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Clouds in Harry's Coffee

During WW2, 32 Irishmen were held in captivity for 5 years and forced to work in a labour concentration camp - They became known as "Hitler's Irish slaves" - We join the last survivor of that group as he returns to...

Documentary Maker: Claire Cunningham

Claire Cunningham
Claire Cunningham

'Bound by Regulations' was the first radio programme made by Claire Cunningham. Having always heard about the local hiring fair while growing up in Strabane, Co Tyrone, she was surprised to discover that many people were unaware of them. In 1995, she made this programme, in which she interviewed three people who had been hired at the fair in Strabane in their youth: Paddy McGlynn, Donncha O Baoill and Margaret Devlin.

It took her 12 years to get around to making her next radio programme, and she has been making up for lost time with over 20 programmes in recent years for RTE lyric fm and several independent radio stations. Her documentary 'Dancing with Two Left Legs', about the role which music played during and since the war in Bosnia, was awarded a Bronze World Medal at the New York Festivals 2010. Claire is a member of AIRPI (Association of Independent Radio Producers of Ireland) and can be contacted at

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