Late Date

Late Date

Sunday - Friday 11pm-02.00 | Saturday midnight to 2am

Late Date Monday 6 May 2013

Late Date

Late Date

The perfect musical end to the day with Aonghus McAnally


1 John Spillane / Dance Of The Cherry Trees

2 Zager And Evans / In The Year 2525

3 Frank and Nancy Sinatra / Something Stupid

4 The Floaters / Float On

5 Mary Black / To Make You Feel My Love

6 Roisin O / Synchronicity

7 Norman Greenbaum / Spirit In The Sky

8 Michael Bouble / It’s A Beautiful Day

9 Julie Feeney / Just A Few Hours

10 Joe Loss / Stranger On The Shore

11 Buggles / Video Killed The Radio Star

12 Mamas and Papas / Monday Monday

13 Nizlopi / JCB Song

14 Brian And Michael / Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs

15 Del Shannon / Runaway

16 Bobby Bloom / Montego Bay

17 Typically Tropical / Barbados

18 Steve Brookstein / Against All Odds

19 Michael Andrews / Mad World

20 Phyllis Nelson / Move Closer

21 Telly Savalas / If

22 Lovin You / Minnie Ripperton

23 Lee Marvin / Wanderin Star

24 Christy Moore / Delirium Tremens

25 Christy Moore / If I Get An Encore

26 Keith West / Excerpt From A Teenage Opera

27 Lt Pigeon / Mouldy Old Dough

28 Martha And The Muffins / Echo Beach

29 Berni Flint / I don’t Want To Put A Hold On You

30 David Dundas / Jeans On

31 Joe Dolce / Shaddap Your Face

32 Richard Harris / MacArthur Park

33 Delores Kane and Mick Hanley / My Love Is In America

Music Played on the Show


Title: In The Year 2525 Exordium & Terminus

Composer: Evans

Performer(s): Zager & Evans

Album: Ultimate One Hit Wonders

Duration: 3:11


Title: Something Stupid

Composer: C Carson Parks

Performer(s): Frank And Nancy Sinatra

Album: The Reprise Collection

Duration: 2:36


Title: To Make You Feel My Love

Composer: Dylan

Performer(s): Mary Black

Album: Full Tide

Duration: 4:00


Title: Spirit In The Sky

Performer(s): Norman Greenbaum

Album: Spirit In the Sky - The Definitive Anthology

Duration: 4:11


Title: Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs

Composer: Coleman/burke

Performer(s): Brian And Michael

Album: Cool Sound Of The 70s

Duration: 4:25


Title: Monday Monday

Composer: Phillips

Performer(s): Mamas And The Papas

Album: Music Of The Year 1966

Duration: 3:14


Title: Jcb Song

Composer: Conannon/parker

Performer(s): Nizlopi

Album: Single (recordno: Fdmniz004)

Duration: 3:46


Title: Video Killed The Radio Star

Composer: Horn/downes/woolley

Performer(s): The Buggles

Album: 7 Inch Heroes

Duration: 3:19


Title: Excerpt From A Teenage Opera

Composer: Philwit

Performer(s): Keith West

Album: The Hits Of 1967

Duration: 4:25


Title: Montego Bay

Composer: Barry/bloom

Performer(s): Bobby Bloom

Album: Simon Bates The Golden Years Of The 70s

Duration: 2:55


Title: Barbados

Performer(s): Typically Tropical

Album: Lovely Paradise: Summer Reggae Sound

Duration: 4:18


Title: Mouldy Old Dough

Performer(s): Lieutenant Pigeon

Album: The Best of Lieutenant Pigeon

Duration: 2:54


Title: Wand'rin' Star (Long Version)

Composer: Loewe/lerner

Performer(s): Lee Marvin

Album: Paint Your Wagon

Duration: 4:25


Title: Move Closer

Composer: Phyllis Nelson

Performer(s): Tom Jones

Album: The Complete Tom Jones

Duration: 4:19


Title: Move Closer

Composer: Nelson

Performer(s): Phyllis Nelson

Album: Move Closer - Single

Duration: 3:58


Title: Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)

Performer(s): Benny Hill

Duration: 4:05


Title: Against All Odds

Composer: Not Available

Performer(s): Steve

Album: Not Available

Duration: 3:15


Title: Jeans On

Composer: Dundas/greenaway

Performer(s): David Dundas

Album: Jeans On - Single

Duration: 3:14


Title: Lovin You

Composer: Riperton/rudolph

Performer(s): Minnie Riperton

Album: Ultimate Soul 2

Duration: 3:18


Title: If

Composer: Gates/arr Cacavas

Performer(s): Telly Savalas

Album: Vinyl Single (recordno: Mca174)

Duration: 3:03


Title: Mad World

Composer: Roland Orzabal

Performer(s): Michael Andrews And Gary Jules

Album: Now 56

Duration: 2:58


Title: Shaddup You Face

Composer: Dolce

Performer(s): Joe Dolce

Album: Shaddup You Face

Duration: 3:12


Title: I Don't Want To Put A Hold On You

Composer: Flint

Performer(s): Berni Flint

Album: Expressions

Duration: 2:54


Title: Float On

Composer: Willis/ingram/mitchell

Performer(s): Floaters

Album: Totally 70s

Duration: 4:06


Title: Macarthur Park

Performer(s): Richard Harris

Duration: 7:37


Title: Delirium Tremens

Composer: Moore

Performer(s): Christy Moore

Album: The Christy Moore Collection 1981 To 1991

Duration: 3:27



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