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I Was There - Eyewitness 1916

One of the key moments in Ireland's history - an armed rising against English Rule - What was it like to be there? Listen to eyewitness accounts from survivors of the 1916 rising in Dublin (Broadcast 1960)...

Documentary maker: Leeanne O'Donnell

Leeanne O'Donnell
Leeanne O'Donnell

Leeanne O' Donnell has worked in radio in the UK and Ireland since 2004. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin with an MA from DCU she cut her teeth on education programming with RTE. She has worked as a presenter, reporter and freelance producer across a number of genres.

RTE radio credits include Getting it Right, Outside the Box, The Spend and The Big Science Debate. At BBC Radio 4 she worked on the Long View, In Our Time and You and Yours. In 2006 Leeanne established her own production company Whistling Gypsy Productions.

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