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Clouds in Harry's Coffee

During WW2, 32 Irishmen were held in captivity for 5 years and forced to work in a labour concentration camp - They became known as "Hitler's Irish slaves" - We join the last survivor of that group as he returns to...

Documentary Maker: Mairead O'Connor

Mairead works full-time with Grey Heron Media in Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, making a variety of audio pieces, mixing rich actuality and field recordings with in-depth interviews. This has involved her getting her boots mucky at the county dump, close encounters with hungry pigs, hopping on and off the rural buses of Co. Tipperary and stepping behind the scenes at tattoo parlours, butchers, barbers and radio stations.

The first RTE documentary that she has been involved in was "Take No More" - during the making of which she found herself capturing the frantic confusion, diverse perspectives and resolution of a breaking national news story.

Originally from Athlone, she studied English and History in college and was once a secondary school teacher, an Athlone Community Radio volunteer and the male comic relief in her school musical. She likes going to events, festivals and occurrences and listening.

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