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Never Knocked Down

Sean Mannion is a boxer from Connemara who has been compared to Muhammad Ali - So, how did this quiet humble hero from the West of Ireland blaze a trail to a World Title shot in Madison Square Gardens in 1984? ...

Documentary Maker: Emily Sheerin

Emily Sheerin
Emily Sheerin

Emily had to give up work early because of disabling neuropathic pain. 12 years later, she's happily living in Phibsborough, Dublin with her husband, two cats of obscure parentage and a garden that overlooks the former Broadstone railway, which features in the story.

Bored with pain, she distracted herself with researching her family tree but, when digging around in newspapers, found this Breach of Promise case instead: a story about another Emily, which wouldn't let go... Then again, if it could make her laugh, it would be selfish not to share it.

This is her first documentary - tough physically but great fun and a brilliant distraction.

The family tree remains unfinished.

(Many thanks also to Ruth Elizabeth Kellogg Raftis and family, USA - the only descendants, that we know, of the Fisherstown Sheerans - for their enthusiasm for this project and for finding The Name.)

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