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    Friday 30th January

    Funny Friday

    It’s a Liveline Funny Friday ! Live from the McWilliam Park hotel, Claremorris , Co. Mayo

    Thursday 29th January

    Garda Respect

    Brian has watched some of the video's online of the water protests and the heckling of Michaed D Higgins. The video's prompted him to contact the show to defend the work of the Gardai and how they keep their cool in the face of extreme provocation.

    Stocks and Shares

    Ian decided to dabble in day trading to supplement his income. He has lost nearly €12,000 and wants to warn other people.

    Mobile Data / Game Charges

    Ed is suffering from 'Billshock'. This is a new term being coined for people who get a shock when they open their phonebill. His bill is over €3,000. Ed's kids downloaded some movies on his mobile phone and unbeknownst to him exceeded his mobile internet usage allowance.

    Mortgage Restrictions

    Audrey and her husband managed to save 10% deposit for a new house, now they learn they will need 20%.

    Wednesday 28th January

    President Protests

    We discuss the reaction President Higgins got when he arrived at Colaiste Eoin last week.

    Tuesday 27th January

    Passport Cards

    The Government’s plans to issue a credit card sized version of the Irish passport amused retired detective Pat who has been doing just that for over 20 years. Joanne , Vivian, Paul and Pat recounted their ID laminate stories.

    Aer Lingus

    The Aer Lingus pensioners protest outside the home of Transport Minister Paschal Donohue attracted mixed reaction on today’s Liveline.

    Monday 26th January

    Aer Lingus Sale

    Callers give their say on the possible sale of Aer Lingus.

    Canada Emigration

    Darren has worked in Canada for the last two years....emigrated with his wife and twin boys. They have discovered problems with getting a second visa because one of their sons has special needs.

    Passport Card

    Noel is wondering what the value of this new passport card is.

    Gender Equality

    Mary is a civil engineer who discovered that she was earning at least 5,000 euro less than her male colleagues even though she had a better degree and more experience than they had.

    Friday 23rd January

    Same Sex Marriage Referendum

    The discussion on today's programme centred on the referendum on the same sex marriage referendum to be held in May. The concerns of callers involved the position of children and family relationships, adoption and equality of access to all citizens.

    Thursday 22nd January

    RTÉ Drama 'Charlie'

    Pat Burke Walsh was listening to Sean Haughey yesterday and thought he did a fantastic interview. He gives Joe his opinion on the 'Charlie' series.

    Referendum on Same Sex Marriage

    The wording for the forthcoming Referendum on Same Sex Marriage has been released. Nuala will be voting yes and Catherine will be voting no. They explain why.

    Secondary School Strike

    Secondary school teachers across the country are on strike today in protest at proposed Junior Cert reforms. Joe talks to teachers and parents about the strike.

    Wednesday 21st January

    Take Home Pay

    Jack wanted to remind all Liveline listeners to check their tax allowances and their pay slips.


    Bernadette has lived a colourful life from a drug and drink addiction to being homeless for many years, to spending a year in prison for stealing a bottle of whiskey. She has been clean now for several years.

    Sean Haughey

    Sean Haughey spoke to Joe about the family’s reaction to “Charlie” – the 3 part television drama about his late father. In a lengthy interview, he spoke about the kind of man his father was, his mother’s reaction to the show, and his own life in politics.

    Monday 19th January


    Eamonn's car broke down between exit 10 and 11 on the N7. When he returned in another car to move it, it was gone.


    There is a Facebook page set up that is impersonating Emer with all her details and is sending nasty messages to people.

    Poverty Trap

    Mary is a mother of 4 who has been out of work for some time, as has her partner. She is desperately trying to better herself and recently enrolled in a part-time course. She was devastated to have to drop out due to lack of funding.


    Andrew is a tenant. He recently got an award from the PRTB against his former landlord for €600 for their non-returned deposit and €400 costs. The problem is trying to enforce the decision.

    Income Tax / USC

    Moya is on a public service pension that she gets fortnightly - it went up from the first of January, by €22. Have you had an increase?

    Leo Varadkar

    Listeners respond to and support Leo Varadkar's decision to come out yesterday.

    Friday 16th January

    Facebook Security

    In the light of recent stories about fake Facebook pages, Conor Flynn of Information Security Assurance Services had some advice for listeners.

    eDream Flight

    Anna Cannon’s plans to visit her grandmother in Sweden are in turmoil after she clicked the wrong date online.

    Missing Persons

    Ciaran Casey offers help to the families of missing people in Ireland.

    Dáil Behaviour

    The recent robust exchanges in the Dáil between TDs Jonathan O’Brien, Eric Byrne and Derek Keating annoyed Catriona. Singer Charlie McGettigan whose brother was homeless, was amazed at what had been said in the chamber. Tommy, an alcoholic in recovery, and Aubrey spoke of the difficulties for families in that situation.

    Thursday 15th January

    Oscar Nominations

    Paul Young of Cartoon Saloon is on the line talking about the Oscars 2015 nomination for Song of the Sea.

    Bank Closures

    More on bank closures in towns around the country.

    Missing Person

    Aylmer Power's mother Marian went missing Monday morning, she was last seen at 9am around St Edmundsbury Hospital in Lucan.


    Ann Marie was stalked by a former colleague of hers, she tells her story now & how the Gardaí dealt with it

    Wednesday 14th January

    Missing Person - Thomas Kennedy

    Patricia Kennedy is the wife of Thomas Kennedy who has been missing since 29th July 2014. She tells Joe about her hopes for his safe return. The family have made a short video to raise awareness about his disappearance.

    Ulster Bank Closures

    Ulster Bank are closing branches all around Ireland. Joe talks to Tony in Clones, Co. Monaghan, Pat in Ferbane, Co. Offaly and Pat in Croom, Co. Limerick about what the closures mean for their small towns.

    Weather / Misdirected Post

    Geraldine got a card in the post on 10th of December. When she opened it, she discovered it was a birthday card to a C Ryan, from his mother, containing a large amount of money. She would love to reunite it with its owner.

    DNA Testing for Food Intolerance

    Regina is a genetic researcher. She recently noticed an advertisement for DNA genetic testing for food intolerance. The offer was on a discount website. She decided to phone the company to enquire about the science behind these tests. She tells Joe her opinion on these tests.

    Tuesday 13th January

    Good Deeds

    Nora and Bernadette were both the recipients of the kind actions of good samaritans, one of whom left his jacket and keys in her car. Liveline reunited the owner of the keys at the end of the programme.

    Donating to Charity

    Anne told Joe about money her elderly father left in a jacket that was donated to a charity shop.

    Utility Prices

    David Kerr of talks about discounts in the energy market while other callers talk about the lack of price regulation from the commission for energy regulation.

    Monday 12th January

    Blinds Safety

    Callers discussed window blind cord safety and other safety measures when it comes to having children.

    iPad Found

    Last Tuesday Simon saw what he thought was a book fall from the roof of a car - it was a white ipad mini.


    Cornelia says her story might become a case study for normal people declaring bankruptcy.

    Friday 9th January

    Aidan Matthews Reflection

    A reflection on the week in relation to Paris.

    Paris Shootings / Hostage Situation

    We talk about the current events ongoing in Paris.

    Thursday 8th January

    Window Blind Cord Tragedy

    Joe talks to Lynda about the tragic death of her daughter.

    Wednesday 7th January

    Parkinson's Disease

    Following on from Shay Healy’s recent documentary on his Parkinson’s disease “What’s Another Year”, we heard from Shay and other sufferers – drummer Niall Power, actor Tom Hickey, writer Austin Kenny, musician Tony McMahon and singer Richie Kavanagh. Marie has been caring for her husband for 40 years.

    Overcrowding in Hospitals

    GP Moira Slevin took issue with yesterday’s claim that doctors don’t work out of hours.

    Paris Shootings

    We started today’s programme with reaction to the shootings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Kathleen Suret had met one of the victims. Nora Hickey is Director of the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris.

    Tuesday 6th January

    George Clooney Ireland Visit

    Andrew called about George Clooneys proposed trip to Ireland. He is PRO of Abbeyleix Tourism. He has a certificate of Irish Heritage for Nick Clooney (Georges dad).

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