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    Tuesday 1st September


    Listeners react to last night's episode of 'Recruits' on RTE 1.

    Monday 31st August

    Friday 28th August

    School Places

    Debbie’s son Aaron has autism and she doesn’t feel the school he has been assigned to doesn’t service his needs.


    Garry feels that couriers have a role to play in the roll out of Eircode.

    Car Insurance

    Patrick collided with some cows on the M8 and was lucky to escape alive. His insurance lapsed while his car was off the road and, as a result, he cannot get insurance.


    Kay Browne’s daughter Elaine is in the Irish Navy and on board the LE Niamh in the Mediterranean at the moment. Kay told Philip about the reality of the horrors they are dealing with on a daily basis.

    Thursday 27th August


    Elizabeth recently visited Wexford instead of Waterford as she believes there is a lack of facilities there.


    Breege believes the IRA have not gone away in South Armagh.

    Irish Water / Eircodes

    Callers on Irish Water and Eircode.

    Son Trapped Under Car

    Paul talks about Daniel who became trapped under a car.

    Wednesday 26th August

    Water Charges

    Kevin says people who don't pay their water charge shouldn't take the water grant.

    Bus Tours

    Paul owns Hibernian Gifts in Waterford - he tells of how CIE Tours avoid stopping at his shop and wants to know why.

    Tuesday 25th August

    Student Accommodation

    The problems with finding student accommodation rumble on. Niall has been out in Galway helping older people get on to avail of the Rent A Room Scheme.

    Robbery / China Stocks

    James, whose wife and mother in law are stuck in London, told Joe about how all their possessions were stolen from their hotel room and the difficulties they are having trying to return to Ireland as they are Chinese. He also told Joe about the Chinese economy and way of life.


    The recent statement by PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton that the IRA still exists has caused great debate. Jude White, whose mother died in the troubles, is convinced they no longer exist.

    Monday 24th August

    Friday 21st August


    We hear about a scam involving stealing from parked cars.

    Service Dogs Europe

    Service Dogs Europe discussion continues.


    We speak to one man on the island of Leros in Greece, feeding the migrants and putting shoes on the children's feet.

    Thursday 20th August

    Cilla Black

    Amanda was surprised by Boyzone in 1995 as part of Cilla Black's 'Surprise Surprise'.

    Coins to the bank

    Ciara's son had been saving money in his piggy bank. When she brought his money bags to the bank she was told they only take two bags per day.

    Service Dogs Europe

    More discussion on Service Dogs Europe.

    Wednesday 19th August

    Tuesday 18th August

    Service Dogs Europe

    More stories and discussion on Service Dogs Europe.

    Monday 17th August

    Indi Entertainment

    Indi Entertainment goes into liquidation. We hear from some of the artists.

    Dating Agencies

    Maura paid out €500 for a dating agency service which would give 4 introductory dates over a year, she tells us what she made of the service

    Bangkok Explosion

    We get a brief update from the scene.

    Service Dogs

    Susan had her dog trained to be a mobility dog for her son, she used Service Dogs Europe. She tells Joe about her experience.

    Friday 14th August

    Wedding Ring Update

    Marianne was wearing someone else's wedding ring, she has an update for us.


    We continue our discussion about homelessness.

    Thursday 13th August

    St. Stephen's Green Club

    Michele (who is male) was surprised to be offered membership of The St. Stephen Green Hibernian club as part of their new drive to attract female members!


    Tom’s son is in his forties and homeless through addiction and mental health issues.

    Wedding Ring

    We started today with Marianne who was very surprised when she took off her wedding ring to find it wasn’t hers!

    Wednesday 12th August


    Andrea and her children are facing homelessness at the end of this month.


    Bridget's house was broken into while her family attended her brother-in-law's funeral.

    Tuesday 11th August


    Lorraine and her son slept in A&E in the Mater for the last 2 nights. Before that, they slept in Phoenix Park.

    Monday 10th August


    Rosaleen wanted to warn everybody about a possible scammer. The man stopped her and told her he had a 2 month old baby who was in need of food.

    Prison Abroad

    Eileen’s brother John is in Al Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi for the last three years. John was a building contractor whose business collapsed in UAE. He ended up going to prison because he could not cover these debts even though he was owed over €1 million.

    Mobile Phones

    We talk about the etiquette of mobile phones in public places.

    GAA on Sky

    Dympna is a Donegal supporter – was lucky enough to be at the game on Saturday but thinks its a disgrace that normal supporters back in Donegal can’t have the opportunity to watch their local heroes without having to pay for a sports package.

    Dublin Traffic

    Paul is owner of ‘Executive Taxis’ and is a chauffeur. He believes the proposed traffic changes are gong to be a disaster for his business.

    Friday 7th August

    Chronic Pain

    Dr. Declan O’Keeffe is the Director of the Pain Management clinic at St Vincent’s Hospital.

    College Fees in the EU

    Anita’s daughter is a midwife in New Zealand for the past five years. She was shocked to find that she is classed as a Non EU person and will have to pay €18,000 to do a Masters if she comes home rather than the €9,000 for EU nationals.

    Kenneth Coalter

    Kenneth Coalter spent almost two years in a Las Palmas prison before being released last month. He has not been charged with anything, but authorities will not give him back his passport. His phone number was on a phone linked to two suspects in a major drug bust.

    Caravan Gassing

    In the light of Jenson Button being robbed by thieves injecting gas into his villa, Tony told Joe of his similar experience.

    Thursday 6th August

    Administered CPR

    Noel came across a situation where he had to administer CPR - he tells what happened.

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