Irish Noir

Irish Noir

Saturday, 7pm

Irish Noir Saturday 5 October 2013

Irish Noir is the story of Irish Crime fiction. From its gothic origins, through the fast paced storylines provided by Celtic Tiger excess – and right up to the bleak fictional landscape inspired by Austerity Ireland

In the last 15 years, Irish crime writing has experienced a renaissance in popularity comparable to the Scandinavian and Scottish crime writing scenes. But before that, Irish crime writing was in the doldrums. Irish Noir is a major new four-part series presented by John Kelly, which will explore why it took so long for this popular genre to get a comfortable footing in this country. To what extent did politics and history play a part? And did the enormous success of Irish literary giants like Joyce and Beckett cloud the ambitions of writers who might have naturally had more hard-boiled aspirations...? In other words, did we turn our literary noses up at crime fiction?

This will be a must-listen series for all bookworms, featuring contributions from the biggest names in our country’s crime writing scene – John Connolly, John Banville, Tana French, Declan Burke, Declan Hughes, Arlene Hunt, Alex Barclay, and Stuart Neville to name but a few...

Irish Noir was made in conjunction with the BAI’s Sound and Vision fund. It starts on RTÉ Radio 1 at 7pm on Saturday September 14th.


Irish Noir Episode 4

This final part of Irish Noir considers what is next for Irish crime writing... Will Irish crime writers continue to find a broad readership with novels set in Ireland?

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