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    Drivetime Monday 18 March 2013



    Mary Wilson presents an information packed evening news magazine with all the stories of the day

    Cyprus Bailout 1

    Mark Lowen reports from Cyprus, while Quentin Peel offers analysis from Berlibn.

    The view from Irish-America

    Carole Coleman reports from Washington on the changing nature of links between Ireland and the USA.

    Cyprus Bailout 2

    Philip Boucher-Hayes gathers reaction from around Europe, while Mary speaks to Russian economist Ivan Tchakarov

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    The Fennelly Report

    Extensive analysis of the contents of the Fennelly Report - the questions that remain unanswered, the reputations that have suffered and the impact it will have.

    The Refugee Crisis

    On Thursday, after the photograph of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach caused an international outcry, we spoke to a number of reporters travelling on packed trains with refugees and also to Shams Shanin who had been speaking to Aylan's father.

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