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A Song for Kathleen

The story of 87 year old Kathleen Tierney who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but finds her spirit lifted and her health improve when she joins 'The Forget Me Nots' - a choir welcoming those affected by dementia an...

Have an Idea? Tips on what to do with it...

We broadcast every Saturday @2pm on RTÉ Radio 1, 88-90FM, Repeated Sunday evenings @7pm

The Documentary on One team are always looking for ideas for future radio documentaries.

We consider absolutely everything.

In fact, what you might think is a trivial enough story or idea, we might think a gem - so don't be afraid to contact us.

As many of you will know, we touch on a huge variety of topics, stories and people in our documentaries. However, we do have general criteria of how we assess ideas.

Here are some tips on what we feel makes a good radio documentary.

1: A Story

2. An Event

3. Intimacy i.e. direct access to the people/events/storytellers. Second hand information can dilute the subject matter, person or event.

4. Something you care about - If you don't care, why should anyone else?

5. Characters - Real people, real accents, young and old, male and female

6. Scenes / Audio pictures - Places, scenes and imagery bring stories to life - A scene can as simple as a kitchen, a field or a car.

7. Sound - One of the greatest gifts of radio is its ability to provide scenes/Audio pictures, thus allowing the listener into that space. We always record out and about. What's happening in the background can sometimes be as important as what's being said - i.e. seagulls, laughter in a pub, a tractor/machine, water/wind/fire etc

8. Imagination - Is there a new way to approach an 'old' idea? We always try to capture peoples imaginations.

Contact us:

By email

By Post: Documentary on One, RTÉ Radio 1, RTE, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

By Phone: 01-2083111 (main switchboard). Ask for the 'Documentary on One' team in RTÉ Radio 1.

If you have an Idea?

If you want to suggest a subject or you want to make a documentary? Let us know