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    Monday 28th July

    Local Property Tax

    Joyce wonders are people aware that there is a public survey being carried out by Dublin City Council regarding the local property tax?


    Jennifer, was lucky the time she had her heart attack during the day, as University Hospital Waterford cardiac unit is only open until 5.30 p.m. She thanked the staff at the unit for their fantastic care that saved her life. It was a shock to her that she was having a heart attack at the age of 39, she was healthy, good weight and fit.

    Dog Attack

    Tara’s dog was attacked last Friday by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she wants to know why these dogs are not muzzled and on a lead, when the law says they should.

    Ivor Callely

    As former junior minister Ivor Callely received a 5 month jail sentence for fraudulently claiming expenses at Leinster House while he was a senator – Liveline listeners discussed whether the sentence was appropriate for the crime or would community service have been more appropriate.

    Friday 25th July


    The loss of our shore rights to cut seaweed was lamented by Lucy and Tom.


    Ann's daughter is having real difficulty getting a job under the JobBridge scheme.

    Maternity Leave

    Pat feels that maternity leave is good for her business.

    Garth Brooks Events

    Emma, Noleen, Colette and Marie are all having Garth Brooks parties.

    Address in 'UK'

    Pat got quite a surprise when the ESB changed his Cork address to the United Kingdom!

    Housing Solutions

    Mayo man Robert whose years living in small apartments in America have influenced his opinions on housing in Ireland. Other callers both agreed and took issue with his views.

    Thursday 24th July

    Running Shirtless

    Ann is in Donegal and just noticed a man strolling along in the sun wearing only a pair of Speedos!

    Act of Kindess

    Brenda called to thank a man who looked after herself and her friends when they had a spot of car trouble after a Foster and Allen concert in Dublin.

    Beach Closed

    Brian is unhappy at the recent changes to access arrangments for cars at the beach at Dollymount in Dublin.

    Lone Parent Returning to Work

    Maria is frustrated at the way the jobs market initiatives by government make it difficult for her to improve her work situation. Other callers spoke of their difficulties returning to work after having children or becoming widowed.

    Wednesday 23rd July

    Israel / Gaza Conflict

    Dermot is the Information Officer at the Israeli Embassy in Dublin. Colm is an ex-Civil Servant who has travelled to Israel and Gaza. Fran has also visited the area. The Liveline listeners discuss the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Enable Ireland Kindness

    Anne donated a book to charity without realising it held €400 of her savings! She wants to thank Enable Ireland for helping her get it back.

    Post Office Robberies

    Michelle is a postmistress in rural Ireland. Her post office was recently held up at gun point for the second time in 3 months. It happened a third time some months ago. If if happens again she will seriously consider shutting up shop.

    Debt Write-down

    Mary and her husband took out a mortgage in 2008. They were forced to restructure when Mary became ill, but managed to avoid getting into arrears. The bank are now offering them a 60:40 split. So when they reach the age of 71 they will owe the bank €84,000. They have refused and she is very stressed at the prospect of losing her home.

    Running Shirtless

    Gerry wonders if running shirtless is now taboo after having comments made to him during a run in the park.

    Tuesday 22nd July

    Roscrea Meeting

    Derek spoke about a very emotional meeting he attended in Roscrea last night, the town has a problem with anti-social behaviour and drug abuse.


    Clare has been through the process with the PRTB in relation to a tenant who has not paid rent for over a year.

    Good Deed

    Gerry wanted to thank good Samaritans that stopped and helped him last Friday after a blow-out on the M9.

    Israel / Gaza Conflict

    Derek Graham and Trevor Hogan spoke to Philip about the situation in Gaza. Derek has lived in Gaza with his for wife for over two years, he is home in Ireland at the moment and described the living conditions there.

    Monday 21st July

    Street Fight

    Eddie called in to describe a vicious assault which he had witnessed this morning, where people were happy to capture it on their mobile phones but were afraid to actually get out of their cars to stop it.

    The Angelus

    One story dominated Liveline today - the Angelus bells on RTÉ. Should they go or should they stay?

    Friday 18th July


    Andy talks to Philip about a seagull attack on him and his take away burger in Dublin city centre.

    Deer hunting

    Illegal deer hunting and the effect on the safety of people living in rural areas was discussed again today.


    A plan to build a new bridge in Kilkenny has resulted in protests. The protesters talk to Philip about how they are opposed to the building of a new bridge on the river Nore.


    Problems experienced by landlords and their agents with tenants are discussed .

    Thursday 17th July

    Deer hunting

    Liam is the President of the Irish Deer Society. He wants to highlight the dangers of using lamp at night for hunting. Its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Amanda's horse was hurt, she tells Philip how her horse was mistakenly shop by hunters.

    Speaking Irish

    The appointment of Joe McHugh as Minister of State with speical responsibility for Gaeltacht Affairs caused controversy recently when it emerged that he was not a fluent Irish speaker.

    BER Rating on Properties

    Marc has recently been looking for a property to buy and subsequently a property to rent. He has come across an issue that is effecting house hunters - the lack of BER rating.

    Aggravated Burglaries

    Colm lives in a lovely area of Dublin. He lives in his dream home. Unfortunately, he and his neighbours are being intimidated and aggressively targeted by burglars. He tells Philip that they are literally under siege.

    Wednesday 16th July

    Lord Altamount - Westport House

    Nora Heraty who worked for many years at Westport House wanted to remember Lord Altamount who died earlier this week.

    Deer Poaching

    Liam says that illegal deer hunting - poaching - is the curse of efficient deer management.

    Act of Kindness

    Tish wanted to thank a very good Samaritan that stopped and helped after they got a puncture.

    Danny Talbot's Sister

    Maria McCrea, sister of Danny Talbot has read the report by the Child and Family Agency, Tusla, into the death of her brother. It wasn’t really a shock to her.

    Tuesday 15th July


    Christine was annoyed that she still has her husband's PPS number.

    Garth Brooks

    The cancelled Garth Brooks concerts have affected people in different ways.


    John Mollin spent two weeks in prison by refusing to have his herd tested for TB in the 1980s. Dr Liam Joyce argued that badgers do not pass TB to cattle.


    Listeners talk about the volume of litter in Ireland

    Monday 14th July

    Poolbeg Chimneys

    Kieran was one of the designers of the Poolbeg towers and he would be happy to see them demolished. He says they are defunct. Michael has another novel use for them. He tells Philip his idea. Colm who is a pilot and Dermot who is a retired Irish Ferries office say the towers are very useful for navigation purposes.

    Questionable Birthday Card

    Reney was looking for a card for a 19 year old recently and was shocked by one card she saw on the shelves, so much so she approached a manager and asked him to remove it, which she duly did. She tells Philip of her concerns.

    Badger Cull

    Is Badger culling a necessary evil or a cruelty? Tom, Bernie, John and Michael discuss the controversial practice which is aimed at preventing the spread of TB.


    Iain's home in Nenagh, Tipperary was burgled on Friday afternoon. The thieves absolutely trashed his house stealing his son's savings in the process.

    Friday 11th July

    Home Carers

    Patricia is another of the many home care workers who have not been paid under a ‘gratuity scheme’ despite a Labour Court Recommendation in 2009. She has worked as a home carer for over 20 years.

    PPS Number

    Mary is wondering why she has been asked to change her PPS number….she has used her husband's for years and now Revenue have told her she needs to get her own number again.

    WW1 Medal Lost and Found

    Oonagh found a World War One medal while out walking as a child, she kept it in a jewellery box for more than 30 years.

    Sideline Parents

    Are 'Sideline Silences' impossible to maintain?

    Poolbeg Chimneys

    Should the Poolbeg chimneys be demolished?

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