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    Drivetime Wednesday 9 January 2013



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    IMO meets with Dept of Health

    €70 million in cuts to fees for GPs and pharmacists were announced in last month's budget. The Irish Medical Organisation warns further cuts in will herald the introduction of waiting lists for patients and the unavailability of GP services in parts of the country. We talk to their Chairman Dr. Ray Walley.


    German Catholic Church halts sex abuse inquiry

    Today the German Catholic Church decided to terminate its own inquiry into sexual abuse within its ranks citing a breakdown of trust between itself and the investigating body. Allan Hall, of the German Daily Mail and Chris Weisner, Spokesman for the Lay German Catholic Organisation 'We Are Church' discuss the issue.


    Youth Mental Health

    Secondary school students learn how to 'Beat the Blues' with the launch of a new look positive mental health programme. Della Kilroy reports .


    Invest Northern Ireland on the impact of the flag riots

    As images of violent protests in Belfast are viewed across the globe, the local economy is suffering


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