The John Creedon Show

    Monday - Friday, 8pm - 9.50pm

    John Creedon Friday 22 November 2013


    The John Creedon Show

    A mix of contemporary, Irish and international tracks to take you on a melodic journey into the evening

    About The Show

    From our Cork studios, John Creedon presents a mix of contemporary, Irish and international tracks to take you on a melodic journey into the evening.

    'The music on the show will come from across all genres, but the one common denominator is that it will be of the highest quality, whether rock, jazz, rap, reggae, folk, blues or Tuva throat singing. We are also planning a number of Live Sessions. Details to follow!', says Creedon.

    Monday - Friday at 8.30pm

    Music Played on the Show

    • 08:29 p.m.
      Title: Folsom Prison Blues
      Performer(s): Johnny Cash
      Album: The Best Of Johnny Cash
      Duration: 0:03:00
    • 08:32 p.m.
      Title: I Walk The Line
      Performer(s): Johnny Cash
      Album: The Best Of Johnny Cash
      Duration: 0:02:57
    • 08:40 p.m.
      Title: Family Affair
      Performer(s): Sly And The Family Stone
      Duration: 0:03:13
    • 08:42 p.m.
      Title: Across 110th Street
      Performer(s): Bobby Womack
      Album: The Essential Bobby Womack - The Last Great Soul Man
      Duration: 0:03:56
    • 08:47 p.m.
      Title: Hanging On The Telephone
      Performer(s): Blondie
      Album: Blondie: Greatest Hits
      Duration: 0:02:33
    • 08:49 p.m.
      Title: Do You Remember
      Composer: Brun
      Performer(s): Ane Brun
      Album: It All Starts With One , Balloon Ranger Recordings , DEMCD12
      Duration: 0:03:07
    • 08:54 p.m.
      Title: Living In The Past
      Performer(s): Jethro Tull
      Album: The Old Grey Whistle Test: The Anthems
      Duration: 0:03:32
    • 09:05 p.m.
      Title: And She Was
      Performer(s): Talking Heads
      Album: The Best Of Talking Heads (Remastered)
      Duration: 0:03:53
    • 09:31 p.m.
      Title: Wishin' And Hopin'
      Performer(s): Dusty Springfield
      Album: Going Back - The Very Best Of Dusty Springfield (1962-1994)
      Duration: 0:03:07
    • 09:34 p.m.
      Title: Spooky
      Performer(s): Dusty Springfield
      Album: Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (Music From The Motion Picture)
      Duration: 0:02:49
    • 09:43 p.m.
      Title: Retrograde
      Performer(s): James Blake
      Album: Retrograde - Single
      Duration: 0:03:58
    • 09:47 p.m.
      Title: Love Her Madly
      Performer(s): The Doors
      Album: The Very Best Of The Doors
      Duration: 0:03:28
    • Title: Out On The Tiles
      Composer: Gallagher
      Performer(s): Rory Gallagher
      Album: Notes From San Francisco , Sony Music , 88697902302
      Duration: 0:04:20
    • Title: Rollin'
      Composer: Randy Newman
      Performer(s): Jj Cale
      Album: Rewind , W14 Music/Universal , 1746945
      Duration: 0:02:50
    • Title: East To The West
      Composer: Michael Franti/J Bowman
      Performer(s): Michael Franti & Spearhead
      Album: Yellfire , Anti , 6807 2
      Duration: 0:03:50
    • Title: Liquid Spirit
      Composer: Gregor Porter
      Performer(s): Gregory Porter
      Album: Liquid Spirit , 374173 4
      Duration: 0:03:48
    • Title: La Colegiala
      Composer: N/A
      Performer(s): Rodolfo Y Su Typica
      Duration: 0:03:38
    • Title: Beautiful Mess
      Composer: M Finnegan/E Finnegan/P Finnegan
      Performer(s): The Would Be's
      Album: Beautiful Mess , Fifa Records , FIS1025
      Duration: 0:02:58
    • Title: 1982 At The Thirsty Mule
      Composer: T Weber
      Performer(s): The Wiyos
      Album: One More For The Road , N/A , YO 003
      Duration: 0:03:46
    • Title: Sos
      Performer(s): Rónán Ó Snodaigh The Occasionals
      Album: Sos - Single , Kila Records , KRCD106
      Duration: 0:03:03
    • Title: Winter
      Composer: Duhan
      Performer(s): Johnny Duhan
      Album: Winter , Not Available , BLCD11
      Duration: 0:02:52

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