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Friday 28th April

Washing Detergent Tablet

Colin's 18 month old daughter put a detergent washing-up tab in her mouth. She ended up in a coma for a week.

Hit and Run

Dorothy's daughter, Sarah, was left with horrific injuries after being struck by a Hit and Run driver in London last month. Sarah's now in a wheelchair.

Teaching in Australia

Ian, who's Irish, is teaching in Australia. But he'd be forced to take a big drop in salary if he were to move back to Ireland.

Excluded from Family Events

Listeners tell Joe how they've been excluded from family events like Communions and Weddings.

Thursday 27th April

Funeral Hearses forced to pay Tolls

Noelle was shocked to learn that funeral hearses are forced to pay toll charges. Hearse driver Paddy Finlay, aka entertainer Paddy Drac, told us about the lack of exemptions for funeral corteges.

Playing Piano on Capel Street

Massimo Caramella runs a cafe on Dublin's Capel Street. He's been told by the council to move his on-street piano, citing noise pollution concerns. Was the council's decision justified? Make up your own mind as you listen to the Italian belt out his version of the Dean Martin classic, That's Amore.

National Maternity Hospital

John Suttle's father Eugene was Ireland's Comptroller and Auditor General in the 1970s. He'd told John about a dispute over land between the Sisters of Charity and the State - a story which bears remarkable similarities with the current debate around the ownership of the National Maternity Hospital.

Wednesday 26th April


After Lisa spoke with Joe on Monday about intervening in an attempted suicide, Eamonn and Neville called in to discuss similar experiences they had.

Gym Marketing Campaign

Sarah Tyrell rang Joe to take issue with another marketing campaign - namely a gym advertisement that stated: 'They're coming, and when they arrive, they'll take the FAT ones first.' David Miller from the gym company told Sarah that it was 'tongue in cheek' and not meant to cause offence.

Lenor Unstoppables

Sharon Byrne was horrified when something that looked like a packet of sweets came through HER letter box. It was a sample for a Lenor product called Unstoppables which had dire warnings about its contents on the back. Sharon said this was totally irresponsible as a child could easily swallow the toxic tablets.

Cigarettes for Sale

Thomas got a handwritten note through his door last night, offering 200 'ciggerettes' for €40. There was a phone number on the note, so Joe called the number and spoke with the cigarette seller on air to see what he had available.

Tuesday 25th April

The Citizens' Assembly

One topic dominated Liveline today: The Citizens' Assembly. Liz Connell Jones was a member of the Assembly and she gave Joe an insight into its workings. All shades of public opinion were aired during the programme. Later on another Assembly member, Brede Merrigan, disagreed with Liz.

Monday 24th April

Litter on Portmarnock Beach

Aidan Murray tells us about the litter on Portmarnock Beach.

Quitting Smoking

Joe in Tipperary is looking for help in giving up cigarettes.

Rescuing a Baby

Joan came to the rescue of a baby who was wandering alone towards the main road in Drimnagh.

Accommodation for Migrants

Danny has pledged rooms in his house for migrants who are being resettled in Ireland. But he has received a letter from the Red Cross to say they are prioritising people who have pledged vacant accommodation.

Helping Someone in Distress

Lisa was concerned for the safety of a man she met at the weekend. She tells Joe how she helped him. Other listeners tell us how they helped people in distress.

Friday 21st April

Elderly Drivers

Peter Downey's son was killed in a car crash. The other driver was in his 70s and rather than she him jailed, Peter asked that he make a donation to the National Rehabilitation Hospital.


Norm, a visitor from Nova Scotia, is on a cycling holiday in Ireland. He was amazed at the amount of litter he encountered. We heard from callers all over the country who have been trying to clean up our countryside.


Liveline listeners are confused and worried about the new drug driving regulations. We heard from those on prescription medication, car crashes as a result of people taking and not taking their prescribed pills, as well as Tommy who was stopped by a drug dog at Portlaoise Prison.

Thursday 20th April

Drug Driving

Drug Driving

Wednesday 19th April

Killer Remorse

30 years ago Richard Kelly killed John Fox in a stabbing incident in Sligo. He was found guilty of manslaughter. He spoke to Joe about the night it happened, his ten year prison sentence, his absolute remorse and his fervent wish that no young person would ever carry a knife.

Tuesday 18th April

Martin McGuinness's Headstone

Listeners react to the inscription on Martin McGuinness's headstone. It describes him as a soldier of 'Oglaigh Na hEireann'

Monday 17th April

Liveline at Cruinniú na Cásca

After last year's Sackville St Special, Liveline is going back a century once again. The people of 1917 Ireland are waiting to Talk to Joe. But what's on their minds?

Thursday 13th April

Rural Isolation

Jack feels that utilising school buses for the elderly could be a solution to rural isolation.


Mary's daughter is facing homelessness in the coming weeks even though she has two children, one of whom has special needs.

Bus Drivers

Donal feels that if bus drivers are not paid properly, the standard of driving will decrease. Paul, an ex-driver disagrees. Other callers shared their opinions.

Waiting Staff

The practice of taking money from waiting staff if a customer leaves without paying is appearing in Ireland.

Wednesday 12th April


Brother and sister Terry and Elaine have been reunited after being given up for adoption as babies. They tell us their story.

Post Offices

It looks like more and more post offices will close in the coming years. Listeners give us their reactions.


Angela says there has been a spate of break-ins in her area.

Overbooked Flights

Listeners tell us what happened them while travelling on flights that are overbooked.

Train Drivers

Nora tells us how a train driver in Wexford came to the aide of her 12 year old daughter who was missing her Teddy Bear!

Tuesday 11th April

Water Charges

We heard from both urban and rural users, those who paid and those who didn't.


Neil McCann runs an online business and was the victim of a small financial scam. Unusually, the perpetrator reimbursed him!


Simone la Riche found herself living in overcrowded cheap accommodation, but is now finding it hard to get a suitable affordable replacement.

Monday 10th April

Banned Books

Banned Books

Wave Chasers

Wave Chasers

Glasnevin Wall

Glasnevin Wall

Rescue Vehicle Road Tolls

Rescue Vehicle Road Tolls

Friday 7th April

Drink Driving

One subject dominated Liveline again today - the proposed changes to drink driving legislation. From rural isolation, to those who have lost family members in accidents, to emergency personnel who have attended accidents; all sides of the debate were heard.

Thursday 6th April

Drink Driving

'Nobody caused a fatality by having three glasses of Guinness'. Danny Healy-Rae's comments in the Dail drew a huge reaction from Liveline listeners.

Wednesday 5th April


Eir customers continued to call in to report major customer service issues they'd had with the company.

Dangerous Road

Marion and Margaret live on a highly dangerous road where there have been three road fatalities in the last year - the most recent a couple of weeks ago. The two women told Alison today that An Post have now stopped delivering their mail because the road is so dangerous.

Property Crisis

Amelia told Alison about the difficulties finding somewhere to live in the current rental crisis.

Tuesday 4th April



Gambling and Maths

Gambling and Maths



Nursing Fees

Nursing Fees

Bank ID

Bank ID



Monday 3rd April

Easter 1917

In advance of the Easter Monday Liveline 1917 broadcast, historians Maurice O'Keeffe and Tom Burke discussed stories of the time.

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