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Clouds in Harry's Coffee

During WW2, 32 Irishmen were held in captivity for 5 years and forced to work in a labour concentration camp - They became known as "Hitler's Irish slaves" - We join the last survivor of that group as he returns to...

Documentary on One - Currently airing Saturday @ 2pm on RTÉ Radio 1 - repeated Sunday @ 7pm

Running at about forty minutes every week, the Documentary on One is the biggest arena in Ireland to which listeners can tune in to hear radio documentaries.

The 'Documentary on One' unit is currently the most successful radio department in the world - having collected almost 95 national and international awards since 2008.

2012 was their most successful year yet with 25 awards.

Their website, which has the most popular online presence of any programme strand across all of RTÉ Radio, now contains almost 1,000 documentaries - easily the largest free online archive anywhere in the world.

Documentary on One productions are radio stories about real life.

It's all about ideas, life, events, experiences, perspectives but most importantly - stories.

Our fare is pretty eclectic and covers a diverse range of topics including life, sport, music, fun, family, health, politics, challenge, death and much much more.

The Documentary on One explores mostly Irish stories about mostly Irish people and events.

We're a relatively small team but we work closely together.

We work with people of no radio experience making their first documentary to people with vast radio experience making their 'last' documentary.

We mentor all our documentaries - i.e. one of the team will work directly with you in formulating your idea into a radio documentary, helping you with interviewing/recording/editing and structuring your documentary. We have found that the mentoring process keeps standards of the documentaries on an even if not upward keel.

We are always looking to present old and new stories in new ways.

We look forward to hearing from you

The Documentary on One is part of the Arts, Features and Drama Department within RTÉ Radio 1.

Liam O'Brien - Series Producer
Ciaran Cassidy - Producer
Nicoline Greer - Researcher
Sarah Blake - Producer
Chris Brookes - Producer

And last but certainly not least, our Sound Engineers

Lorelei Harris, Editor of Arts, Features and Drama, RTÉ Radio 1

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