to the tailor who made President Michael D. Higgins suit.

    Monday 7th April

    Dumped Nappies

    Hundreds of dirty nappies were dumped in the woods in Waterford

    Canal rescue

    A listener describes how he witnessed a man saving a girl from drowning in the Grand Canal in Dublin.


    Listeners believe that the IFTAS were embarrassing to Irish people.

    President of Ireland's Royal Visit / Royalty

    Irish people living in the UK talk about their experiences of the Royal family and the visit of President Michael D. Higgins to Windsor Castle.

    Friday 4th April

    Callers describe their experiences with

    Son's Murder

    Gerry and Helena speak of their son's horrific murder.

    Thursday 3rd April

    Dead Horses

    Peter is a journalist with the Clare Champion. He talks to Joe about a discovery this week of up to 16 dead animals on a beach below Baltard Cliffs in Doonbeg. He attended the horrific scene.

    Stena Line

    Neil Murphy is sales and marketing manager of Wexford Creamery and Chairman of Wexford Food Family. He tells Joe of his disappointment that Stena Line who have taken over Celtic Line appear to be not renewing existing contracts with local suppliers.

    Sport on TV in Pubs

    It's impossible to converse in pubs anymore with the amount of sports on tv.

    Road Incidents

    Sean has a small furniture business. Yesterday when he was on deliveries he was nearly run off the road by an oncoming car who was travelling on the wrong side of the road. Mark is a cyclist he describes an incident when a passing car threw a container of vomit at him.

    New Taxi Regulations

    Liam is a taxi driver. He says the new taxi regulations mean he cannot transfer his plate. He says its an asset like any other business.

    GAA/ SKY Deal

    The discussion about the new GAA / SKY deal continues. Bridie is a publican she thinks the SKY subscription for pubs to show matches is very expensive. They also have a habit of frequently changing channels to show games and charging extra.

    Wednesday 2nd April

    GAA Television Rights Deal

    Sky TV have signed the rights to view 14 GAA games, callers spoke to Joe about the impact it will have on communities across the country.

    Tuesday 1st April


    As the justice and policing crisis is discussed again in the Dail today. Liveline listeners tell joe they are more worried about paying their mortgages, feeding their children, trying to keep their businesses afloat enough is enough we need to move on from this.

    Monday 31st March

    Friday 28th March

    Funny Friday

    The Funny Friday crew cast their comic eye over events of the past month

    Thursday 27th March

    Investigation into the gardai

    The debate begun on yesterday's programme continues....

    Wednesday 26th March

    Investigation into the gardai

    An in-depth discussion into the future for Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, the taping of phone conversations in garda stations and the penalty points system

    Tuesday 25th March

    Re-designing the poppy

    Mick's father fought in World War II and he supports the idea of an 'Irish' poppy

    Water meters

    Installation of water meters causing havoc for some residents in the Lucan area

    Travel insurance

    When Stephen had to cancel a holiday because of a family tragedy the travel insurance small-print came into play

    Garda Commissioner retires

    Reaction to announcement that Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan is retiring

    Monday 24th March

    Re-designing the poppy

    Pat thinks it's time we considered adding an Irish element to the poppy, a symbol of remembrance of wars past


    A debate about whether e-cigarettes are a great way to give up smoking or just another type of cigarette

    Missing plane

    An insight from airline pilot/author Ray Ronan into what may have happened to the Malaysian flight that disappeared over the Indian Ocean

    Travel insurance

    Stories of very serious accidents abroad and the importance of having full insurance - and reading the small print

    Friday 21st March

    VAT on imported goods / debt

    Follow-up to Wednesday's item about owing money and how Des responds if he is pursued by debt collecting agencies

    Animal welfare

    Geraldine, Yvonne and Natalya on animal cruelty, alternatives to buying online and dog-napping


    Do you know the rules about NCT certs and insurance? Trevor and Seamus didn't

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