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Never Knocked Down

Sean Mannion is a boxer from Connemara who has been compared to Muhammad Ali - So, how did this quiet humble hero from the West of Ireland blaze a trail to a World Title shot in Madison Square Gardens in 1984? ...

Documentary Maker: Bláithín de Burca

Bláithín de Burca is a Communications graduate from Fairview, Dublin.

Bláithín has always had a huge love for media, but she first fell in love with radio when she did her Transition Year work experience at a local community radio station in 2006. She continued broadcasting with that station for a year, and still works with them regularly.

Bláithín had several shows on DCUfm during her time in college, and this year won a Hybrid award for Best Performer on her DCUtv panel show, "Lies You Tell..." , which she produced, presented and researched.

As her final project in DCU, Bláithín made her first radio piece, "The Bones of Him", a documentary about her Great-Grand-Uncle, who was one of the lost soldiers of World War One.

Bláithín is currently working on different radio and media projects and will continue to pursue her passion for radio and broadcasting.

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