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    Friday 27th November

    Fiver Friday

    It's only a week until Fiver Friday. Joe heard from businesses around the country taking part.

    One Punch Assault

    One punch assaults can kill, but what happens when they don't? Nevis Hogan told us about her brother Brian and the savage assault which left him severely disabled.

    1910 Letters

    Ivor has some very special letters in his possession. They were written in 1910 by Mary Dixon and he'd like to find her family.

    Love Stories

    Long lost romance was the order of the day on 'Loveline' this afternoon. George was in touch to tell us about rekindling a romance with an old flame later in life, a decision which he admitted caused upset and heartbreak along the way.

    Thursday 26th November

    Fiver Friday

    Paddy Byrne Butchers and Justin Kavanagh of told Joe about their Fiver Friday deals.

    U2 Tickets

    American Brooke Bradley is a major U2 fan who spent $2000 on tickets with for Saturday’s show. The tickets had fallen through when she arrived in Dublin.


    William, in his 70’s and Christopher , 25, are both users of cannabis who feel it poses no danger to users.

    Sham Marriages

    James has had to postpone his wedding to his Brazillian bride due to recent changes to the Civil Registration Amendment Act 2014.

    One Punch Attack

    Eugene Greaney’s son Ronan was the victim of a “One Punch” assault in Galway at the weekend.

    Wednesday 25th November

    Fiver Friday

    More Fiver Friday offers for December 4th.


    Tim told Joe that he thought his friend's sentence for cannabis possession was harsh. Tim’s friend got 6 years for 6 kilos. Listeners spoke about their own experiences with cannabis.

    Tuesday 24th November

    Monday 23rd November


    Renowned box player Tony Mac Mahon contacted us from Bangalore in India. He and Joe chatted about his Parkinson's misdiagnosis, using marijuana to treat his hand tremors and plans for end of life care.


    Pickpockets were in the spotlight when Margaret Emerson rang in. She told Joe about a curious character she encountered on Grafton Street in Dublin. Initially she thought the man was quite ill until a passerby informed her the man was pretending to be sick and he was a well-known pickpocket.


    Patsy Farr from Kerry told us about how she was forced to fit a third seat belt in her two-seater car, just so she could pass the NCT.

    Trial Days

    Maria got in touch to highlight the potential pitfalls of 'trial' and 'training' days after applying for a job with Pixifoto. She says she should have been paid after doing a day's work in Newbridge.

    Van Morrisson

    Fans complained about how the singer didn't acknowledge the crowd during the hour-and-a-half long performance and said the merchandise on sale was overpriced.

    Friday 20th November


    Amanda was in an Oxfam shop when a homeless man, soaked to the skin, came into the shop and requested a coat. He was refused. She offered to buy the coat for him. Emer Mullins from Oxfam explained what happened.

    Fiver Friday

    We heard from businesses who are getting involved in the Liveline Fiver Friday on December 4th

    Son Died

    Michael Ducey’s 18 year old son Jamie died in tragic circumstances in Dungarvan. He recalled the night his son died and appealed for better facilities for young people in rural areas.

    IFA Pay

    The controversy surrounding the salary of former IFA General Secretary Pat Smith led to a very lively debate on today’s Liveline.

    Thursday 19th November

    Fiver Friday

    Retailers tell us what they are planning for Fiver Friday on the 4th of December

    Electric Cars

    Callers tell us about the difficulty they are having with charging points for electric cars.

    Tuesday 17th November

    Fiver Friday

    Celine Keane from Tallaght reminded us that Fiver Friday is taking place on December 4th and she told us about the deals she'll be offering in her florist business.


    Bernard Kilraine joined us to lament the end of bedsit accommodation.

    Paris Attacks

    Darren called in to urge people not to buy into anti-refugee rhetoric after the Parisian attacks.

    Euro 2016

    Some super-fans have their flights and camper van booked and paid for already after Ireland's stunning performance against Bosnia-Herzegovina last night.

    Monday 16th November

    Paris Attacks

    On today’s Liveline we heard how Paris is coping in the aftermath of Friday’s deadly attacks.

    Friday 13th November


    Protesters in Gorey clashed with Gardai last night. One protester was struck with a baton.

    C Diff

    Listeners who’ve contracted C Diff tell us about their experiences in hospital wards. Nicola says she was terrified that she would spread her infection to other patients.


    A resident of Dorset Street says gangs of youngsters are buying boxes of cheap vegetables and throwing them at passers-by. She’s been hit.


    An Irish couple are stranded in Bali because an ash cloud has disrupted flights and an Irishman who visited London tells the time and expense he incurred in trying to find an apartment which didn’t exist.

    Malahide Christmas Kingdom

    The residents of Malahide remain divided about whether a Xmas event should go ahead on a small village green.

    Thursday 12th November

    Bus Wheel

    Sean tells Joe about the Dublin Bus that lost a wheel on Tuesday while in motion.

    C Diff

    Frank's dad was diagnosed with C. Difficile, he was released on Monday but was ambulanced back to hospital yesterday.

    Malahide Christmas

    Following a meeting this morning Christmas Kingdom has been cancelled on the green in Malahide.

    Wednesday 11th November

    Tuesday 10th November

    Tesco Deliveries

    Martin Percival in Rathdowney relies on his Tesco home deliveries every week but it appears that he is no longer able to access that option online anymore.

    Electric Cars

    Alan and James are owners of Electric cars but are not too impressed with the new costs associated with fast charging them.


    The Government’s proposed 2 year freeze on rental prices. We heard from a variety of landlords and agents and bedsit owners.

    Friday 6th November

    Thursday 5th November

    Service Dogs Europe

    The Service Dogs Europe saga continues. Today we heard from Samantha who learned her dog had been sold as a pet after she returned it to the company for retraining.

    Internet Scams

    Teresa told us all about the magic anti ageing serum Juvesiio. It didn’t alter her face, but it seems it altered her bank balance. After signing up for a “free trial” and handing over her bank details for package and posting, a number of hefty payments were taken out of her account.

    Taxi Tests

    Joseph got in touch to tell us about the difficult questions he had to answer during his National Transport Authority taxi test, which he failed.

    Bank of Ireland

    When is a row-back not a row-back? Bank of Ireland moved to reassure elderly and vulnerable customers today after it announced measures to restrict cash transactions in its branches.

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