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    Drivetime Wednesday 7 November 2012



    Mary Wilson presents an information packed evening news magazine with all the stories of the day


    Post election analysis with Drivetime's Fergal Keane

    Fergal Keane reports from Chicago, where the President's re-election party was held in the early hours of today


    Post election analysis with John Ihle of the Sunday Business Post

    Long Island New York native John Ihle discusses the future for President Obama and the Republican party.


    More human remains identified as Catherine Gowing's, in Wales

    The investigation took a disturbing twist as different body remains have been found miles apart - Matthew Richards from BBC Wales reports


    Roma children living in extreme poverty

    Pavee Point and the HSE's report found conditions practitioners had never seen before


    Days after Hurricane Sandy, the east coast of America is about to be hit by another storm

    A massive north eastern storm is making its way towards the east coast - when over a million people still have no power from the last storm


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