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    Friday 19th December

    Self Published Books

    Self Published authors talk to Joe about their books.

    Thursday 18th December

    Eldery Woman Robbed

    Vera's 94 year old mother had money stolen from her bag after a visit to the Post Office. She was standing in the hallway of the family pub when two women robbed her.

    Christmas Ads and Nostalgia

    Carol's brother Peter Caffrey featured in the Barrys Tea Ad. She tells Joe about her memories of her brother and the iconic ad.

    Vietnam War

    Theresa's brother Patrick 'Bob' Gallagher was from Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. Theresa tells Joe about a campaign which has been started to petition to have a Naval warship named after him.

    Road Safety

    Maria Walsh tells Joe how the death of her cousin Teresa Molloy in a car accident prompted her to take part. Karen O'Herlihy's two sisters were also killed in a car accident. Both women talk to Joe about their experiences.

    Tuesday 16th December

    Christmas Nostalgia

    Liveline listeners wanted to pay tribute to Catherine Donnolly who wrote the script for the Barry’s tea Christmas radio ad – she passed away earlier this year. Her husband Frank Sheerin told Joe the history of the ad.

    Preventing Burglaries

    Damian Duggan and Cathal Daly has some advice for people in relation to their valuables and burglaries.

    Beaumont Hospital

    Stephen has been in Beaumont Hospital over the last few days, wants to congratulate the staff on a wonderful job under extremely difficult circumstances.

    Monday 15th December

    Attempted Suicide

    John was driving through town on Tuesday afternoon when he saw a woman sitting precariously on Butt Bridge. The woman was clearly in great distress.

    Weather Forecast

    Alan O'Reilly is a weather enthusiast. He tells Joe that he is disgusted with long range forecasters suggesting that we are in for the coldest winter in 50 years. He says it is impossible to predict that far ahead with any accuracy.


    Are burglaries on the rise? Joe talks to various victims of burglaries. Suzanne, whose mother's house was robbed while she lay on life support.

    Friday 12th December

    Prime Time - Care Homes

    The revelations from the Prime Time Investigates programme on the abuse suffered by residents of Áras Attracta continued to reverberate among Liveline listeners. We heard from worried parents and horrified professionals alike.

    Thursday 11th December

    Prime Time - Care Homes

    More callers talk about their reaction to the RTE Investigations unit programme on the Bungalow 3, Aras Attracta residental unit in county Mayo.

    Panic Attack on Airplane

    Robert had a difficult episode on a long haul flight from Australia to Ireland recently. He talks to Joe about the experience.

    Wednesday 10th December

    Water Protest / Prime Time - Care Home

    Dublin City Centre has been brought to a standstill by water protestors. Joe talks to some of the protesters at the scene. / The Liveline listeners react to last nights programme Inside Bungalow 8 - Prime Time Investigate.

    Tuesday 9th December


    Monica has volunteered with Childline for five years. Monica has dealt with eating disorder calls, self-harm calls, children who have had friends die by suicide and many other issues. She is now worried that the service is in trouble due to lack of funding.

    Water Protests

    Gerry Browne is looking foward to a peaceful march tomorrow, he says the water charges were the final straw its all the austerity that we have decent ordinary Irish citizens has had enough of.

    Nursing Home Beds

    May Magee spoke to Joe about her 103 year old uncle John Harkin being moved from one nursing home to another one 12 kilometres away. He will be very upset by the move.

    NCT Appointments

    Liveline listeners are worried about delays for the NCT test and the new penalty points for not have an up-to-date NCT.

    Anti-Social Behaviour

    Councillor Charlie O’Connor and Councillor Mick Duff went to visit Michelle from yesterday's programme. When they returned to their cars they had been badly damaged and windows smashed.

    Monday 8th December


    David and Pat recounted life in an alcoholic environment.

    Christmas Appeal

    Angi Dixon told Joe about her idea “Blessings In A Bag”

    Good Samaritan

    Sr. Geradine Kelly wanted to thank a good Samaritan who came to her assistance recently, while Colin Maher of the Drogheda branch of St. John’s Ambulance told Joe about mindless vandalism of one of their vehicles.

    Break In

    May MacGiolla , widow of political leader Tomás MacGiolla, whose house had been ransacked recently. Also, Michelle has been sleeping on her couch for months in order to protect her children, she told Joe about a break in last night where she was cleaned out.

    Friday 5th December

    Homelessness & Addiction

    Mary talked to Joe about her two sons who had addiction and mental health problems. Despite their disruptive behaviour, Mary continues to let her sons live in the family home. Linda , Sandra and Phil talk to Mary about their experiences with children and siblings who have struggled with homelessness, addiction and mental health problems.

    Thursday 4th December

    Lyme Disease

    Elaine estimates that she has spent more than €100,000 on treatments for Lyme disease. She is currently in California receiving 10 weeks of treatment.


    Minister Alan Kelly announced that he would host a Homeless Forum today in Dublin. Pauline Leonard is another homeless woman who is remember by a Liveline listener. She was a homeless woman who died on the streets of Dublin in 1992. Joe talks to listeners who knew her and finds out what became of her family.

    Liam's First Christmas

    This week last year, Louise Mac an tSaoi talked to Joe about her son Liam who was born in hospital and had never left. He had never been home and was facing into yet another Christmas in Our Ladys Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin. One year on she gives the listeners an update on how life has changed for Liam and her family.

    Wednesday 3rd December


    We hear from more callers, some of whom have experienced homelessness themselves.

    Monday 1st December

    A Song For Bingo

    After a weekend where Woddy Harrelson played Bingo in Waterford, Paul O'brien tells Joe about his memories of the game in Dublin and a number of songs he wrote about it.

    Disabled Driving Regulations

    Thomas Mackey lost his arm in a car accident three years ago . He talks to Joe about the effect of the injury and how he is campaigning to have disabled driving regulations changed.

    Online Phone Scams

    Frances was buying a new Iphone for her autistic son in a private sale . She took the train to Dublin and handed over €500 at Heuston station but when she was given the phone in a box a switch had been made and she ended up with no phone and no money. She talks to Joe. Othe callers tel joe about similar 'bait and switch' scams.

    Friday 28th November

    Funny Friday

    All the gang are in studio today for Funny Friday. Joe is joined by Syl Fox, Doc Savage, Bob Carley, Paici O'Callaghan, June Rodgers, Yann O'Brien, Frank Forde, Declan Callis, Declan O'Brien and Paddy Cullivan.

    Thursday 27th November

    Proposed Taxi Fare Increase

    Ger and John debate the taxi fare increase.


    Dr. Carrie Garavan updates us on the treatment of Ebola victims in Sierra Leone.


    Fr. Paddy Byrne heard the programme yesterday and gives us his opinion on communion and the cost of communion dresses.


    We heard from parents of young adults who have emigrated as well as emigrants themselves.

    Wednesday 26th November


    Pauline has two sons living in America. One of her sons left letters for her to read...

    House Fire

    Baby Mila's dad Derek tells Joe how the family managed to get to safety after discovering a house fire.

    Hit and Run

    Sarah was involved in a car incident last Wednesday on the N7 approaching the M50 when she was clipped by a lorry. When Sarah got out of the car she discovered that the lorry had left the scene

    Communion Dress

    Carla wants a full refund for a communion dress which she says she paid for in full. Thelma says she didn't receive the full payment.

    Tuesday 25th November

    Parking in Disabled Space

    Ciara Doyle, from yesterday’s programme, responded to the man who explained why he had parked across two disabled spots.

    House Fire Rescue

    Mark Furlong became a hero when he caught baby Mila who was thrown to safety from a Dublin house fire. John Ryan was also there. Liam Burke reminded Joe of doing the same thing over 50 years ago. Elizabeth Martin, the girl he rescued, spoke to Joe.

    John Delaney

    The controversy about John Delaney singing a rebel song “Joe McDonnell” in a Dublin pub was the topic for a very lively debate today. Fan Davey Keogh and journalist John Brennan kicked off the discussion. Brian Warfield, who wrote the song, was adamant it was not a pro IRA song, while others disagreed with him.

    Monday 24th November

    Aspergers Syndrome

    Sean is 51. He was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when he was 40. He tells Joe that he always knew there was something wrong with him and that he was a dreamer. He is now a member of a social group for and is looking for the Liveline listeners help.


    Christina has a daughter Mary who is 9. Mary has lots of severe medical and behavioural difficulties. Christina is her primary carer. Five weeks ago her home cares hours were suddenly reduced by half.

    Discrimination / Disabled Parking

    Dennis is a member of the travelling community. Last week at a bus stop he overheard 2 young guys referring to him as a 'knacker' after Dennis had been on the phone. / Fiona contacted the show to tell Joe about a car which was parked across 2 disabled spaces recently. When Fiona's sister challenged the driver, he was unrepentant.

    Friday 21st November


    The dangers of cycling – listeners share their experiences - in light of the damage Bono did to his arm after coming of his bike in central park.

    Scams and Good Deeds

    Sheldon Gourlay wants to warn people about a sub letting scam – he was out of pocket for €1600 after being caught by a scam artist who he believes was the owner of the property he was renting.

    Thursday 20th November

    Returning Emigrant

    Joe Power’s son returned from Australia, and is now unable to get a Back To Education grant.

    New Water Charges

    So, the day after the new Water Charge was introduced, what difference did the Liveline listeners make of it all?

    Lost Relic and Stolen Wedding Ring

    Celine, who had lost a rose petal relic and Matt, who best friend’s wedding ring was stolen in a robbery, were both on to Joe trying to have them returned.

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