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    Drivetime Thursday 29 November 2012



    Mary Wilson presents an information packed evening news magazine with all the stories of the day


    Fergal Keane's Budget 2013 preview

    In his fourth preview of next week's budget, Fergal focuses on property taxation and likely cuts in education spending


    Sara Burke: previewing Budget 2012

    Health policy analyst Sara Burke previews next week's 'emergency' health budget - and the likely shape of spending in James Reilly's department in 2013.


    Tourism Ireland set out to reclaim British interest

    Following last year's decline in our most important tourist market, Great Britain , Niall Gibbons from Tourism Ireland tells us how he'll win them back


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    Outgoing Labour Leader Joan Burton joined us in studio

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    Olivia O'Leary's political column touches on her own depression.

    Alex Salmond

    How do you build a minority government that lasts?

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