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Searching for Answers

In 1975 and 1976 two fishing trawlers sank at the exact same spot off the coast of Donegal with the loss of 11 lives. Over 35 years later, Helena Gallagher, a daughter of one of the men who drowned, goes 'Searching for Answers'.

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4.4/5 (239 ratings)

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Shane Dunphy goes in search of the truth behind the sinking of the St Patrick, a cross channel ferry on the Rosslare-Fishguard route targeted by the German Air Force during WWII.

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Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh and primate of All Ireland in the 17th Century was the first Irishman in over 700yrs to be canonised a saint.

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The story of the burning of Cork City by the Black and Tans on the night of December 11th 1920 as broadcast on the 40th anniversary of the fire (Broadcast 1960).


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