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    Monday 5th October

    Taxi Suitability Test

    Martin failed his taxi suitability exam because his bandages were out of date! Gerry had a similar taxi story.

    Patrick Guinness

    Peader, who was listening in Germany was annoyed at Patrick Guinness who made a glib remark about Syrian refugees on the Ryan Tubridy Show.

    Postal Dispute

    The ongoing Postal dispute is causing problems for small businesses. Liam, James and Paul called in.

    Medical Cards

    Tanya Malone found out this morning that her 4 year old child would no longer be entitled to a medical card despite her Cerebral Palsy. Lisa, who had decided to give her child’s medical card back, was horrified.


    We began Liveline today with Cathleen Corcoran, who told Joe about the aftermath of the appalling raid on the home of her son Mark and wife Emma, and the effect it had on their children. Tommy, Francis and Pat called in on the topic.

    Friday 2nd October

    Aggravated Burglaries / Assault

    Siobhan recalls the time when her home and family fell victim to an aggravated burglary.

    Thursday 1st October

    Longboat Quay

    Fire Protection Inspector Norman Campbell comments on fire safety in construction.

    Dublin Assault

    Assault on North Cumberland St in Dublin - Patricia's brother, 67, was punched and knocked to the ground on Monday

    Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Campaign

    Discussion on the latest Dublin Rape Crisis Centre campaign.

    Corcoran Family

    Joe speaks to the solicitor for the Corcoran family, Kieran Cleary, after seven men are jailed for aggravated burglary.

    Wednesday 30th September

    Satellite Dish

    Peg had to pay €1,500 for having a satellite dish in front of her home. We hear more about the installation of satellites on houses.

    Death of David Keogh

    Jason, a friend of David Keogh, talks to Joe about Phil Peart.

    Tuesday 29th September

    Brother's Death / Insurance

    Karena Keogh’s brother David (29) passed away last month in Portugal. The family had travel insurance but the insurance company refused to repatriate David’s body to Ireland and instead went about an investigation into the circumstances of his death.

    Satellite Summons

    Ann spoke to Joe about her 90 year-old mother Peig, who was summoned to court today because she didn’t remove her satellite dish quickly enough from the front of her house when instructed to by Dublin City Council.

    Monday 28th September

    Return to Ireland

    Reinhardt Schaler and his son Padraig have returned from Germany where Padraig was getting treatment for injuries sustained in the USA.

    Satellite Summons

    Ann's 90 year old mother is being brought to court tomorrow for having a satellite dish on the front of her house.

    No Ambulance

    Maura's sister was due to go to Dublin for an operation from a nursing home in Wexford but the ambulance to transport her never showed up.

    GNIB Queues

    More stories of chaos from the offices of the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

    Friday 25th September

    Johnny Ronan

    Callers discuss Johnny Ronan's 'Arbeit macht Frei' comment.

    GNIB Queues

    Queuing through the night, hundreds of people join the queue on Burgh Quay to renew their visas.

    Dara Murphy

    Junior Minister Dara Murphy was driven by the Gardaí from Mitchelstown to Dublin after his car broke down.

    Bus Driver Haircut

    A driver leaves his passengers on the bus while he gets his hair cut.

    Wednesday 23rd September

    Elderly Woman Begging

    A listener from Drogheda who was visiting Dublin tells us she was shocked to see a woman of 90 years of age begging on Westmoreland street.

    Cabra Mural

    A Cabra resident objects to a mural which is being erected in the Dublin suburb to commemorate 1916.

    Immigration Bureau

    Foreign students studying in Ireland who have to renew their visas tell us about the long queues at the Garda National Immigration Bureau on Burgh Quay in Dublin. One caller has been there 9 times without success.

    Tuesday 22nd September

    Monday 21st September

    Rugby Tickets

    Catherine bought tickets to the Rugby World Cup but it looks like she won't be getting them now.

    Sonia Statue

    Listeners talk about the statue of Sonia O'Sullivan unveiled in Cobh, Co. Cork.

    Friday 18th September

    Renting / Eviction

    Julie, who is facing eviction and spoke to us last week on the programme, gave Joe an update on an offer by a Liveline listener to buy her house and rent it back to her.


    The story of an Ambulance losing two of its wheels while transporting a critically injured patient was discussed by Paul Bell of SIPTU and SF Councillor Gerry McGonnigle.

    Rugby World Cup Accommodation

    Cathy Crowley, who won two tickets to a match in the Rugby World Cup has found a novel source of accommodation – a convent!

    Sky Dive

    We had further call about Skydive Ireland and their vouchers expiry dates.

    Dental Care

    Celina Kelly is concerned that cut to the School Dental programme will affect her child’s teeth.

    Port Tunnel Fire

    Paul Cox was driving in the Port Tunnel this morning when a lorry in front of him caught fire.

    Thursday 17th September

    Wednesday 16th September


    A minecraft convention in the UK organised by an Irish company and people want their money back!

    Tuesday 15th September

    Video of Fight in Turkey

    Joe speaks to the Irishman whose street fight went viral.

    Data Breach

    We hear more about the data breach discussed yesterday.

    One Punch Assault

    A man tells us his experience of a one punch assault in Dublin.

    Monday 14th September

    Labour Party

    Dolores gives us her opinion on the Labour Party.

    Bridal Shop

    Sandra's daughter arrived at her bridal boutique last weekend, having paid over €1,600 for her dress, only to discover that the shop has closed down!!!


    Heavy flooding at Kylemore/Addergoole, Connemara, Co. Galway - Penney is appealing for more signage in the area

    Data Breach

    Joe McCormack has inadvertently stumbled across a major data protection breach by an Irish company. He was searching for a friend's phone number on-line and discovered a list of over 900 names, addresses, car registration numbers and personal telephone numbers.

    Euthanasia Leaflets

    A company calling itself Tranquility Euthanasia have been dropping leaflets around north Dublin advertising their services as a mobile euthanasia unit. Callers have spotted what seem to be planning applications for the company outside St James' Hospital in Dublin and in Clontarf.

    Water Conservation Grant

    Irish Water and the conservation grant......callers tell Joe about the difficulties they've had trying to register on-line for the Dept of Social Welfare's water conservation grant.

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