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Friday 23rd September

Direct Provision.

Councillor Seamus Traynor clashed with Joe over the issue of Direct Provision.

Learner Drivers

Sinead doesn't think Learner drivers should have to be accompanied by a qualified driver.

Bernie O'Connor

Bernie O'Connor cannot get a burial grant for her partner of 39 years.

Craft Beer

Do you worry that the craft beer you drink might be rebranded. Brewers tell Joe that some publicans may be pulling the wool over customers eyes.

Thursday 22nd September

Liveline - Funny Friday

Live from the PLoughing Championships in Screggan, County Offaly we had an arrange of comedians to entertain us such as, Al Foran, Sil Fox, Doc Savage, Declan Callas, Frank Ford and many more favorites.

Wednesday 21st September


Today's Liveline was again dominated by stories from the Direct Provision system in Ireland. Theresa contacted Liveline about her friend who died while in Direct Provision in Cork. Sean Deegan was a member of the Refugee Appeals Tribunal. He heard 500 cases of asylum and approved only two. Joe also heard from Direct Provision resident Nicole whose access to education was hindered because of prohibitive fees.

Tuesday 20th September

Direct Provision

More stories on Direct Provision in Ireland.

Monday 19th September

Direct Provision

Diana and her children have been living in Direct Provision for two years. She tells Joe about the conditions there and why she has to lock herself in her room day and night.

Friday 16th September


Paul McQuaid is trying to get Irish people back on their bikes, both during the bus strike and also as a way of life.

Age Discrimination

Teresa and Martin both feel that they are victims of ageism in Ireland.

GAA Tickets

Senator Michelle Mulherin was annoyed that she couldn't get a ticket from the GAA for the All Ireland Football this weekend. Other Liveline callers questioned why she should get one when they couldn't. The treatment and importance of referees was also discussed.

Thursday 15th September

Shop Insurance Claim

Joe is a shopkeeper. When one of his customers had a minor accident his insurer was keen to settle. But Joe insisted on contesting the claim and as a result it was dropped.

Restraint Use in Care Homes

Elizabeth's husband has dementia and now lives in a nursing home. But his carers are no longer allowed to use a restraint on his chair even though he has fallen and broken his pelvis twice.

Medical Card

Catriona has returned from the UK to live in Ireland. She's just received a medical card but she's been assigned a GP more than 100 KM from where she lives.

Wednesday 14th September


Trish, a mother of two children with Autism, feels that the movie Rainman hasn't helped people understand the reality of autism.

Talent Search

Mary, who thinking of entering her child in the 'Ireland Talent Search' was surprised to learn that if you paid for supporters to come , your child would get extra marks.

Car Theft

Richard's apartment was broken into on Monday night and the keys to three high end cars were stolen.

Tuesday 13th September

Lost Ring Update

Joanne Nesbitt told Philip yesterday how she had lost her wedding AND engagement rings just before she got married. She came back on today with the good news that the rings have been found.

College Accommodation

We hear more stories about securing college accommodation.


The day after the tragic death of Coast Guard volunteer Caitriona Lucas, Colm Plunkett told how his life was saved by the Coast Guard.

Waterford Rock Mural

Sam Doyle drew a mural up a hill on the road out of Waterford City. Sam’s mural read ‘Repeal’, in reference to the campaign to have the 8th Amendment repealed. Fintan Power is a member of a local pro-life group. He is supportive of the activist who climbed up Misery Hill and change the mural so that it now reads ‘Reveal.’

Monday 12th September

Car on Fire

Paula Malone told Philip about her car going on fire last Sunday night, the day before it was due to be checked as part of a large scale recall of Opel Zafira B cars.

Emigrating/Teaching Council

Kenneth Fitzpatrick contacted Liveline to gauge listeners' opinion on a life-changing decision he has to make. He's considering moving home to Ireland after eight years in Glasgow. - Grace, a teacher, moved home from New Zealand but has experienced problems with the Teaching Council, the teaching regulatory body.

Lost Rings

Joanne Nesbitt got married on Friday but not everything went to plan. She described the moment she realised they'd left the bag containing her engagement ring and wedding band in a taxi before the ceremony. She appealed to listeners to help find it.

College Accomodation

Mary and Marie called Liveline today to tell Philip about their trouble finding suitable student accommodation for their children.

Friday 9th September



College Accommodation Deposits

College Accommodation Deposits

Irish Spoken in Work

Irish Spoken in Work

Abortion/Patrick Jameson

Abortion/Patrick Jameson

Thursday 8th September


Patrick Jameson is the director of The Women’s Centre in Berkeley Street in Dublin. Joe asked various questions about the running of the centre.


We heard about manners on public transport.


After yesterday’s show, more Irish soccer fans told Joe that they thought anti-John Delaney protests were being suppressed at the Aviva stadium.

Holiday Charge

Esther was asked to pay a deposit to the travel agent before they would tell her the name of the hotel she was staying.

Wednesday 7th September

Dublin Bus

With the bus strike only a matter of hours away, Sean, a Dublin bus driver, and Pauline argue the case.

FAI Searches

Zeno is an Irish soccer supporter who was searched on his way into the match in Serbia. he feels it may have been because of his social media postings.

Teaching Council

Joanne forgot to pay her Teaching Council annual fee which has had a very serious impact on her career.

Bad Manners

Anne's heavily pregnant daughter was forced to stand on a Dart when no one offered her a seat.

Tuesday 6th September


Walter Kilcullen is a retired Garda. He joined Joe to share his thoughts on the ongoing Kinahan-Hutch feud.

Dublin Bus Strikes

Listeners kicked off today's Liveline by reacting to the news that Dublin Bus services will be stopped from 9pm on Wednesday evening - hours ahead of the two day strike scheduled by unions for Thursday and Friday.

Monday 5th September

Drug Problems / Refugee Situation

Following Friday's discussion about drug addicts shooting up in Dublin city centre in broad daylight, Melanie who's lived in Germany, gives us her observations. - It's a year since the dead body of Syrian child Aylan Kurdi was pictured washed up on a Turkish beach. His aunt speaks to Liveline about the continuing refugee crisis.


Listeners give their opinions on the ongoing feud between the Hutch and Kinahan families including people who live in the area of North Dublin where the latest attempted assassination occurred last Friday.

Friday 2nd September

New Ross Bridge

New Ross Bridge

Drugs in Dublin City

Drugs in Dublin City

Thursday 1st September

Facebook Autism Row

Teresa, a mother of two children with Autism, had an acrimonious exchange on Facebook with actor Rory Cowan from Mrs Brown's Boys over his participation in a charity cycle for IAA.


Richard was very surprised when Revenue sent him a bill for €3,000 for over payment of mortgage interest relief. They had found out he was recently divorced - but how? Other Liveline listeners shared their dealings with Revenue.

Wednesday 31st August

Car Accident

This week, Larry Malone told Joe about the women who saved his life after a serious car crash. Today, they were reunited with Larry on air. Margaret and Marion live along the stretch of road in question and have witnessed two fatalities since Easter.

Apple Tax

For a second day, Joe put the €13bn question to Liveline listeners. Callers reacted in their thousands to the European Commission's decision that Ireland granted illegal State aid to Apple.

Tuesday 30th August

Car Accidents

More on people who come to the aid of victims of road crashes.

Pokemon Stops

More on Pokemon using a memorial in Merrion Square in their new game.


Meadbh got married last week. But she was unhappy with the service provided by Photobooth Occasions.

Gene Wilder

The death of actor Gene Wilder brings to mind the time he came to Ireland to make a movie and almost adopted a young Dublin boy he met on the set.

Apple Tax

Should Ireland take 13 billion in back taxes from Apple. The Irish public give their verdict.

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