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Live Where You Learn

6th class boys stay overnight in a boarding-school to see if they like it. Students will listen for sound, compare and contrast what they hear and finally prepare a persuasive talk about their own school

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4.3/5 (44 ratings)

Live Where You Learn

Say you had €75,000 to spare. What would you do with it? You could buy a car or a house or go travelling around the world or just live on it. Or, if you had a spare seventy-five grand and a boy in Sixth Class, you could enrol him in a private boarding-school like Cistercian College Roscrea.

Why would anyone do that? What’s wrong with community schools? Is it cruel on children to send them away from home so young? That’s what this documentary hopes to find out.

Cistercian College Roscrea invites Sixth Class boys to stay overnight to see if they like the idea of boarding-school. So, the Documentary On One did just that: spent 24 hours in Cistercian College Roscrea.

Find out if it’s all about points and privilege or a practical solution to educating teenage boys and giving them a better future. And, if they do have a better future; is it really worth €75,000?

Cistercian College, Roscrea website

Made by: Ronan Kelly

First broadcast: June 2014

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries.

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