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A Song for Kathleen

The story of 87 year old Kathleen Tierney who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but finds her spirit lifted and her health improve when she joins 'The Forget Me Nots' - a choir welcoming those affected by dementia an...

Documentary maker: Donagh Coleman

Born in Philadelphia, Donagh grew up Finland, Ireland and the U.S.

He studied Philosophy and Psychology in Trinity College Dublin, continuing there with a Masters in Music and Media Technologies.

Donagh has also spent long periods in India, China and Tibet, and much of his work has involved these regions and cultures.

A documentary-maker working both in film and radio, Donagh's previous films include Stone Pastures (a Finnish-Irish-English co-production, with wide international festival exposure, and winner of the Grand Prix prize at the 2009 Cervino Cinemountain Festival in Italy ) and Une Année Sur Le Toit Du Monde commissioned for ARTE's primetime Decouverte-slot.

Apart from RTE, Donagh makes radio documentaries for the Finnish National Broadcaster YLE. He has also worked for current affairs television and radio in Beijing as well as writing for Finnish newspapers on Asian subjects.

Donagh is currently based in Helsinki with his Tibetan wife.

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