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    Thursday 1st October

    What Cost a Reshuffle?

    It has emerged the cost of last year's cabinet reshuffle came to €610,000 in severance and other payments to 15 people who lost their jobs. We got the details from Niall Murray of The Irish Examiner.

    Sara Burke - Health Policy Analysis

    We heard this week that HSE boss, Tony O'Brien is to take over as co-chair of the Emergency Department Taskforce. Sara Burke took a look at this move for us this evening...

    Longboat Quay

    Our reporter, Sandra Hurley joined us with the latest on the Longboat Quay fire safety story...

    Billy Kelleher

    Overcrowding in Emergency Departments, unsustainable maternity services in Cavan and Clonmel and issues with Legionnella in Drogheda...we got political reaction from Fianna Fail's Health Spokesperson, Billy Kelleher.

    Volkswagen Ireland

    The car company has almost 26% of market share in Ireland from its brands Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. We now know that 80,000 Volkswagen cars are to be recalled here...we heard the latest....

    Maternity Services under Scrutiny

    HIQA today published a report detailing high risks for patients at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, mainly due to hygiene problems. We spoke to Priscilla Lynch, Medical Journalist and Editor of the Medical Independent.

    Will there be an early election?

    Some say it'll be November. Others say the Taoiseach favours canvassing in the Spring. Mary was joined by Niamh Lyons, Political Editor of the Times Ireland edition for some speculation...

    NAMA before PAC

    The Public Accounts Committee spent today questioning the Chairman and Chief Executive of NAMA over a controversial sale of the agency's Northern Ireland portfolio. We got the details of what went on from Fergal Keane with further analysis from John Campbell of BBC Northern Ireland

    Tipperary Burglary

    Seven Dublin men who admitted to carrying out an aggravated burglary on a family home in County Tipperary two years ago have received sentences that total 105 years. Our South East Correspondent, Damien Tiernan gave us the details and we heard too from local Fine Gael Councillor, John Fahey.

    Wednesday 30th September

    Aran Islands flights

    Aer Arann says it will provide flights to and from the Aran Islands tomorrow - despite no agreement having yet been reached on the continuation of the service. Barry Lenihan reports.

    Dail protest by Emergency Accommodation dwellers

    Drivetime's Brian Lally went to meet 15 people who are currently living in emergency accommodation who were holding a protest at the Dail today.

    Abbey West residents, Co Clare

    It's become a common problem since the recession - landlords lose properties through bankruptcy, receivers take over and residents are forced to move out. But in one development in County Clare, the residents refused to move and are campaigning to keep their homes and protect their community. John Cooke went to meet them.

    Russia airstrikes in Syria

    US officials say Russia has launched its first airstrikes against targets in Syria. We heard the details from Ben Hubbard who is the New York Times' Middle Eastern Correspondent.

    Irish man in Canada accused of Sexual Assault

    An Irish man who emigrated with his family to Saskatoon in Canada in 2012 is currently on trial, accused of sexually assaulting his wife and threatening to kill her. We got the details of the case and the background of this family...

    Longboat Quay

    More than 600 people living at the Longboat Quay development in Dublin's Docklands face eviction if they cannot fund €4million of fire safety works. The apartments were built by developer, Bernard McNamara. We took a listen back to an interview Drivetime did with him in January 2010....

    Human Trafficking in Donegal?

    Gardai in Donegal have released a man they were questioning about alleged human trafficking in Donegal. One month ago, a total of five men were removed from a premises in Letterkenny. We spoke to Nusha Yonkova from the Immigrant Council of Ireland and also to Stephen Maguire from the Donegal Daily who gave us the latest on this story.

    Tuesday 29th September

    Families Kept Apart (by red tape)

    Drivetime's Brian Lally went to meet some members of the Bangladeshi community living in Ireland. They told him that even though they've been contributing to the Irish economy for over a decade, they are being prevented from bringing their families to join them here.

    Renua's reaction to Capital Spend plans

    Renua's leader, Lucinda Creighton reacts to the details of today's government announcement.

    Minister Paschal Donohoe

    Mary spoke to the Minister for Transport this evening about the infrastructural plans included in today's Capital Spending announcement - most notably, the plans for Metro North.

    New information in the Du Plantier case

    The authorities in France have resumed their efforts to have Ian Bailey tried in absentia for the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier case. Philip Boucher Hayes gave us details of this latest development - and also reveals new information from witnesses never previously interviewed.

    Olivia O'Leary Radio Column

    In her column this week, Olivia looks forward to the political trick or treat season.

    Comptroller & Auditor General Report

    The C & AG's annual report today revealed details of wastage in public spending from school dinners to the bank bailouts. Ingrid Miley, RTE's Industry and Employment Correspondent gave us the details.

    Capital Spending Plans - Analysis

    Fergal Keane talks us through the detail of the government announcement today, followed by political analysis from Mary Minihan of The Irish Times and also the views of Professor Rob Kitchin of Maynooth University.

    Monday 28th September

    Ban on Smokey Coal

    25 years after it was introduced in Dublin; Brian Lally reports on a nationwide ban on smokey coal.

    Pre-Election Rumblings

    Barry Lenihan reports on some hotly contested selection conventions and the other political stories of the day.

    Obama and Putin

    Preview of the meeting between the US and Russian presidents with analysis from Michael Crowley of Politico

    Talking Money

    Jill Kerby on the looming pay-and-file deadline

    Russia's relationship with Syria and Islamic State

    Dr Igor Sutyagin of RUSI

    Friday 25th September

    On This Day

    Myles Dungan revisits one of the most high profile murders of the Land War of the 1880s -- the mysterious killing of the Galway landlord, Lord Mountmorres.

    Regional papers highlight rural crime

    John O'Connor's pick of the week, plus Brian Lally's report on fear of crime

    Thursday 24th September

    Ploughing Championships Day 3

    Frances Shanahan reports

    The death of Adrian Moynihan

    Philip Boucher-Hayes with the latest on the Department of Justice review

    Crunching the numbers for Election 2016

    RTE's Brian Dowling

    Wednesday 23rd September

    Saving Rural Ireland?

    Frances Shanahan reports on the government's €30 million plan. Plus reaction from Fr Harry Bohan

    Call Me Dave

    Mary speaks to the co-author of the controversial David Cameron biography, Isabel Oakeshott

    Tackling the causes of the Syrian migrant and refugee crisis

    Goal's Barry Andrews

    Tuesday 22nd September

    Rough Sleeping

    Brian Lally goes out onto the streets of Dublin with Simon volunteers as rough sleeping numbers reach record highs

    Ploughing Championships Day 1

    Frances Shanahan reports from Ratheniska


    Melissa Rothwell tells of family life in emergency accommodation; Housing Minister Paudie Coffey responds

    Olivia O'Leary

    Olivia returns with a column on the refugee crisis

    Government drops plans for DART Underground in Dublin

    Mary speaks to Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe

    Confidence or no confidence?

    Fergal Keane reports from the first day of a new Dail term

    Monday 21st September

    Talking Money

    Jill Kerby discusses a tax loophole which she thinks should be closed in Budget 2016

    Call Me Dave

    James Kirkup of the Telegraph on the controversy arising from a new biography of the UK Prime Minister

    Friday 18th September

    On This Day

    Today, Myles Dungan examines the reality behind the myths that grew up around the executions of the 'Manchester Martyrs' in the aftermath of the failed Fenian rising of 1867.

    All Ireland Final

    Last night we heard from, Barry Lenihan sampled the excitement in Dublin ahead of the big match on Sunday.

    Ciaran Lynch Attack on Dept of Environment

    The Labour TD has raised a few eyebrows with his comments on how, in his view, the Department of the Environment has eroded the powers of local government over the term of the current administration. We spoke to him....

    State Funeral of Thomas Kent

    Drivetime's Brian Lally travelled to Castlelyons in County Cork for the State funeral of the 1916 leader, Thomas Kent. He spoke to the many who filed past the coffin last night and captures what the event means to people 99 years on....

    Thursday 17th September

    All Ireland hype in the Kingdom

    Ahead of this weekend's All Ireland Football Final, Drivetime's Barry Lenihan reports on the excitement in Kerry and how they feel about their chances against the Dubs....

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    New Witness in Toscan Du Plantier case

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