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A Song for Kathleen

The story of 87 year old Kathleen Tierney who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but finds her spirit lifted and her health improve when she joins 'The Forget Me Nots' - a choir welcoming those affected by dementia an...

Documentary maker: Garret Daly

Garret Daly is a producer who runs the media production company Mixed Bag Media.

Originally from county Meath Garret has been working in media for over 18 years. He has built up a vast catalalogue of documentaries, films and producing roles over his career.

Having graduated from the University of Sunderland with a BA in Media Studies, and an MA in Film Production from Sheffield Hallam University, Garret embarked on a radio career that included the likes of Radio Kerry, LMFM and RTE Lyric FM.

From there he moved to freelance producing and has since produced the likes of The Tubridy Show, The Gerry Ryan Show, Dave Fanning and John Creedon.

His media work has included film and television production. His last documentary 'Who is Dervla Murphy?' focused on the unique Irish travel writer and won Best Documentary at the Waterford Film Festival 2010, and was officially selected for The Cork and Galway Film Festivals.

He has produced various short films, the TV3 series 'Grassroots of the GAA', the RTE Storyland series 'Rental Boys', and has won two PPI radio awards.

Mixed Bag Media is based in county Offaly and like the name of his company suggests it's a mixed bag, but 'a lot of fun'.

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