Irish Noir

Irish Noir

Saturday, 7pm

Irish Noir Saturday 28 September 2013

Irish Noir is the story of Irish Crime fiction. From its gothic origins, through the fast paced storylines provided by Celtic Tiger excess – and right up to the bleak fictional landscape inspired by Austerity Ireland

In the last 15 years, Irish crime writing has experienced a renaissance in popularity comparable to the Scandinavian and Scottish crime writing scenes. But before that, Irish crime writing was in the doldrums. Irish Noir is a major new four-part series presented by John Kelly, which will explore why it took so long for this popular genre to get a comfortable footing in this country. To what extent did politics and history play a part? And did the enormous success of Irish literary giants like Joyce and Beckett cloud the ambitions of writers who might have naturally had more hard-boiled aspirations...? In other words, did we turn our literary noses up at crime fiction?

This will be a must-listen series for all bookworms, featuring contributions from the biggest names in our country’s crime writing scene – John Connolly, John Banville, Tana French, Declan Burke, Declan Hughes, Arlene Hunt, Alex Barclay, and Stuart Neville to name but a few...

Irish Noir was made in conjunction with the BAI’s Sound and Vision fund. It starts on RTÉ Radio 1 at 7pm on Saturday September 14th.


Irish Noir Episode 3

In Part 3 of Irish Noir, our focus is boom and bust... Did the arrival, and departure, of great fortune and wealth to these shores finally give Irish crime writers the home grown inspiration they needed to write really convincing crime narratives?

Also, we have an in depth interview with one of the most exciting and successful voices in Irish crime writing at the moment, Tana French.

Joining John in studio is author, Declan Burke; author and journalist Michael Clifford; and UCC sociologist, Dr. Niamh Hourigan.

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