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Monday 16th January

Dirty Dublin

Dirty Dublin

Hospital Trolley

Hospital Trolley

U2 Tickets

U2 Tickets

Legal Fees/Wills

Legal Fees/Wills

Job Offer

Job Offer

Friday 13th January


More stories about how women sometimes don't inherit the farm merely because of their gender.


We continue our discussion with taxi drivers about the regulations they have to comply with in order to stay in business.


Christina has been told that she cannot use her drone at heritage sites. Some listeners think they should be banned.

Thursday 12th January

Taxi Drivers

Also today, we spoke to taxi drivers from across the country on how regulation is effecting their livelihoods.

Donald Trump

Last night, US President elect gave an extra ordinary press conference - we spoke to some of his Irish supporters to get their view on his performance.

Wednesday 11th January

Apollo House

Mattress Mick and Mannix Flynn are on opposite sides of the Apollo House debate. With the High Court ruling that the occupiers must vacate the building, there was plenty of robust debate on Liveline.


Michael was surprised to find that his step-children are treated as strangers in the eyes of the law. Nuala came from a very large family of 17 and in-fighting among the siblings used up almost all available funds from their mother's will.

Tuesday 10th January

Train Seat Reservations

Train Seat Reservations




After Deirdre’s burglary story yesterday, Ann told Joe about a man who broke into her house, dragged her out of bed and down the stairs to get money for him.


Brigid was in hospital with her son when a doctor said he wouldn’t shake her hand because of his religion. William had a similar experience with a female doctor. Niamh asked why we can’t just let people do what their religion tells them without causing hassle for them?

11850 Costs

Lynda’s electricity got cut off – she rang 11850 to get the Airtricity number. The call cost €45 for 13 minutes.


Orla told Joe how she came from a farm with a lot of land and, when her parents died, it all went to her brothers. Orla and her sister were to be left €500 each but, just before her mother died, she took even that away from them.

Monday 9th January

Shaking Hands

Noel is a letting agent in the west of Ireland. He refused to let his own apartment to a couple from Pakistan because the woman refused to shake his hand.


Deirdre woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning with a burglar in her bedroom.

Fall From Grace

Niall went to America when he was 18, worked in the property industry and became a millionaire. Having lost everything, he's now back in Ireland and looking for a job.

Left out of Will

Sheila will not inherit her father's estate purely because she is a woman. Some listeners agree that her father has the right to leave his belongings to whoever he wants.

Friday 6th January

Refugees in Ballaghaderreen

The recently restored Abbeyfield Hotel in Ballaghaderreen is to be used to house Syrian refugees..

Thursday 5th January

Chemotherapy Wigs

Anne Roche who has had cancer herself, now supplies wigs to people undergoing cancer treatment


Mary talks of her experience.

Harry Arter Tweets

The controversy surround the Alfie Barker's outburst against footballer Harry Arter continues. Is it a defence that Harry is ADHD? We heard from several parents.

Random Assaults

Bernadette's brother-in-law was attacked and killed in a vicious kicking in Limerick 20 years ago. She told Joe about the attack.

Revolution Papers

The Revolution Papers were originally meant to be in 52 editions but due to the success of the venture, this has now been extended. Ken,Patrick and Conor were not impressed. Editor Ian Kenneally explained the reasoning behind the extension.


Billy got clamped while properly parked at a disabled spot at hospital while his wife was undergoing chemotherapy.

Wednesday 4th January


Mark and Kevin work for Nightline couriers. They were told in early December that, if they worked hard in the run up to Christmas, they would be given a €200 voucher – the same as they had got the previous year. However, the staff were told this in error, and they never received the vouchers.

Home Burials

Wendy told the heartbreaking story of the miscarriage she suffered in Spain, and how she brought the remains of her foetus home on the plane with her, and finally buried them in a family plot some time later.

Random Assaults

Following on from Eoghan McDermott’s account yesterday of being attacked on St Stephen’s Day, Susan told Joe that her son was assaulted twice in Dublin, and Michael spoke about an attack he had suffered in Cork.

Road Rage/Stolen Car

That’s what another motorist said to Peter during a vile road rage incident just before Christmas. Peter, who actually is suffering from cancer, saw the dark humour in it, but he told Joe that he was glad his children weren’t in the car when it happened.

Tuesday 3rd January

Home Burials

Stephen Sacker wants permission to bury his father beside his late mother in their back garden in Wicklow. His father, Hugh, is 91. He describes himself as a 'non-violent anarchist'.

Random Assaults

2FM DJ Eoghan McDermott talks to Joe about a vicious, unprovoked attack he suffered over the holiday period. Other listeners have similar experiences.

Friday 23rd December

Highs and Lows of 2016

Highs and Lows of 2016

Thursday 22nd December

Top 10 Books of 2016

Top 10 Books of 2016

Wednesday 21st December

Self-Published Books

Self-Published Books

Tuesday 20th December

Apollo House

Liam O’Maonlai and Mattress Mick spoke to Joe from Apollo House, where Hozier, Kodaline, Glen Hansard and others performed a concert in support of the Home Sweet Home Project.

Nursing Home

We hear from 'Sadie' again after she called us from a nursing home last month.

Mass Cards

David Murphy sells mass cards for €4 each. He splits the money with a priest in India who signs them all and ‘remembers’ the beneficiaries in a mass.

Alcohol / Drink Driving

Sheila’s sister is addicted to drugs and frequently goes missing. She came on the programme to thank a homeless man called James, who walked around Dublin city centre with her and helped Sheila find her sister.

Monday 19th December


Caroline has been put off the road after been caught behind the wheel while drunk. She wants to warn people not to drink and drive. Other listeners admit to similar behaviour.

Henry St Stallholders

A licensed street trader from Dublin says shop owners and the Gardai are making it difficult for him to sell his goods.

Friday 16th December

Keith Barry Stop Smoking Seminar

The Keith Barry seminar on how to stop smoking continues to exercise the Liveline listeners.

Estranged Son

Mary has been estranged from her adult son for over 12 years and hasn't seen her grandchild. She is finding it very tough.

Thursday 15th December

Stop Smoking Seminar

Stop Smoking Seminar

Army Medals

Army Medals

Rural Crime

Rural Crime

Wednesday 14th December

Keith Barry Stop Smoking Seminar

Joan attended a Keith Barry seminar in the hope that she could give up smoking. She didn't enjoy the experience.

1916 Medals

Serving members of the Defence Forces will be presented with commemorative 1916 medals this year. Ex-Army personnel say they should get medals too.

Monday 12th December

St Vincent de Paul funding the LGBT community

Liam contacted the programme to say that he gave money to St Vincent de Paul at mass yesterday. He was surprised to come home and see on the news that VdeP had funded Amach – an LGBT support centre in Galway.

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