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    Drivetime Wednesday 16 July 2014



    Audrey Carville presents an information packed evening news magazine with all the stories of the day

    Palestinian children killed on beach in Gaza

    Yousef al-Helou a Palestinian journalist in Gaza

    A view from Israel

    Michael Herzog a retired brigadier general in the Israel Defense Forces.

    Cases of four who died in State care published

    Della Kilroy reports on the life and death of Dany Talbot and Audrey Carville speaks to Chairperson of the National Review Panel, Dr Helen Buckley.

    Political Developments in Garth Brooks Saga

    Barry Lenihan reports.

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    Mairia Cahill - Exclusive Interview

    Labour's nominee for the Seanad, Mairia Cahill broke her silence on Thursday and spoke to Drivetime's Philip Boucher Hayes about her links with the dissident group, Republican Network for Unity.

    Built during the Boom Series

    Drivetime's Barry Lenihan took a tour of the country to look at the legacy left by the construction boom - the ghost estates, abandoned hotels and a huge shopping centre in Kilkenny that never opened.

    CNN's Samantha Barry

    One of the speakers at this week's Web Summit was Samantha Barry - CNN's head of social media who is originally from Cork. She spoke to Mary about who uses social media well, in this country and in the U.S. and how tweeting has changed everything.

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