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Monday 24th October

American Stuck in Dublin

Kalita came to Ireland on a holiday, missed her flight home and since then has been in a semi-homeless situation in Dublin, staying with a friend when she can but sleeping in a tent near the M50 on other nights. She spoke to Joe about the six children she left at home and the efforts she has made to return to the States.


A listener got in touch with the show to tell us of his distress at discovering the grave in Cavan where many of his ancestors have been buried has been given away by the local priest. He told Joe about it.


On Friday, we spoke to Angela, the owner of a house in Dublin who recently discovered her tenant wasn't living there himself but was sub-letting the property as an Air BnB. Today, she got the chance to confront the tenant live on air. He wasn't for turning...

Friday 21st October

Sleeping in Car

Caroline contacted Liveline to tell Philip that she's been living in her car this week after being unable to find suitable rental accommodation in Dublin.

Garda Strikes

The looming industrial action by Gardai was on the forefront of more callers' minds this afternoon. John calls the Gardai to his business premises at least three times a month, he doesn't know what he's going to do if he needs them on November 4th.

Visa Problems

Frank called Liveline to talk about being denied entry to the United States because he visited Iraq on business in the last 12 months.


Angela told Philip about how the property she had out rented to a college lecturer was being used as an Airbnb without her knowledge.

Thursday 20th October

RSA Ad/Cyclists

Cyclist v Drivers – the war started earlier in the week and continued today with stories of abuse and injury from both sides of the conflict.

Planning Row

Helen Clarke appealed planning permission that was given for a new Insomnia cafe in Kilkenny. She was given a date for her appeal, but Insomnia went ahead with the building work anyway!

Nursing Homes

Mike got in a row with the management at his mother’s nursing home. Mike told Philip he’s not happy with how much of her pension they keep, and how much they hand over to him and his mother.

Wednesday 19th October

Violent Scene

Emmet was heading in Portlaoise in the early hours of yesterday morning when he came upon a car stopped in the middle of the road. There was a woman hanging out of the car. She had been badly beaten.

Sterling V Euro

Listeners continue to get in touch with the price differences they're seeing quoted in sterling and in euro. We had some more staggering examples today.

Garda Strike

The looming work stoppage by the Gardai continues to dominate. We heard some true accounts today from people who fear escalating crime when the Gardai take their action.

Lotto Player

Shannon's nana thought she was in the money! When she checked her lotto draw numbers on Aertel last Saturday, they matched her selection exactly...unfortunately, it didn't turn out so well.

'Sham Marriage'

An allegation that Harrit's marriage is a sham marriage has resulted in husband Kleber being deported. Harriet told Philip about their fight to get him back to Ireland.

Tuesday 18th October

Praying for Parking

Pat got in touch to tell Philip about how she regularly asks her late husband to help her find a parking space.

Who is She?

Liveline listener Karen heard Liz McKenna's interview with Joe last week in which Liz talked about trying to trace her family. Karen found a lot of similarities between Liz's story and that of her dad George McKenna.

Sterling v Euro

Callers to Liveline this week have been asking why there's still such a disparity between UK and Irish prices despite the collapse in the value of the pound.


Philip spoke to Dervla Batt from Co Dublin about a bad accident she had while cycling to work in April. Dervla was in a coma and is continuing her rehabilitation at home but she told Philip about her eagerness to get back on the saddle.

Garda Strike

Who will police us on November 4th, the first day of the Gardai's planned industrial action?

Monday 17th October

Stolen Robes

Reverend Martin O’Kelly was a Catholic altar boy when he was 7 – now he’s a Church of Ireland clergyman who’s trying to find his stolen vestments after his car was broken into.

Looking for information on father

John Herbert’s father walked out on his English family in 1957 and headed for Dublin. John now knows that his father had 4 wives and swindled various victims out of £50,000 – but he still wants to find out what became of him.


Louise got in a tangle with a cyclist recently. He came around to the driver side of the car, reached in the window, and started poking her. She told Philip about this traumatic experience and how she felt that tensions between drivers and cyclists are reaching boiling point.

Sterling v Euro

Callers continued to get in touch about the inflated prices being paid by Irish shoppers when the sterling currency slump is taken into account.

Cash in Transit Robbery

Patrick witnessed someone jump out of a car and pepper spray a security man who was delivering cash to an ATM. The thieves made off with €50,000 before the gardai arrived. Patrick told Philip about this shocking scene.

Friday 14th October

Looking for family

Liz McKenna was adopted at a very young age and is trying to trace her family. Liz was born in the Rotunda on 13 April, 1940 and baptised in the pro Cathedral. Her mother, Mary McKenna, worked in the Rotunda. At various stages, Liz lived in Gorey, Newtownforbes and Roosky before moving to England. She told Joe ‘I just want to know who I am.’

Sterling Drop

Noelle has been on the Irish and British versions of the Next website – she told Joe that we are paying significantly higher prices when the weaker value of sterling is taken into account. Danny bought a Dublin GAA jersey in Northern Ireland. It was more than €20 cheaper than it would have cost in Dublin.

Bank Scam

Judy’s mother was phoned by a con artist who pretended to be from the bank. He would have stolen thousands of euro only Judy’s brother realised it was fraud just in time.

Mobile Phones of Deceased

Tom’s son was beaten up and killed on the quays in Dublin. After Thomas’s death, Tom used to ring his voicemail every now and then just to hear his voice. After six months, the number was passed on to someone else, who answered the phone when Tom rang, giving them both a shock.

Thursday 13th October

IRA Bomb Attack in Portarlington

Retired Garda Jim Cannon recalls the events of 16th October 1976 when an IRA bomb in a farmhouse near Portarlington killed a colleague of his, Michael Clerkin. Jim and three other colleagues were seriously injured in the ambush. A mass for the victims will be held this Saturday at 3pm in St Joseph's Church, Portarlington.

Phone Number Re-Assigned

Pat Costello's son died a year ago. His wife accidentally rang his mobile last weekend to discover that the number has been reassigned to another phone customer. This happened to other callers who phoned in

Wednesday 12th October

Housing Problems

Derek and Jane outlined problems they've had buying houses. They say the Help to Buy scheme will not help them at all. John gave a warning to people on social welfare who might want to avail of the rent-a-room scheme.

Childcare and Budget

On today's Liveline, stay-at-home parents told Joe how they feel discriminated against after yesterday's budget in which the government announced an overhaul of state-subsidised childcare. Full-time worker Pat from Clare talked about how he feels he'll be better off on the dole.

Tuesday 11th October

Budget 2017 Reaction

Budget 2017. Not a Fiver Friday, but more of a Fiver Tuesday as there were plenty of €5 notes being given out across a range of areas. We heard from pensioners, self employed, single people, a creche owner, a smoker, a stay at home mother and someone who can't get a mortgage.

Monday 10th October


Marie cares for two elderly brothers who live together in Roscommon. She says the proposed extra €5 pension in the budget will make very little difference – the government needs to spend proper money on home help hours.

Faith Healers

Michael’s mother got Motor Neuron Disease and a faith healer told her he could cure her – once she made the right donation: ‘the stronger the payment, the stronger the cure.’


Gabriela’s sister Anna has a 16 year old son with a disability. They took a flight recently but Ryanair didn’t have the right equipment to help Michael disembark. Anna ended up carrying her son down the steps on her back.

Friday 7th October





Councillor Performance

Councillor Performance

Coldplay Tickets/Seatwave

Coldplay Tickets/Seatwave

Dunboyne Arrests

Dunboyne Arrests

Thursday 6th October


More stories about insurance.

Wednesday 5th October


There were lots of callers today who have had to deal with the reality of claustrophobia with MRI scans being particularly difficult.


The decision by Combined Insurance to cease their critical illness policy has angered many Liveline listeners.

Birth Cert

Ann's search for her birth cert on yesterday's programme had resonances for Evelyn and Noel.

Tuesday 4th October

Birth Cert

Ann can’t get a public service card because she doesn't know where her birth was registered. She was put in an orphanage at the age of 6 months and stayed there till she was 17. Ann told Joe that, as she is now 66, she wants to apply for the public service card.


After Linda called us about her agoraphobia yesterday, Anna got in touch to tell Joe about her claustrophobia. She won’t go in lifts and can’t get into a car without sedatives. Margaret only discovered she was claustrophobic when she had an MRI scan in her 60s.


Kevin thought his pension pot was worth 200k, but discovered recently that it is only 70k. Kevin compares this to the nine HSE executives who got 400k golden handshakes when they retired, and collect a pension every year worth over 125k.

Monday 3rd October

Jonny Cooper Dublin GAA

The picture of Brendan Cooper, father of victorious Dublin footballer Johnny, in tears was in many papers today.

Kidney Disease

Sean Murphy, has been on dialysis for over 6 years as he waits for a kidney transplant. He described the reality of his life to Joe.

Missing Dog and Sparrowhawk

Gillian Bird, of the DSPCA, appealed to Liveline listeners on behalf of Rachel McCoy to keep an eye out for her murdered father's boxer dog. Hilary, a falconer by hobby, keeps a sparrow hawk in his house in the Baggot Street area. On Friday it escaped.

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