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    Thursday 11th February

    Wednesday 10th February

    Tuesday 9th February

    Dublin Shootings

    One topic dominated Liveline today – the gangland war on the streets of Dublin.

    Monday 8th February

    Shootings in Regency Hotel, Dublin

    Journalists Alan Sherry of the Sunday World and Kevin McAnena who works for the BBC describe the chaotic scenes at the Regency hotel in Dublin last Friday when gunmen killed a man during a boxing event. Pat, a former member of the defence forces, thinks the Sunday World should have tipped off the Gardai in advance of Friday's events.

    Friday 5th February

    Thursday 4th February

    Foster Care

    Today’s Liveline was dominated by one topic – foster care. We heard about the appalling treatment of some children – stories that still haunt 70 years later. Foster parents of today called in, horrified at what they were hearing.

    Wednesday 3rd February

    Zika Virus

    Ruth is upset at how the media has reported on the Zika Virus. Her sister was born with Microcephaly (a condition linked with the virus) which means the child's brain fails to grow.

    Foster Care Scandal

    Listeners who have been in foster care recall their experiences. Michael and his twin brother ran away from what he called 'foster parents from hell'. Kathleen says she grew up in an environment where there was no love. Gerry was treated like a slave on a farm in the west of Ireland.

    Waiting List

    Pat McGuigan's mother, Margaret died 16 years ago. Today Pat received a letter from the Mater Hospital enquiring about an admission date for Margaret.

    Tuesday 2nd February

    Boyers Mosaic

    Alfreda updated us on her campaign to save the iconic Boyers mosaic. She's tracked down the original artist's family in America.


    Housing was also on the agenda during today's show. Marc Leddy contacted Liveline to tell us that he's stuck in a bidding war with his local council - they both want to buy a three bedroom home in Dublin. Bridget Connors called Joe to tell him about being made homelessness after her house caught fire in Co Wexford.

    GP Now

    A number of listeners were in touch about problems they're having with the GP Now service.

    Foster Care

    As the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee sat to discuss the case of 'Grace', we heard from people on the front line in Ireland's foster care system.

    Monday 1st February

    Friday 29th January


    Kenneth O’Connor is a bricklayer who says that almost all building sites are now run as sub contracting sites with no one entitled to holiday pay etc.

    Boyers Mosiac

    With Dublin store Boyers closing on Sunday, Alfreda O'Brien Kavanagh told Joe about her family’s connection with the mosaic in the restaurant.

    Car Stolen

    Grace Maher was the victim of a house burglary on Wednesday morning where her car was taken. She desperately needs the return of a folder which contained her son Alex’s medical documents.

    Michael Collins' Rug

    The mystery of the whereabouts of the rug Michael Collins had in his car in Béal na Bláth continued on Liveline.

    Brother Shot

    Rita Duffy’s brother was shot dead by Shane Rogers who took his own life while in custody. This week Shane’s family received €50,000 compensation from the State.

    Thursday 28th January

    Stolen Cylinders

    Collette was driving through Ballyfermot this afternoon when she witnessed a daring crime.

    Michael Collins' Blanket

    The bloodied rug which was used to cover Michael Collins when he died has gone missing.


    Employees of Xtravision are not happy with the way the Company is dealing with the liquidation of the stores. Long-term Tesco employees are being told they must sign new contracts which will result in a pay cut.

    Wednesday 27th January


    Following on from yesterday’s discussion about Percival Lea Wilson, who was assassinated on Michael Collins orders, Eithne Hand told Joe that her grandfather was one of the assassins.

    Meter Readers

    'Mary' and Seamus are two meter readers who have now lost their jobs. They are being offered as little as 50% of their previous wages to do the same work


    Elaine works in the sex industry. She explains how the business has changed out of recognition in recent years.

    Dr Omar Hassan

    Dr Omar Hassan was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Medical Council yesterday. One witness said that Dr Hassan mistook an X-Ray of an elbow for an ankle. Dr Hassan told Joe he felt he had been unfairly treated.

    Tuesday 26th January

    Punished for Reporting a Paedophile Priest

    Fr John Gallagher from Strabane has found himself completely ostracised by the Catholic Church in Florida because he reported a paedophile priest. Fr Tom Doyle, a canon lawyer, was not surprised.


    Willy Willoughby and Paul O’Brien debated the scene in Rebellion where Thomas Clarke was stripped naked. Pat and Elaine joined in.

    Elaine Needs Help

    Elaine and her two children witnessed her partner’s violent murder last year. She is now stuck in a small B+B and at breaking point. Her mother Philomena has come back from England to help.

    Monday 25th January


    Billy Winders has been reading ESB meters for 41 years. His contract is being terminated at the end of February because the contracts must be put out to tender.

    Friday 22nd January

    Sex Toy

    Discount store Dealz is selling a sex toy for €1.49. John in Cork isn't happy.

    Landlords and Renting

    Landlords tell us some horror stories involving undesireable tenants. Some are involved in prostitution; others are using the property for drug dealing.

    Thursday 21st January


    Brian’s apartment block has a brothel in it. He spoke about how it has made his life hell and he doesn’t know what to do about it.

    Fox Attack

    Josie told Joe that she was attacked by a fox which tried to bite part of her face off. Even when she fought the fox off, it kept coming back at her.

    Wednesday 20th January

    Stove Problems

    Orla O'Shea and Anthony Quinn contacted Liveline today to highlight trouble they're having with their green energy heating systems.

    Life Assurance

    The debate around the selling of life assurance policies continued today.

    Tuesday 19th January


    Joe spoke to a number of Irish inventors including 16 year old Emily Duffy, John Fagan and Louis Dillon.

    Life Loans and Finance/Widowed

    The debate surrounding the sale of insurance policies continued today on Liveline. From mortgage protection to Life Loans. Suzanne, Eamon and Josephine spoke to Joe about the loneliness of being widowed and how they have coped.

    Monday 18th January

    Drug Rehabilitation

    Mary's son is a drug addict who's currently in prison. While inside he's been able to stay off drugs but Mary is worried he will not get the help he needs to stay clean when he is released from prison next week.

    Life Assurance

    Listeners complain about Life Assurance cover that has cost them thousands of euro over a number of years. Some didn't realise the policy expires when they reached a certain age.

    Friday 15th January


    Dolores had taken issue with skips being filled in the middle of the night.

    Revolving Door

    Philip heard about Clare County Council’s new (and somewhat expensive) revolving door.

    Donating body to science

    Ellie told us about wanting to donate her body to science in order to avoid funeral costs. Many more callers shared their wishes with us

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