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    NIghtclub Fire in Brazil

    The death toll from Sunday's nightclub fire in Santa Maria in Brazil is now at 231 with 82 people in hospital with at least 30 of them said to be in a serious condition. Three people have been in arrested in connection with the fire. Gary Duffy of the BBC reports from Brazil.

    Justice Minister Alan Shatter

    Justice Minister Alan Shatter updates Drivetime on the investigation into the death of Detective Garda Adrian Donohue and responds to comments by the GRA's PJ Stone

    Are armed police safer police?

    Paul Reynolds reports on the latest in the Det Gda Adrian Donohoe murder investigation, while Philip Boucher-Hayes asks if police are safer when armed with guns

    Remembering Gardai who were killed

    Brian Lally looks back at the stories of Gardai who were killed in the line of duty

    Garda station closures and fear of crime

    Fergal Keane reports on the closure of Garda stations in Cork City, while Dr Aogan Mulcahy talks about growing fears of crime

    Sceptic tank registration deadline looms

    Della Kilroy reports on the ongoing opposition to the registration and remediation of sceptic tanks

    State of emergency declared in parts of Egypt

    As the violent clashes continue in Egypt, President Morise pleads with members of the opposition to engage in national dialogue


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