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    Thursday 28th May


    Kathy's been on to the Council and her local TD about the rubbish situation with her neighbours where rats have been seen.


    We hear from some people who fly drones in Ireland.

    Wednesday 27th May


    Callers speak about their experience of depression.

    Church Reaction

    Bishop Willie Walsh reflects on the referendum.


    Una lost her job at Christmas, she's now on social welfare - she talks to Joe about holiday entitlements

    Tuesday 26th May

    Coming Out

    John spoke about his experience of coming out as gay late in life...

    Monday 25th May

    Bill O'Herlihy

    The sudden death of broadcaster Bill O'Herlihy was announced. The Liveline listeners share their memories of our colleague Bill.

    Averil Power

    Today Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power resigned from the Fianna Fail party with immediate effect. Mary O'Rourke tells Joe how disappointed she is with her decision.

    Referendum / Church

    The Liveline listeners discuss the aftermath of the Yes vote in the Marriage Referendum.

    Friday 22nd May

    Camper Vans

    More on the issue of camper vans abroad.

    Transport Wheelchair Access

    Caroline, a wheelchair user, was turned away from a Dublin Bus as there was a pram in the designated space,

    Son was in coma

    Brendan's son was also in a coma. He was in the NRH for 6 months, he unfortunately could not see any improvements being made while he was there.

    Men's Sheds Theft

    We hear about the East Wall men's shed and last night's robbery.

    Thursday 21st May


    Mark was in Dublin recently to take part in the Formula 1 for Schools in Dublin Castle. He sons team designed a Formula 1 car and won the competition. They were left with a bad taste though when he was clamped despite paying the €10 daily parking fee.

    Pádraig Schaler

    Reinhard is currently on a train to Lourdes with his son Padraig. Padraig was badly injured during a J1 trip in Cape Cod, USA two years ago. He needs 24 hour care. Reinhard tells Joe what the trip means to both of them.

    Camper Vans

    Tony is currently on a campervan holiday in Orange, France. He tells Joe how he was 'gased' in his Campervan last night and all his personal belongings were stolen.

    Wednesday 20th May

    Marriage Referendum

    Discussion on the upcoming Marriage Referendum continues.

    Tuesday 19th May

    Marriage Referendum

    We continue the discussion on the upcoming Marriage Referendum.

    Monday 18th May

    Marriage Referendum

    Callers discuss the upcoming Marriage Referendum.

    Friday 15th May


    Anne's already paid her NPPR fees & fines (of €7,230) and is still looking for a certificate of discharge.

    Driving Licences

    Retired Chief Supt Ken has returned from Singapore - he weighs in on the returning emigrants drivers licence saga.

    Online Scam

    Linda was scammed when she tried to buy a phone online.

    Thursday 14th May

    Medical Cards

    Breda talks on the topic of medical cards.

    Ballymount Fire

    Ciaran sold his apartment and had all of his and his partner's possessions stored at the recent fire at Ballymount.

    Credit Card

    Mark runs a small business and talks about the cost of having a credit card machine.

    Hospital Parking

    The cost of hospital parking - Karl tells of how he got clamped in a hospital car park.


    Audrey tells Joe about owing thousands of euro in NPPR.

    Wednesday 13th May

    Remembering Derek Davis

    Friends and colleagues remember the late Derek Davis.

    Cancer / Medical Card

    Jonathan's 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer but he can't get a medical card.

    Tuesday 12th May

    Coca Cola Collector

    Lillian collects Coca Cola cans from all around the world, she has cans on display in her kitchen, utility room and her bathroom.

    Presidential Age

    Callers discuss the upcoming referendum.

    Ballymount Fire

    Olivia and Evelyn both had items in storage when the fire broke out.

    Anxiety / Speaking

    Maureen tells us about her fear of public speaking.

    Monday 11th May


    Ursula talks about the behaviour of some students in her area.


    Talking about the odd things we collect - Sean has 1,500 rugby ties

    Dog Attack

    Karen's dog was attacked by two Bull Mastiffs in Dublin a few weeks ago.


    Niall, editor of the Irish Skipper magazine, reacts to the animal rights group who released tanked lobsters

    Driving Licence

    Darren's returned to Ireland, and can't get an Irish drivers licence, having had to relinquish it when in Canada

    Friday 8th May

    Scam Artist

    Dublin airport is not the only airport that the 'guy looking for money' scam is happening, same thing happened to James in Warsaw airport....the airport police quickly intervened.


    More horror stories of how tenants have left rental properties, costing thousands to repair.

    Ballymount Fire

    Clodagh is a client of Store it which burnt down last week in Ballymount industrial estate. . The contents of her late Mother's house were stored there .

    Inheritance Tax

    Declan is worried about the latest changes in relation to inheritance tax. The limit is being gradually reduced.

    Thursday 7th May

    Landlords / Tenants

    More stories from callers about landlords and tenants.

    Water Bills

    Chris talks to Damien about the new legislation for payment of water bills.

    Wednesday 6th May

    Airport Scam

    Listeners describe how a smooth talking “traveller” approached holidaymakers at Dublin Airport and persuaded them to part with cash.

    Housing List

    Shannen is a single mother with an eight month old daughter forced to live in a damp and cold flat because she fell for a scam and parted with €1000 for an apartment that didn’t exist.

    Tuesday 5th May

    Cancelled Holiday

    Ruth recently booked her first holiday in years with her husband and 2 children. She was due to fly out on 7th May and was very excited.

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