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Never Knocked Down

Sean Mannion is a boxer from Connemara who has been compared to Muhammad Ali - So, how did this quiet humble hero from the West of Ireland blaze a trail to a World Title shot in Madison Square Gardens in 1984? ...

Documentary maker: Martin Duffy

Martin Duffy is an Irish filmmaker and writer living in Berlin.

'Pieces of the Wall' is his first RTÉ Radio 1 'Documentary on One' production.

Martin has extensive experience as a film editor, writer, script analyst, and director. In 2009 he directed a radio play, 'Tricks of the Trade' for RTÉ Radio drama. The play was nominated for the Prix Europa.

Martin's feature films include the award-winning 'The Boy from Mercury', 'The bumblebee flies anyway' and 'The testimony of Taliesin Jones'.

In 2006 his book about his parents and their Dublin working class lives, 'Barney and Molly; A true Dublin love story', was published. Peter Sheridan wrote of it: 'This is a book as funny as it is unpretentious, as true as it is colourful, and as skillful as it is readable'.

Martin's background is as a film editor and writer. His editing work over fifteen years in RTÉ and freelance includes such award winning films as 'Hushabye baby' and 'The Bishop's story (Budawanny)'. He edited the TV drama series 'Caught in a free state' and 'The price'.

Martin has extensive experience editing documentaries, including Alan Gilsenan's 'The road to God knows where', John McColgan's 'The Dubliners Dublin' which Martin also scripted, Double B and Films 'The trouble with art', Sean O'Mordha's definitive two-hour documentary 'Samuel Beckett' and O'Mordha's classic Beckett film 'Silence to silence'.

Martin has written plays for television, radio and stage including 'The Apollo, Poor Albert', and 'Good soldier brecht'.

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