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    Tuesday 16th September

    Teacher Training

    Sandra is 48. She recently completed her degree in English and New Media and her H Dip. She is totally frustrated because she cannot get a job because she can't get teaching experience.

    Speeding / Cannonball Run

    Dermot was listening to the show yesterday in relation to the Cannonball Run. He travels the road from Dublin to Blessington frequently. He tells Joe that he frequently passes at least 10 motorbikes racing each other up and down the road.

    Cycling Helmets

    On Sunday Noel did a charity cycle. On the way home he pulled in to assist at the scene of an accident where a cyclist had been hit by a car and cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

    Rickshaw Accident

    Anthony is a taxi driver. He picked up a young couple in the early hours of Monday morning. The young man had been badly injured in a Rickshaw accident. He says the Rickshaw drivers tyres got stuck in Luas tracks.

    Scottish Referendum

    Bob Geldof has advocated a NO vote in the Scottish referendum. He has urged the Scots to vote to stay in the United Kingdom. Catherine is infuriated by this, she feels that Bob should mind his own business.

    Monday 15th September

    Finding Sean Parker

    An update on finding relatives of the late Sean Parker.

    Fuel Contamination

    We hear more stories from listeners about contaminated fuel.

    Cost of Medicine

    The cost of medicine is much cheaper abroad. We hear personal experiences of this.

    Can't Get Work

    Listeners talk about how difficult it is to find work.

    Cannonball Run

    Listeners saw cars taking part in the Cannonball Run which were speeding.

    Friday 12th September

    Thursday 11th September

    Irish Water

    The frustration of Liveline listener’s with the administration of the Water Charge was evident. Why should someone who has a “boil notice” pay water charges?

    Carer Allowance

    Elizabeth’s mother is in a home, and she is now looking after her elderly father who has early dementia, but doesn’t qualify for a Carer’s Allowance at the moment.


    Enya is trying to rent a house with 3 others and it is proving to be a very frustrating experience. Prices are going up.

    Fuel Contamination

    With fuel and petrol “stretching” becoming ever more frequent in Ireland, Liveline callers shared their tales of woe with Joe.

    Wednesday 10th September

    U2 Album

    As U2 launch their new album callers reflect on their early memories of the band.

    Finding Sean Parker

    More leads on finding out where Sean Parker was from.

    Tax Defaulting

    Popular country singer Robert Mizzell named on Revenue Tax defaulters list.

    Tuesday 9th September

    Garth Brooks Tour

    Garth Brooks concerts in Ireland may have been cancelled but Irish fans headed to Chicago to see the opening night of his American arena tour.

    Nazi Memorabilia

    The auction of Nazi and World War II memorabilia was on the agenda again today. Many believe that the only place for this material is in a museum.

    Street Attack

    Lorna witnessed an horrific attack on a young man in Dublin city centre last night.

    Dementia and Security

    Mags mum is suffering from dementia and is very worried about bogus callers to the house, so much so that she has installed CCTV cameras.

    Finding Sean Parker

    Marty Ward is a former Principal of Glinsk National school and involved in local history and ancestry. He believes he has found a Sean Parker who was enrolled in Ballincurry National School in 1941 at the age of 5.

    Monday 8th September


    Ted and Pat had more stories about house thefts and retrieving stolen goods.

    Looking for Sean Parker

    Paul Edwards from Medway Council spoke with Joe to try and trace any family of Irishman Sean Parker who died in the Medway area of Britain.

    Car Insurance

    Wayne Caffrey couldn’t understand why his insurance renewal had more than doubled when he had changed to a much less powerful and newer car.

    War Memorabilila Auction

    With the upcoming auction of war memorabilia at Whyte’s, there was a lively debate as to whether Nazi artefacts should ever be sold or collected. Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental and Ian Whyte, along with Frank (a collector) and Tommy (a re-enactor ) along with many Liveline listeners, discussed.

    Friday 5th September

    Property Tax

    Una was listening to the Minister on various radio programmes yesterday in relation to the property tax, every time he said it had to be fair and equitable she became very angry, as she believes it is not a fair tax.

    Secular Graves

    Mick Nugent from Atheist Ireland this morning attened the burial of his wife, Anne, in the Dublin Medical Schools plot at Glasnevin. She left her body to Trinity College’s Medical school following her death in 2011.

    Prize Bonds

    Una has prize bonds, some she has had for 40 years, she has never won anything, wondering has anybody ever won the big prizes.

    Stolen Phones

    Tracking your I-Phone or I-Pad after it has been stolen – Liveline listeners talk about their experiences.

    Thursday 4th September

    House Broken Into

    Mary tells Joe the scary story of how her home was burgled when her family slept on Monday night. Her main focus now is trying to trace a 'Go Tab' tablet which her daughter loves. Her daughter is autistic and the tablet is priceless to her.


    John has a 12 year old daughter who has never set foot inside a school in her life, although she has now expressed an interest in going.

    Fair Deal Scheme - Dublin

    When it comes to footing the Property Tax bill, Brian thinks Dublin dwellers are going to end up subsidising their rural neighbours. He doesn't think it's fair. He also feels Dubliners are unfairly treated when it comes to the Government's Fair Deal Scheme for nursing homes.

    Wednesday 3rd September


    Mother of six who was arrested this morning for non payment of a fine relating to not sending her children to school spoke to Joe after been granted temporary release.

    KBC Mortgage

    John has been having mortgage difficulties and is unhappy with how his bank are deciding a new weekly figure for him to pay.

    New Signposts

    Brian Byrne is amazed at the new signposts cropping up around the country and wonders are they a waste of money.


    We began the programme with Tadhg, a small business owner, who was having problems with the CVRT on one of his vans.

    Monday 1st September


    Brian had trouble with his car , but when he called his insurance company they said that they couldn't tow away his car because the NCT was out of date.

    Army Retirement

    Brendan served in the Irish Army and feels that the enlisted ranks have a difficult time , compoounded in recent years by the mandatory retirement rule those who enlisted after 1994.

    Scottish Referendum

    The forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence was the subject of the calls to Liveline today . Irish people living in Scotland and Scots living in Ireland gave their views.

    Friday 29th August


    As the deadline approaches for the payment of the NPPR charges and penalties, the Liveline listeners were animated once again.

    Thursday 28th August


    Discussion about the NPPR charges and penalties continued today with callers expressing their frustration at the poor levels of communication to those who were due to pay the tax.

    Tuesday 26th August


    The NPPR liabilities for people living overseas who have properties in Ireland and for people within ireland who did not live in their principal private residences are discussed on today's programme.

    Friday 22nd August

    Funny Friday

    Live from Studio 10 in the RTE Radio Centre. Bob Carley, Sil Fox, Frank Forde, Paddy Cullivan, Declan Callis, Doc Savage, Packie O'Callaghan, June Rogers, Frank Twomey, Declan O'Brien and Musical Director Ivan McKenna.

    Thursday 21st August

    Death of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds

    The passing of Albert Reynolds was the subject of today's programme. Paul Allen, Donie Cassidy , Eurovision winner Paul Harrington and many others talked to Joe about their memories of the former Taoiseach.

    Wednesday 20th August

    Student Accomodation

    We talk to landlords and students about the availability of accomodation.

    Monday 18th August

    Life Insurance

    More discussion about Life insurance policies which have suddenly increased their premiums.

    Allergies in Restaurants

    Chef Gary O'Hanlon tells Joe about his frustration with people asking for recipes to be adjusted at the last minute to take their food intolerances into account.

    Motorbike Stolen

    Nikos had his motorbike stolen while on holidays in Cork. He tells Joe how the bike was thrown into the river by the thieves after they failed to get it started.

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