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    Mary Wilson presents an information packed evening news magazine with all the stories of the day

    Olivia O'Leary column

    In her political column, Olivia suggests that cabinet members need to get out more

    Dairy farming this winter

    In the second in a series of reports on how farmers are coping with poor weather, Frances Shanahan speaks to dairy farmers

    Roe v Wade - 40 years on

    Brian Lally explores the archival material relating to the Roe v Wade decision of the US Supreme Court in 1973


    Della Kilroy reports on a service that helps people with a disability to find places in the workforce

    New bailout deal could save billions.

    EU finance ministers agree to examine the possibility of extending the pay-pack time for part of Ireland's bailout loan. We're joined by Antoin Murphy, Associate Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and by Dominic Hannigan, Labour TD and Chair of the EU Affairs Committee.

    Six-year sentence set aside for Garlic import tax evader

    The court of appeal deemed the sentence as not proportionate to the crime; meanwhile Paul Begley remains in custody as his lawyers make submissions for a shorter sentence

    The DUP indicate they might be in favour of a referendum on the national question

    Having dismissed Sinn Fein's appeals for a referendum for some time, the DUP have indicated they may be for a referendum


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