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    Fergal Keane reports from Ohio

    Fergal Keane is in the United States for the final days of the Presidential Election. Fergal sent us this report from Marion County in the middle of the swing State of Ohio, where presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, held a rally last night.


    Who wants you to vote no in the upcoming Children's referndum, and why? Della Kilroy reports

    Our reporter Della Kilroy has been talking to groups and individuals looking for a no vote.


    Criticism of how referendums are run.

    There has been growing criticism of how referendums are run - and regulated - in this country. We spoke to Dr Theresa Reidy, lecturer in government at University College Cork, about this.


    Body of man, stabbed to death found in Donaghmede

    Michael O'Toole from the Irish Daily Star on the grim discovery the body, at 7am this morning


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    Cavan General Hospital

    The Health Service Executive is investigating the death of two babies in Cavan General Hospital within the past week.

    Seanad Nominations

    Joan Freeman spoke of her good news.

    Joan Burton

    Outgoing Labour Leader Joan Burton joined us in studio

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