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I Was There - Eyewitness 1916

One of the key moments in Ireland's history - an armed rising against English Rule - What was it like to be there? Listen to eyewitness accounts from survivors of the 1916 rising in Dublin (Broadcast 1960)...

Documentary maker: Celia Donoghue

Celia Donoghue studied music at University College Dublin and later did a Masters degree in Trinity College.

She first worked for RTÉ as a deputy clarinet player in the orchestras and later became a music producer on the FM3 service, before moving to Limerick as a producer with RTÉ lyric fm.

She has produced many Lyric Features (most recently Frederick May: Sunlight and Shadow) and has also made documentaries for Radio 1 (including Bring Me a Unicorn, In for the Feis, A Walk in the Pyrenees, and Be Prepared) .

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