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Don't hang Up: Nightlines

In the deep night a phone box rings - It could be Margate in England, the Florida Everglades or a tiny town in New Zealand - But who will pick up? And will this complete stranger share their life under the cloak of darkness?

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4.4/5 (70 ratings)

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Documentaries on experiences of living life

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1) Premios Ondas 2008- Best Overall production in International Radio Category 2) Third Coast Festival (Chicago) 2008- Radio Impact Award 3) New York Radio Festivals Competition 2008 - World Gold Medal - Social issues/Current Events category 4) PPI Award - Best Documentary Award 2008

An intimate look at the life of bullied schoolgirl Leanne Wolfe who took her own life in 2007. Leanne tells her story through a series of diaries that she kept from the age of 12 in which she detai...

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