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Supreme Court Judgement on the McCrystal Case

James McDermott, School of Law, UCD and Dr Theresa Reidy, UCC discuss the unanimous decision which found the government acted wrongfully in spending 1.1 million euro in public money on its own information campaign for the Children's Referendum.

High Court Case on the Right to Assisted Suicide

RTE's Vivienne Traynor reports on the High Court case being taken by Marie Fleming, the 58 year old Wicklow woman who is seeking the right to an assisted suicide. This afternoon the court heard from an expert witness in medical ethics, Professor Margaret Battin from the University of Utah.

Olivia O'Leary

Olivia O'Leary

In her weekly political column, Olivia O'Leary asks if it's time to take the Alliance party out of the 'so what' pile ?

Attack on PSNI officer treated as attempted murder

Attack on PSNI officer treated as attempted murder

As the riots and protests on flying the Union flag continue, security journalist Alan Murray tells us more

Upto 5% decline in childhood obesity in parts of USA

Upto 5% decline in childhood obesity in parts of USA

For the first time in 30 years, a decline has been noted in childhood obesity. Dr James Marks whose team was over this research explains why

Programme Highlights

Jonathan Sugarman

A full full year before the banking collapse, the Central Bank and the Financial Regulator were notified of breaches of banking regulations on a massive scale in Dublin.

Science Week

More than 800 events are taking place around the country

Gambling/Addiction Series

Barry Lenihan reports on gambling and addiction.



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