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Friday 18th August

Rental Accommodation

Rental Accommodation

Trailer Stolen

Trailer Stolen

Barcelona Terror Attack

Barcelona Terror Attack

Thursday 17th August


There was further reaction to the plaque in Ennis which commemorates the Sisters of Mercy institution in the town. Kathy described living there in the 50's. Callers praised the Sisters, while others were critical of them.

Creche Places

Hughie Greaves, a former community worker in Ballymun, told Joe about the atmosphere in the area following the fatal shooting there yesterday.

Ballymun Shooting

Sinead was surprised to miss out on a 2nd year ECCE place for her two children because she was a day late reading an email. Other creche owners and parents called in.

Wednesday 16th August

Ennis Statue

Listeners are divided about whether a statue to the Sisters of Mercy in Ennis should be taken down. Many Irish children suffered while being cared for in Industrial Schools run by the Sisters of Mercy and other religious orders.

Tuesday 15th August

Life after Seperation and Divorce

Elaine and Sally spoke about the aftermath of their marriage separations. Sharon rang in after hearing the two women speak and also spoke about the financial and emotional toil that divorce can take.

Car Hire

Barbara hired a car and someone scratched it when she was in the shop. She was charged £840 for a relatively small repair job. Duncan used to be an inspector with the National Consumer Agency. He told Joe about some of the practices he had seen in the industry.

Who should be the next President of Ireland?

Marian was appalled to hear that Senator Gerard Craughwell wants to run against Michael D Higgins for the presidency next year. She says she loves Michael D: he is her favourite president ever and she wants him to stay on until 2025. John totally disagreed. He wants Joe Brolly in the Aras.

Monday 14th August

Traffic and Parking in Dublin.

Grainne has made the decision never to shop in Dun Laoghaire again in response to parking charges in the town. Bill and Des told Joe about the problems they've identified with the new Dublin traffic plan. Patrick spotted what he thinks is a discrepancy on his M50 e-Flow receipt.


Brigid paid €4,200 for a new shed which never materialised after workmen scarpered with her money. She called Liveline to warn other listeners to be vigilant, but soon the offers to help Brigid flooded in.

Country Squire Magazine

Over the weekend, Liveline received calls criticising an article by Jim Browne of Country Squire Magazine labeling it racist and insulting. They talked to Joe today.

Friday 11th August

Putting Petrol into a Diesel Car

Noel Muldowney put a full tank of petrol into his diesel car and was surprised at the reaction of drivers when he shuddered to a halt.


We heard more shoplifting stories from Liveline callers.

Romance on Aisle 2

Mick is divorced and, having tried online dating with no success, recently met someone at a supermarket. It's early days but things are going well.


Damien Tallon suffered from anxiety attacks for many years, but has found that painting has given him a great coping mechanism. Paul, Diarmuid and Helen shared their views.

Thursday 10th August

Trying to buy an Apartment

Marzena has been saving for a 10% deposit to buy an apartment in Portarlington. But now she's been told by the lender, Permanent TSB, that because the apartment is in a town with a population of less than 20,000, she will need a bigger deposit.

Back to School with Nurofen

Joan objects to an advertisement she saw in her local pharmacy which appears to encourage children to use Nurofen to take the pain out of going back to school.


Joanne's elderly mother was accused of shoplifting. We also speak to listeners who've been banned after leaving their local store without paying.

Wednesday 9th August


Liveline listeners reacted to the death of singer Glenn Campbell who died yesterday after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Bee Attack

Pat and his wife Ann were attacked by a swarm of bees while out walking in Dundalk. Bernadette called Liveline to tell Philip about a similar experience she had just hours beforehand.

Photos Used on Fake Dating Profile

Barbara couldn't believe it when she learned her image was being used on dating app Bumble without her knowledge, she called Liveline to tell her story. Aisling told Philip about seeing her face on a fake Tinder profile and Pauline told us about 'scam-baiting' where she tries to smoke out 'scamsters' online.

Tuesday 8th August

Homeless Man In Need Of Medical Attention

Irenaeus came across a homeless man outside the Mater Private hospital who needed medical attention. The only way to get it was to call an ambulance.

Wheelchair Not Allowed On Flight

Danielle McGovern is a wheelchair user. On a recent flight she was removed from the plane due to the pilot's safety concerns about the wheelchair battery.

Cat's Teeth Removed

Paul went on a family holiday abroad and put his cat into a cattery. Unfortunately, due to a case of mistaken identity, the cat's teeth were removed in error.

Mental Health

Cathy was mortgage approved, but after her father died by suicide, she found herself struggling a little and went into a mental health facility. As a result, she lost her mortgage approval.

Friday 4th August


Aidan is living in a Motorhome and travelling in continental Europe. He nad his partner lost their livelihood in the recession.

Summer Job

Amy Kenny is 18 but cannot get a summer job.

Debs Dresses

High cost of Debs. Dresses are particularly expensive according to some listeners.


Neville bought a grave 20 years ago. He's now decided he doesn't want to use the plot but the cemetery will only reimburse him the actual price he paid rather than the market value.

Thursday 3rd August

Divorce Not Recognised

Divorce Not Recognised

Aldi Clamp

Aldi Clamp





Wednesday 2nd August

Protection Order

Theresa told Joe about the reality of having a relative with a mental health issue. It has affected 4 generations of her family.

Direct Provision

Fr Paddy Byrne recently officiated at a grave blessing for a woman who had been in Direct Provision. Not one person had turned up for her funeral.

Tuesday 1st August

Pellet Guns

After Noelle's horrific story yesterday about her son being shot with a pellet gun, Marie and Noel told Joe about people they knew who have been badly injured with these kinds of weapons.

Charging for Air

Aidan Hynes was getting air in his tyres in Dublin last week - he was horrified to be charged for it. Rory O'Brien told him to get over it - the garage has to pay money to generate air.

Frank - protection order

Frank's 39-year-old son has mental health issues. Frank got a protection order against him, which he had to invoke last week. The Gardai took him away but then let him out the following morning. Celine also spoke to Joe about mental health issues in her family, and her efforts to get her brother committed.

Monday 31st July

Miami Showband

Miami Showband

Pellet Gun

Pellet Gun


The Mystery of the Marsupials on Lambay Island. Among the callers is a butcher who supplies Irish-bred Wallaby meat to restaurants.

Thursday 27th July

Bank of Ireland Shares

Many callers, who had lost heavily on bank shares, were annoyed when they received letters from Bank Of Ireland offering them the opportunity to donate their shares to charities.

HSE Letter

Laura received a letter to arrange a 3 year developmental check for her daughter Gemma, but Gemma had died at 13 days old in 2013. Also, Aishling Nibbs lost her son Oran to Mitochondrial disease at the age of 7. She feels that the disease is much misunderstood

Wednesday 26th July


Moya and Siobhan shared memories of their fathers' experiences at Dunkirk.

Victims of Crime

Paul Dunne's cousins Jack and Tommy Blaine were murdered in Castlebar in 2013. Yesterday their killer was sentenced to life in prison. The case also brought up memories for Tommy from Louth who has been attacked on a number of occasions.

Dog Attacks

Anne's son was bitten by a neighbour's dog. The call sparked a debate between listeners about whether dogs that bite should be immediately put down.

Tuesday 25th July




An update on Breda MacColigh's husband who's been on a waiting list for a heart procedure. It's very good news.

Shannon cruise

Kevin's hired cruiser twice broke down while on the Shannon on Saturday. Emerald Star explained what happened to their boat.

Win Our Wedding

More stories about the competition that has left many brides to be unhappy.

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