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    Drivetime Tuesday 28 May 2013



    Mary Wilson presents an information packed evening news magazine with all the stories of the day

    Syrian arms embargo

    Philip Boucher-Hayes explores the arguments for and against

    The Barbie Doll tanning jab and its potentially lethal effects

    Professor Brian Kirby, Consultant Dermatologist at St. Vincent's Hospital told Mary Wilson about the illegal tanning jab Melanotan

    CAP talks end in Dublin

    Farmers protest as CAP talks end after 2 days at Dublin Castle. Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney talks to Drivetime.

    Olivia O'Leary's political column on the Seanad

    In her political column this week, Olivia O'Leary plots an escape from the locker room.

    "In from the Margins"... Brian Lally reports on anti-Roma discrimination in Ireland.

    "In from the Margins" is the title of a report on the structural discrimination of the Roma Community in Ireland. It's the work the Irish Immigrant Support Centre. Brian Lally reports.

    Franco German plan to tackle mass youth unemployment

    Quentin Peel Chief Correspondent in Germany with the Financial Times


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    Olivia O'Leary's political column touches on her own depression.

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    How do you build a minority government that lasts?

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