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Friday 15th December



Mater Hospital/Marriage

Mater Hospital/Marriage

Scam Collector

Scam Collector

Grafton St

Grafton St

Strange Calls

Strange Calls



Thursday 14th December

Puppy Farming

Puppy Farming

Freedom of Dublin

Freedom of Dublin

Wednesday 13th December

Simon Community

The house next door to Gary was purchased by Dublin Simon Community. He has made complains to Simon about anti social behaviour there, and is not happy about how the house is being managed. We heard from Sam McGuinness, Head on Dublin Simon, as well as Liveline listeners.

Tuesday 12th December


Niamh is trying to turn her life around after years of shoplifting.


A number of listeners have been robbed while in Clarehall Shopping Centre.

Monday 11th December


Rebecca encountered a rogue drone while staying at the Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.


Siobhan Kilalea told Joe about how her daughter was a victim of racism while travelling on the Luas this week.


Amanda lives near the new Scientology centre in Firhouse where the controversial church has launched a Winter Wonderland Christmas event for local families.

Tram Jam

Joe heard from callers who were stuck in Dublin's 'Tram Jam' when the new Luas caused significant traffic delays on Monday morning.


Tara Barry lives in Dublin's Sandyford area and had serious difficulty finding a taxi driver to bring her home from the city centre at the weekend.


Tracey told Joe about her 'Smokey and the Bandit' moment where she found herself in a car chase with a handbag-thief.

Friday 8th December

Magdalene Stories

Listeners react to the sale of a former Magdalene Laundry building in Dublin to a Japanese hotel group.

Dublin Bus

A video went around on social media last night of a bus driver throwing an abusive man off a bus. Sonya told Joe about her own experience being thrown off a bus - because her child was crying too much.

Damien Mahon

Damien Mahon's company - Apollo Windows - got an incorrect bill from Eir for €2300. He spent months trying to get the money back. Eir eventually agreed to a refund. But then they changed their mind and said he could offset it against his bill.

Thursday 7th December

Magdalene Laundry

Listeners react to the sale of a former Magdalene Laundry building in Dublin to a Japanese hotel group.

Home for Christmas

Lisa and her family, who live in San Francisco, planned to spend Xmas in Ireland. But Lisa mixed up the booking with Aer Lingus putting her Xmas trip in jeopardy.

Wednesday 6th December

Cashing Cheques

Michael Guiry told Joe about the problems he faced trying to cash a cheque as an executor of his late brother-in-law's estate.


Jenny Keenan and Martina Keane are both owed significant refunds from telecommunications company Eir. They have been waiting weeks for their money. After Liveline contacted Eir, the company apologised to both customers and assured them they would be sorted as soon as possible.

Christmas Issues

Catherine Keane says she will not be sending Christmas cards this year because of the cost of stamps. Martin Sinnot has identified a problem with An Post service Addresspal after he recently had to pay €3.75 to collect a piece of spam mail he'd inadvertently signed up for.

Communion Form

Athboy resident Sharon Collins called Liveline when she received a questionnaire asking her to justify the reasons why her son should make his communion this year. The form, issued by the local priest and given to her son in school, asked her for the number of the church donation box she contributes to.

Tuesday 5th December


Bill Luttriell lives with Parkinson's, but was refused a drink in a pub when they thought he was drunk.

Water Refunds

The repayment of water charges has begun, but has caused problems for some people who don't have bank accounts.

Monday 4th December

Brexit and Northern Ireland

Listeners react to the latest news on Brexit.

Friday 1st December

Foster Ellie the Dog

Angela Keogh needs to find a foster home for her dog while her husband is in hospital. We were inundated with offers.


David has found himself homeless in recent times.

Wheelchair User Trapped

Geraldine is a wheelchair user who found herself stuck in a disabled toilet in Beaumont Hospital.

Conor McGregor's Court Appearance

Liveline callers were critical of Conor McGregor's appearance in court yesterday. His solicitor Graham Kenny defended his client.

Thursday 30th November

Can You Foster Angela's Dog?

Angela Keogh's husband Joe is in a serious condition in hospital after a heart attack last week. Angela called Liveline to see if any of our listeners would be in a position to foster their Labradoodle puppy Ellie while they spend time in hospital.

Irish Fishing Industry - Brexit

Fisherwoman Caitlin Ui hAodha reacted to comments made by the DUP's Ian Paisley Jr about the status of fisheries post-Brexit.

Investment Scam

Martin Garvey lost over €100,000 on an investment scam, he shared his story. More callers got in touch about the European Business Number scam letter doing the rounds.

Child's Cancelled Dental Surgery

Vanessa Gibbons told Joe about how her 3-year-old's dental surgery was cancelled hours after she was prepped for the operation. Vanessa described how the drug 'Midazolam' had a hallucinogenic effect on her little girl.

Parking Charges for Renters

Claire Colfer lives in the Summerfield Estate in Blanchardstown where the management company has been accused of hiking parking charges as a way around rent caps.

Wednesday 29th November

European Business Number

European Business Number

Firstpoint USA

Firstpoint USA

Parking Fees

Parking Fees

Tuesday 28th November

Resignation of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald

One topic dominated Liveline today: the resignation of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald. We heard from both supporters and detractors.

Monday 27th November

Renting Issues

Isabel told Joe about a rent scam which nearly resulted in her handing over thousands of euro for a phantom apartment, she is now paying €300 per month to share a room with five others. Vinnie has been monitoring the rent on the apartment he used to live in. The increases have been way in excess of the 4% limit imposed by the government.

Travel Vouchers - Expiry Dates

Christy Nolan and his wife Breda bought themselves a gift of €600 worth of vouchers from Falcon Holidays last December. Tragically, Breda then got terminal cancer and died last month.  Falcon refused Christy's request to extend the December expiry date, as he didn't feel up to a holiday so soon after Breda's passing.

Possible General Election

With the country facing a possible general election, callers gave their views on the government crisis.  Joe held two 5 minute text polls during the show asking: A) Should there be an election? Total Votes = 4,800 No = 71%  YES =29% And B) Should Frances Fitzgerald resign? Total Votes = 5,000 YES = 60% No = 40%

Friday 24th November

Funny Friday Live from Cork

Live from the Kingsley Hotel in Cork

Thursday 23rd November


More on One4All Vouchers.

Religion in Hospitals

More on yesterday's call from Siobhan who wasn't allowed to pray with hospital patients.


Celine came here from Zimbabwe via the UK three months ago. She broke her shoulder soon after arriving, ended up in hospital and she's now homeless. She's not happy that the state will not support her financially.

Lost Phone

Karen's brother David rushed home from Australia to be with his dying grandmother. On his way back to Australia he left his phone - containing precious pictures of his grandmother - on the plane. He hasn't been able to retrieve it.

Al Porter Pantomine

Mary says she wants a refund after buying tickets to see Al Porter in the Olympia panto. The comedian has been dropped from the line-up.

Wednesday 22nd November

Waiting Lists - Public Vs Private

After covering waiting lists all week here on Liveline, callers reacted to the Primetime Investigates programme which looked at the proportion of time that consultants spend treating private and public patients.

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