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Flying Enterprise

24-hour news from the 1950's

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3.7/5 (9 ratings)

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The Curious Ear

A series of shorter radio documentaries.

Nurse Roche

District Nurse, Margaret Roche, recalls working as a rural midwife in Co. Wexford from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Smashing Pianos

Breaking up pianos, keening at a funeral in South Africa and the boxing barber - three stories from In The Dark

The Dublin Lock Picking Club

And today, where would go to learn to pick a lock? To a Lock Picking class, of course.

Mike Fitz - Drifter

Driving sideways and rubbing the car up against the wall with Corkman, Mike Fitz.

Tallaght Treasures

The car boot sale in the grounds of Tallaght stadium every Saturday morning has people queueing from 3a.m.

The Man Who Makes Faces

The man behind the celebrity models in the Dublin Wax Museum

For the Burren! To Death's Door!

A coach among coaches - Gus O'Loughlin of The Burren tug-of-war team....

Dún Laoghaire Doldrums

Four men go sailing out of Dún Laoghaire - there's no wind - nothing for it but to sit around and tell stories of whaling and banjaxed boats...

Mr. Ball Control

A 68-year old Galway man with a passion for soccer tricks and a few Guinness world records to his name...