Late Date

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    Late Date Monday 17 February 2014


    Late Date

    The perfect musical end to the day with Fiachna Braonáin

    Late Date

    The perfect musical end to the day with Alf McCarthy

    About The Show

    It might be winding down time in Ireland, but thanks to the web, Late Date has an audience all over the world! So whether the phones have stopped ringing in your part of the planet or not there's always room for a quality music mix show.

    One of the best known music shows on Radio 1 for the last two decades, Late Date always attracts a loyal, local audience of night owls, from cabbies to clubbers, shift workers to security crews and a lot more besides. Each programme brings you the perfect blend of music and good company.

    Monday - Friday, 11.25 - 2am | Saturday & Sunday, 12midnight - 2am

    We promise to listen to all CDs received but do not return them, nor can we guarantee airplay or enter into any correspondence.

    Late Date, RTÉ Radio 1, Fr Matthew Street, Cork

    Music Played on the Show

    • 12:04 a.m.
      Title: Heart of Glass
      Performer(s): Blondie
      Album: I'm Every Woman
      Duration: 0:05:54
    • 11:24 p.m.
      Title: Get It On
      Performer(s): T. Rex
      Album: Get It On - The Collection
      Duration: 0:04:37
    • Title: The Diary Of Horace Wimp
      Composer: Jeffrey Lynne
      Performer(s): Electric Light Orchestra
      Album: Discovery, Epic
      Duration: 0:04:17
    • 11:29 p.m.
      Title: Sea of Heartbreak
      Performer(s): Don Gibson
      Album: 100 Country Hits & Greatest Country Classics - The Very Best Classic Country Music Collection
      Duration: 0:02:47
    • 11:31 p.m.
      Title: Midnight at the Oasis
      Performer(s): Maria Muldaur
      Album: I'm Every Woman
      Duration: 0:03:59
    • Title: What's Broken
      Performer(s): David Crosby
      Album: Croz, Blue Castle Records
      Duration: 0:04:01
    • 12:19 a.m.
      Title: Long Time Gone
      Performer(s): Crosby, Stills & Nash
      Album: Crosby, Stills & Nash: Greatest Hits
      Duration: 0:04:33
    • 11:42 p.m.
      Title: Everywhere I Go
      Performer(s): Eilen Jewell
      Album: Sea of Tears, Signature Sounds Recordings, Not Available
      Duration: 0:03:07
    • 12:26 a.m.
      Title: Yes We Will
      Performer(s): Maria Doyle Kennedy Feat John Prine
      Duration: 0:03:53
    • 11:46 p.m.
      Title: Monday, Monday
      Performer(s): The Mamas & The Papas
      Album: California Dreamin' - The Best of the Mamas & the Papas
      Duration: 0:03:29
    • 12:30 a.m.
      Title: Jesus, the Missing Years
      Composer: John Prine
      Performer(s): John Prine
      Album: The Missing Years, This Way Up
      Duration: 0:06:10
    • 11:49 p.m.
      Title: Take a Chance On Me
      Performer(s): ABBA
      Album: ABBA Gold
      Duration: 0:04:12
    • 12:02 a.m.
      Title: Budapest
      Composer: Pott
      Performer(s): George Ezra
      Album: Did You Hear the Rain? - EP, Columbia, 888837 792073
      Duration: 0:03:35
    • Title: Fever
      Composer: Eddie Cooley, Otis Blackwell
      Performer(s): Elvis Presley
      Album: The Essential Elvis Presley, RCA
      Duration: 0:03:33
    • 12:08 a.m.
      Title: Baby I'm a Want You
      Performer(s): Bread
      Album: American Anthems (Remastered)
      Duration: 0:02:37
    • Title: Sweet Child O' Mine feat Miche Braden
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox
      Album: Twist Is The New Twerk, ADA US
      Duration: 0:06:07
    • 12:14 a.m.
      Title: Comfortably Numb
      Performer(s): Pink Floyd
      Album: A Foot In the Door: The Best of Pink Floyd (Remastered)
      Duration: 0:06:33
    • 12:48 a.m.
      Title: I Fall to Pieces
      Performer(s): Patsy Cline
      Album: The Very Best of Patsy Cline
      Duration: 0:03:01
    • 12:25 a.m.
      Title: Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa
      Performer(s): Gene Pitney
      Album: Gene Pitney: 18 All-Time Greatest Hits
      Duration: 0:03:10
    • 12:50 a.m.
      Title: This Is My Song
      Performer(s): Petula Clark
      Album: Then & Now - The Very Best of Petula Clark
      Duration: 0:03:27
    • 12:31 a.m.
      Title: Crack In the Wall
      Performer(s): Suzanne Vega
      Album: Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles
      Duration: 0:04:34
    • Title: Pack Up Lady
      Composer: Morrissey And Marshall
      Performer(s): Morrissey And Marshall
      Duration: 0:02:45
    • 12:36 a.m.
      Title: Coyote
      Performer(s): Joni Mitchell (Vocals, Guitar)
      Duration: 0:05:16
    • Title: Francie Brearton's Jig/Sally Kelly
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Gerry O'connor
      Album: High Up Low Down, N/A
      Duration: 0:03:23
    • 12:48 a.m.
      Title: Three Coins in the Fountain
      Performer(s): Frank Sinatra
      Album: Sinatra: Best of the Best (Deluxe Edition)
      Duration: 0:03:58
    • 01:03 a.m.
      Title: Crack In the Wall
      Performer(s): Suzanne Vega
      Album: Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles
      Duration: 0:04:34
    • 12:54 a.m.
      Title: Where Do You Go to (My Lovely)
      Performer(s): Peter Sarstedt
      Album: The Peter Sarstedt Collection
      Duration: 0:04:53
    • 01:10 a.m.
      Title: Valerie
      Performer(s): Amy Winehouse
      Album: Lioness: Hidden Treasures
      Duration: 0:03:50
    • 01:18 a.m.
      Title: Goodness Gracious Me
      Performer(s): Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren
      Album: Goodness Gracious Me - An Evening With Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren (Remastered)
      Duration: 0:03:13
    • 01:14 a.m.
      Title: Seven Spanish Angels
      Performer(s): Ray Charles With Willie Nelson
      Duration: 0:04:02
    • 01:25 a.m.
      Title: The Look of Love
      Performer(s): Dusty Springfield
      Album: Going Back - The Very Best of Dusty Springfield (1962-1994)
      Duration: 0:03:43
    • 01:19 a.m.
      Title: Stepping Out
      Performer(s): Joe Jackson
      Duration: 0:03:57
    • 01:29 a.m.
      Title: How Can I Be Sure
      Performer(s): Dusty Springfield
      Album: Just Dusty (Deluxe Edition)
      Duration: 0:02:58
    • 01:22 a.m.
      Title: Falling In Love With You Again
      Performer(s): Imelda May
      Album: Love Tattoo
      Duration: 0:04:20
    • 01:37 a.m.
      Title: Yeh Yeh
      Performer(s): Georgie Fame
      Album: Mod Mania
      Duration: 0:02:59
    • 01:27 a.m.
      Title: Hero
      Performer(s): Friends of Emmet
      Album: Hero - Single
      Duration: 0:04:04
    • 01:47 a.m.
      Title: The Song Of Wandering Aengus
      Performer(s): Karan Casey (Vocals)
      Duration: 0:04:55
    • Title: Half Glass
      Composer: Conor McCauley, Brian Murphy
      Performer(s): Arrow In The Sky
      Album: Do What Thou Wilt, N/A
      Duration: 0:03:57
    • Title: A Warm Hand To Hold
      Composer: Sean O Neill
      Performer(s): Sean O'Neill
      Duration: 0:04:02
    • 01:40 a.m.
      Title: Girl From The North Country
      Performer(s): Bob Dylan With Johnny Cash
      Duration: 0:03:53
    • Title: Break the Chain
      Composer: Anders Osborne
      Performer(s): Anders Osborne
      Album: Break the Chain, Shanachie Records
      Duration: 0:02:35
    • Title: The Pyramids At Sneem
      Composer: Jimmy MacCarthy
      Performer(s): Jimmy MacCarthy
      Album: Hey Ho Believe, Ride On Records
      Duration: 0:04:19
    • Title: The First Cut Is the Deepest
      Composer: Cat Stevens
      Performer(s): Cat Stevens
      Album: The Very Best of Cat Stevens, Deram
      Duration: 0:02:59
    • 01:45 a.m.
      Title: Donall Og
      Performer(s): Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill/Triona Ni Dhomhnaill/Donal Lunny
      Duration: 0:03:49
    • Title: A Day to Myself
      Composer: Clifford T Ward
      Performer(s): Clifford T Ward
      Duration: 0:05:06
    • Title: Goodbye
      Composer: Steve Earle
      Performer(s): Steve Earle
      Album: Train a Comin', Transatlantic Records, TRACD111
      Duration: 0:04:57
    • Title: Still Waters
      Composer: Smokey Robinson Frank Wilson
      Performer(s): The Four Tops
      Duration: 0:03:12
    • Title: Reason Street
      Composer: Vincent O Rourke
      Performer(s): Vincent o Rourke
      Duration: 0:05:38
    • Title: Light of a Clear Blue Morning
      Composer: Dolly Parton
      Performer(s): Dolly Parton
      Duration: 0:04:13
    • Title: Man of the World
      Composer: Peter Green
      Performer(s): Ian Anderson
      Duration: 0:02:54
    • Title: Baby Please Don't Go
      Composer: J Williams
      Performer(s): Mose Allison
      Duration: 0:02:15
    • Title: You Will Be My Ain True Love
      Composer: Sting
      Performer(s): Alison Krauss / Sting
      Duration: 0:02:30
    • Title: Ask Me
      Composer: Tony Bruno / Brenda Bruno
      Performer(s): Maxine Brown
      Duration: 0:03:33
    • Title: So Easy
      Composer: Matt Andersen / David myles
      Performer(s): Matt Andersen
      Album: Weightless, True North Records
      Duration: 0:04:35
    • Title: Alfie
      Composer: Burt Bacharach / Hal David
      Performer(s): Pat Metheny
      Album: What's It All About, Nonesuch, 7559796470
      Duration: 0:01:03

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