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Thursday 30th June

J1 Visa

Aoife is on a J1. She bought a return flight with USIT but the return leg has been cancelled because Aoife didn’t take up the first leg of the journey.

Bin Charges

The promise by Minister Coveney and the Bin companies that people could freeze their bin charges for the next months unravelled further on today’s programme. Several callers who currently use bags for their waste told Joe that they are being forced to switch to more expensive wheelie bins.

Accommodation Scam

Rebecca and four of her friends paid out 4400 for a Dublin house that was advertised on, only to discover that the person they paid the money to had no connection to the house. Unfortunately, Rebecca hasn’t been able to get the money back.


After a week of revelations about Paul Kelly’s activities at the Console charity, we speak to people who had dealings with Kelly in the 1980s, when he worked in a science lab, posed as a doctor and ran a charity with very similar issues to Console.

Wednesday 29th June

The ongoing crisis at Console

The ongoing crisis at Console and the investigation into how it was run by Paul Kelly and members of his family. We heard from a counsellor who hasn't been paid for months, fundraisers who are annoyed at the financial scandal, David Hall who has been called in to investigate how its affairs were run and listeners affected by suicide.

Tuesday 28th June


Gerry Keany runs Cara stationery in the UK. He told Joe about the serious impact that Brexit is going to have on his firm. Rory Fellowes spoke about his distress at the referendum result, while other callers asked whether the EU itself needs to take some of the blame for the British vote to Leave.


Michael Ryan has collected more than €10,000 for the Console charity over the last few years. He was devastated to hear the revelations about the charity and its boss, Paul Kelly, last week. Michael was also very surprised when he called Console’s office yesterday and was told that Mr Kelly was still there.

Bin Charges

Bernard Kelly discovered yesterday that Greyhound’s policy is to put people on the new, more expensive system unless they specifically request otherwise. Luckily for Bernard he rang up to specify that he wanted to avail of the price freeze.

Monday 27th June


Today's Liveline was dominated by Brexit fallout. Listeners from all over the United Kingdom told Joe about how they voted and why. One such caller was remain voter Stephen Docherty from Dorset. He told Joe about how differences in opinion had led to a lot of friction within his own family.

Pride Parade

Mary from Rory's Fishing Tackle in Temple Bar told Joe about seeing drunk teenagers urinating in the street during Saturday's Pride parade. Jen told us that the event is being hijacked by young hangers-on.

Friday 24th June


People who have used Console's services in recent years react to revelations on Prime Time about the charity.


Listeners react to Britain's vote to leave the EU and tell us how it will affect them.

Thursday 23rd June


In advance of the Prime Time Investigates programme tonight about irregularities in the suicide charity Console, we heard from listeners who had paid for diploma courses but didn't get any diploma.

Euro 2016

With Ireland's soccer team progressing to the last 16 of Euro 16, we heard from fans in France, and got advice on travel for those thinking of staying for the match against the host nation on Sunday. Paddy Cullivan even penned a tribute song for Robbie Brady!

Wednesday 22nd June


Moving from Rexit to Brexit, Susan from Chester got in touch to tell us why she's voting to remain in the EU and Micheal from Dingle told us why he believes the EU was the worst thing to ever happen to Ireland.

Rory Mcilroy

oday's Liveline was dominated by the public's reaction to, what Joe dubbed, 'Rexit'. Rory McIlroy announced that he will not take part in the Rio Olympics due to concerns he has around the Zika virus. Olympians Darren O'Neill and Natalya Coyle gave their reaction to the news, both were disappointed with McIlroy's decision. Some listeners supported the golfer's choice, while others questioned whether McIlroy wanted to represent Ireland in the 2016 Games in the first place.

Rory Mcilroy

Today's Liveline was dominated by the public's reaction to, what Joe dubbed, 'Rexit'. Rory McIlroy announced that he will not take part in the Rio Olympics due to concerns he has around the Zika virus. Olympians Darren O'Neill and Natalya Coyle gave their reaction to the news, both were disappointed with McIlroy's decision. Some listeners supported the golfer's choice, while others questioned whether McIlroy wanted to represent Ireland in the 2016 Games in the first place. Moving from Rexit to Brexit, Susan from Chester got in touch to tell us why she's voting to remain in the EU and Micheal from Dingle told us why he believes the EU was the worst thing to ever happen to Ireland.

Tuesday 21st June

Former Prisoner

Sean has been in prison in Ireland and in Belgium. He's now trying to get his life back together after meeting 'Good Samaritan' Charlie while in a spot of bother in Brussels.

Product Recall

Listeners tell us about issues they've had with some domestic appliances like tumble dryers and dishwashers.

Hen Party

We hear about a Hen Party in Trim which didn't quite go to plan.

Monday 20th June

Bin Charges

Helen told Joe how she avoids bin charges – by recycling, and putting her rubbish bags into the bins at bus stops.

Drugs Next Door

An abandoned house on Amanda’s road has been taken over by drug users. Amanda Fennell discovered this last Tuesday when her 11-year-old daughter walked through the back door of the derelict house and found a table full of used needles. Tom Healy got in touch to say that there was a similar problem at a house near him in Waterford.

Deliveroo Drivers

Jamal got a job working for a company called Deliveroo. When they changed the terms of his contract, Jamal was sacked for refusing to sign the new deal. He told Joe about how this food delivery company works, and why he didn’t want to agree to the new terms.

Friday 17th June

Funny Friday

It was a Funny Friday today with The Nualas, Al Foran , Paddy Cullivan , Doc Savage, Sil Fox, Packie O'Callaghan, Frank Twomey, Declan Callis, Yann O'Brien, Frank Forde and Declan O'Brien.

Thursday 16th June

Bin Charges

The forthcoming pay-by-weight charges for bins continue to dominate the conversation and we spoke to several householders who are angry about increased standing charges being imposed by their provider and some who are concerned they won't be able to actually afford the higher bills.

Phone Scam

A number of listeners have been in touch about terrifying calls they are getting on their mobile phones from a +252 number based in Somalia. When they answer, they hear a woman crying before the line goes dead. When those targeted phone the number back, all their credit is taken from their phones.

Wednesday 15th June

Petrol Station Jobs

Ten petrol stations owned by the McCormack Oil Group closed suddenly earlier this week. Helen Doyle, who worked in one shop in Athboy, says she was shocked at how the closure was handled.


Steven Walsh's sister Ann was murdered by Raymond Donovan in 2005. Donovan got a life sentence but is up for parole later this month. Steven and his family are not happy. Former Governor of Mountjoy, John Lonergan joins the discussion.

Bin Charges

We hear from more listeners whose bin charges will increase when the pay-per-weight system is introduced.

Tuesday 14th June

Racist & Homophobic Posts

The General Manager of Bray Wanderers, Martin O'Connor has in recent days posted two updates on his Facebook page that have attracted criticism. One post was in relation to the massacre of 50 people in a gay club in Orlando. The other post related to a black football player for England.

Bike Incident

Conor had a collision with a taxi at the weekend. He was on his bike and was uninjured but accepted an offer of a lift from the driver. He put his bags in the car and arranged to meet the taxi at the Dublin Bikes point nearby. The driver hasn't been seen since.

Dicey's Attack

Victor Ellis, the Director of BC Security, the firm who employs the security staff at Dicey's pub on Harcourt Street in Dublin, spoke to Liveline for a second time to update us on the four investigations that are now underway into a violent incident outside the pub recently.

Mick Wallace Appearance

Jonathan Irwin, founder of the Jack & Jill Foundation, compared the appearance of Deputy Mick Wallace to that of a 'derro' or tramp in a tweet. He spoke to Joe about why he takes such issue with the clothing of the Independent TD, while Maura Harrington spoke about why dress shouldn't matter in the Dail.

Bin Charges

Gerry, who is father to a grown-up child with special needs told us about the impact increasing bin charges will have on his household budget. We also heard from Claire about how her elderly parents will be hit by the new pay-by-weight scheme that comes in on July 1st.

Monday 13th June

Gun Attacks

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre on Saturday, and with a massive security clampdown across France, Dennis Corcoran spoke to Joe about his experience of the Bataclan attacks last November. Denis, who works in Paris, came around a corner to find a gunman opening fire on members of the public.

Dicey's Attack

Angel David Zavala – the man being beaten by security guards in a video we discussed last week – joined Joe to give his version of what happened outside Dicey Reilly’s pub in Dublin during the recent Bank Holiday weekend.

Philip Cairns Disappearance

As Gardai renew their attempts to solve the disappearance of Philip Cairns 30 years ago, Joe spoke to Gareth O’Callaghan and Sean Meaney, who worked with chief suspect Eamon Cooke at Radio Dublin. Joe was also joined by retired Garda Detective Gerry O’Carroll, who was involved in investigating the case.

Friday 10th June


On the day the European Championships kick off in France, we discussed the rights and wrongs of fans decorating Irish flags.

Missing Post

Today listeners gave details of items going missing from letters and parcels they've posted over the years.

Thursday 9th June

Bin Charges

New legislation to be enforced from July 1 will have an impact on bin charges. We heard from two householders who have received notice from their bin providers that their charges are to increase significantly.

Councillor Superimposing Pictures

Liona O'Toole is an Independent Councillor in Lucan. She has twice superimposed a picture of herself over an image of Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald at a venue in the constituency they both share. She explained to Philip the reasons behind her actions.

Catering Vans

DogEatDog is an Irish company that specialises in converting vehicles into mobile catering units. A number of their customers got in touch with Liveline to complain they were experiencing significant delays in having their vehicles returned to them by Dog Eat Dog, despite having paid several thousand euro in deposits.

Beating/Attack on video

A teenager who witnessed and filmed security staff from a club in Dublin City Centre beating up a young man on the street sent the video of the altercation to us. We spoke to his mother about the incident and also heard from the head of the Security firm whose staff were involved.

Wednesday 8th June

Childhood Obesity

Sheila was disgusted when she saw a picture of an overweight child on a fitness website with the following caption: ‘Letting your kids become obese should be considered child abuse.’ Steve, who runs the website, explained that he took the picture down when Sheila complained, but believes it’s right to highlight childhood obesity.


Following on from yesterday’s story about racial discrimination, Brian told how he was assaulted when he stood up to racists, Liz spoke about how her black daughter-in-law was spat at on the street, and other callers shared their experiences of race relations in Ireland.

Euro '16 Tickets

Keith and Matthew spent hundreds of euro on what they thought were tickets for Ireland matches at Euro 2016. Now, with the tournament about to start, the tickets haven’t arrived, and the seller has become totally uncontactable. They told Philip how it happened and said they were going to travel to France this week anyway.

Tuesday 7th June


South African students Azile and Anathi were horrified when they were refused admission to a Dublin venue when they bouncer told them “no black people allowed”. Despite discussion it with management, the decision stood. Callers to Liveline were very vocal in their opinions of an Ireland in 2016 where this could happen.

Friday 3rd June

Public Toilets

Lauren Battersby has Crohn's Disease - an ailment which affects the bowels. Yesterday while she was in Dublin city centre she needed to go to the toilet urgently. But the Cafe she went into said that if she wanted to use their facilities she would have to buy something. The owner of the cafe explains his policy.

Trump Visit

Should we roll out the red carpet when Donald Trump visits Ireland later this month. Listeners give their opinions.

Thursday 2nd June

Stolen Suitcases

We had an update and more tales of luggage stolen from the hold of buses.

Baby In Car

We briefly revisited the dangers of leaving children unattended in a car.


Annmarie Channon in Clonmel, Co Tipperary recounted how she lost both her daughter and brother to drugs in the last 18 months.

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