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    Late Date Tuesday 5 November 2013


    Late Date

    The perfect musical end to the day with Alf McCarthy

    About The Show

    It might be winding down time in Ireland, but thanks to the web, Late Date has an audience all over the world! So whether the phones have stopped ringing in your part of the planet or not there's always room for a quality music mix show.

    One of the best known music shows on Radio 1 for the last two decades, Late Date always attracts a loyal, local audience of night owls, from cabbies to clubbers, shift workers to security crews and a lot more besides. Each programme brings you the perfect blend of music and good company.

    Monday - Friday, 11.25 - 2am | Saturday & Sunday, 12midnight - 2am

    We promise to listen to all CDs received but do not return them, nor can we guarantee airplay or enter into any correspondence.

    Late Date, RTÉ Radio 1, Fr Matthew Street, Cork

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: I Ain't got Nothing but the Blues
      Composer: duke ellington / don george
      Performer(s): Elkie Brooks
      Duration: 0:03:37
    • Title: flip flop and fly
      Composer: calhoun / turner
      Performer(s): big joe turner
      Album: Greatest Hits, atlantic
      Duration: 0:02:46
    • Title: never say die
      Composer: Brady / Robert /Whyms
      Performer(s): Owen Brady
      Duration: 0:05:03
    • Title: it's probably me
      Composer: sting / eric clapton / michael Kamen
      Performer(s): Sting and Eric Clapton
      Duration: 0:05:00
    • Title: Ferrymans Dream
      Composer: Krista Detor
      Performer(s): Krista Detor
      Duration: 0:04:12
    • Title: america
      Composer: Dylan Moran
      Performer(s): Dylan Moran
      Duration: 0:03:15
    • Title: I dont Want to Set the World on fire
      Composer: Seiler / Marcus / Benjemen / Durham
      Performer(s): The Ink Spots
      Duration: 0:03:04
    • Title: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
      Composer: Rudy Toombs
      Performer(s): John Lee Hooker
      Album: The Best of John Lee Hooker, 1965-1974, MCA
      Duration: 0:03:01
    • Title: THE Weight
      Composer: Smith / Leetch / Lay / Lockey / Williams
      Performer(s): Editors
      Album: The Weight of Your Love (Deluxe Version), Play It Again Sam, piasr 660cd
      Duration: 0:04:30
    • Title: The Sea of Love
      Composer: Phil Phillips / George Khoury
      Performer(s): Marty Wilde
      Duration: 0:02:24
    • Title: Hold me
      Composer: Oppenheim / Schuster / Little
      Performer(s): PJ PROBY
      Duration: 0:02:41
    • Title: Carrie-Anne
      Composer: Allan Clarke / Graham Nash / Tony Hicks
      Performer(s): The Hollies
      Album: The Hollies' Greatest Hits, Parlophone
      Duration: 0:03:30
    • Title: Forever
      Composer: Jan Rordam
      Performer(s): Jan Rordam / Nynne Hansen
      Duration: 0:03:53
    • Title: Break Here
      Composer: Tom Portman
      Performer(s): Tom Portman
      Duration: 0:03:12
    • Title: Barrowland
      Composer: Christy Moore / Wally Page
      Performer(s): Christy Moore
      Album: WHERE I COME FROM, COLUMBIA, 88883790182
      Duration: 0:03:40

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