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Skelligs Calling

A sonic portrait of Skellig Michael in the company of world-renowned sound recordist, Chris Watson.

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4.1/5 (75 ratings)

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Award Winners

Over the years the Documentary on One has won many national and international awards - Delve into our treasure chest....

Heroes of the Caribbean

Finalist Certificate Winner in Sports Analysis Documentary Category @ 2011 New York Festivals

John Kenny from RTE Sport tells the story of Irish Cricket. In particular, he looks back at the 2007 Cricket World Cup. After 150 years of being of bowled out, the Irish cricket team bowled everyon...

Con Carey and the Twelve Apostles

Winner of Gold PPI Award, 2015

The only man in Kerry to be buried twice. Con Carey was a bachelor labourer who died on his way home from the pub in 1978. His story is still spoken about. Why? Because of what happened him after d...

Bombs, Balls and Beyoncé

Silver Medal Winner at 2015 New York Festivals International Radio Awards

A football team and its billionaire owner - some bling and lots of politics: Before the world knew of Maidan Square in Kiev, we knew of Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk soccer teams - football has ...

The Common Thread (The Bra)

Awarded 'Outstanding Documentary' at the 2015 International Gracie Awards (American Alliance for women in Media Foundation)

The Bra turns 100 this year. From the Backless to the Bullet, the Demi-cup to the Push-up, the brassiere has evolved from a simple breast support to a symbol of desire. We unclasp the story of the ...

Clouds in Harry's Coffee

Winner of Gold Award, New York Festivals 2015

During WW2, 32 Irishmen were held in captivity for 5 years and forced to work in a labour concentration camp - They became known as "Hitler's Irish slaves" - We join the last survivor of that group...

The Irishwoman Who Shot Mussolini

Gold Medal Winner at New York Festivals 2015

Four people tried to assassinate Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Only one person ever came close - her name was Violet Gibson and she was Irish.

The Echo Chamber: The Story of Jihad ...

Special Commendation in 'European Radio Investigation of the Year' at Prix Europa 2013

One day three people in different parts of the world went online, the meet in a chat room, they talk with each other, it will change their lives forever.

Letters to Ann

Special Mention, Prix Italia - 1996

Why did hundreds of Irish women write letters to a county Longford schoolgirl in 1984?

The Reindeer Santa Left Behind

Bronze Radio Winner - New York Festivals 2012 - Best Childrens Program

An Exclusive - Recorded over the last year, this is the incredible story which began last Christmas Eve just as Santa arrived into Ireland and Blitzen, one of his reindeers got badly injured.

Skelligs Calling

Silver Radio Winner - New York Festivals 2012 - Best Sound

A sonic portrait of Skellig Michael in the company of world-renowned sound recordist, Chris Watson.