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Never Knocked Down

Sean Mannion is a boxer from Connemara who has been compared to Muhammad Ali - So, how did this quiet humble hero from the West of Ireland blaze a trail to a World Title shot in Madison Square Gardens in 1984? ...

Documentary Maker: Jeff Farrell

Jeff Farrell is an Irish independent journalist working across print, radio, video and online platforms.

He spent three years on the road in South America working as a stringer for media including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, the Irish Independent and Irish national broadcaster RTE.

His stories across the region included Farc guerillas holed-up in Venezuela, the trials of former dictators in Argentina, and an alleged bomb plot against the president of Bolivia.

Farrell returned to his native Dublin from South America in December (2010). But with the lack of jobs in Ireland foreign shores still beckon.

In the past he held down proper work in the Evening Herald and later the Irish Independent (Independent News & Media titles) for two years as a sub-editor with stints as a news reporter.

Before his career in the media, Farrell played guitar in heavy metal bands and worked as a music teacher for a time.

He holds an MA in Journalism and a BA in English and Music. He is a member of the International Federation of Journalists.

"Cocaine Diaries: Stories of a Drug Mule" is his first radio documentary.

More about Farrell can be seen at

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