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I Was There - Eyewitness 1916

One of the key moments in Ireland's history - an armed rising against English Rule - What was it like to be there? Listen to eyewitness accounts from survivors of the 1916 rising in Dublin (Broadcast 1960)...

Documentary Maker: Niall Fallon

Niall Fallon
Niall Fallon

Niall Fallon has been working in TV for over fifteen years.
'Ring Girls' is his first radio documentary.

He has written and directed drama on RTE's 'Fair City' and TG4's 'Ros na Rún'.

He made corporate videos and tv ads before going on to edit documentaries about subjects ranging from Northern Irish nostalgia to the fans of Big Tom.

He has just finished directing 'Na Rúin', a ten-part teen-drama series to be broadcast exclusively on the internet from September, 2011.

You can contact Niall by emailing him at

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